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Glucagon Emergency Kits

Glucagon Emergency Kit, manufactured by Eli Lilly, and GlucaGen HypoKit, manufactured by Novo Nordisk.When your child has a severe low blood glucose, you and your family members will need to act quickly. Become familiar with the instructions for using the Glucagon Emergency Kit before a low blood glucose happens.  

The kit contains everything you need in case your child has a severe low blood glucose. The kit includes a bottle of glucagon (the dry powder) and a syringe of clear liquid.  

Glucagon is safe; it is a hormone made in the pancreas and raises blood glucose.  There is no danger of taking too much. Possible side effects are nausea and vomiting. 

If your child is unconscious, having uncontrolled jerking (seizures), or can't swallow, you should always give glucagon − even if you are not sure your child's blood glucose is low.

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How to Use the Glucagon Emergency Kit

Last Updated: 04/2012