Gun Safety

Gun violence is one of the most common killers of children in America. One-third of all families in America have guns in their home. Having a gun in the home significantly increases the chances of an accidental or intentional firearm injury or death to you or a child in your home.

If there is a gun in the house, it is very important to make sure proper gun safety is being practiced by the owner, especially when children live there or visit often.

  • Always store the gun unloaded.
  • Keep the gun locked in a box or safe that can be accessed only by the gun owner.
  • Store the bullets or other ammunition separately from the gun in a locked box or safe.
  • Hide the keys to both of the locks.
  • Keep both the locked gun and ammunition boxes out of the reach of children.
  • Lock up gun-cleaning products − they may be harmful if swallowed.
  • Don’t ever keep a loaded gun next to your bed.

If your child sees a gun, he or she should:

      • Not touch the gun
      • Walk away from the gun and leave the area
      • Tell an adult  

To protect your child, find out if there is a gun in the homes where your kids play and talk to the parents to confirm that they are practicing gun safety in their home.

Last Updated 09/2012