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Fentanyl (Duragesic, Fentanyl Oralet) is a medicine used to relieve moderate or severe pain.

While in the hospital, this medication is given by IV (intravenous) infusion. It is frequently given as a continuous infusion of medication into the central line or IV site, and the dose is increased as needed to control pain. Extra bolus doses can be given as needed to help with pain control.

This medication may be administered by a method called patient controlled administration (PCA) in which extra doses can be controlled by you or your child.

Another way this medication may be administered is by placing a patch on the skin, and the medication slowly enters your child's body through the skin. 

This medication is available as an injection, solution, oral lozenge, patch, and a buccal (between gums and cheek) or sublingual (under the tongue) tablet.

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