Bone Age X-Ray

A bone age is an X-ray (picture) of the left hand and wrist. The X-ray shows us how old the body thinks it is compared to how old it really is. The provider can tell from the X-ray how much time a child has left to grow.

There are no food or drink limits. Your child may wear whatever he/she is comfortable in to the test.  The X-ray will take just a few minutes to complete. 

A bone age is ordered by the provider during your child's visit and is taken that same day.  No appointment is necessary.  

The bone age X-ray is taken in radiology. Your child will sit on a stool and wear a heavy "apron" that covers the front of the body. This "apron" will protect your child from radiation during the X-ray.

Your child will place his or her left hand on the X-ray machine with fingers spread. The technologist will shine a light on your child's hand to help while taking the picture. 

Your provider will get the results of the X-ray and notify you. If your child has had additional tests done, your provider may wait until all results are received before deciding on a plan of care.

Last Updated 07/2014