Morphine (MSIR, Kadian, MS Contin, Oramorph SR, Roxanol) is a medicine used to treat moderate to severe pain, as well as chronic pain. 

This medication may also be used for treatment of opioid withdrawal or neonatal abstinence syndrome

This medication can be given as a capsule, tablet, sustained release capsule, sustained release tablet, liquid, suppository, or by injection.

  • Use as directed by your child's doctor.
  • This medicine can be given with or without food. Give with food if it upsets the stomach.
  • Do not crush or break long acting tablets, swallow them whole.
  • If your child cannot swallow the capsule form, open it and mix the beads with a little applesauce, pudding, juice or water. Do not chew or crush the beads of medicine.
  • You child’s doctor may also prescribe a stool softener to prevent constipation and hard stools.
  • Do not give any other medicines, prescription or over-the counter (OTC), without first talking to the doctor.
  • If your child has breathing problems, or a history of drug or alcohol abuse, please tell the doctor. Addiction and breathing problems are rare when morphine is used the correct way.
  • Do not use after the expiration date on the bottle / package.
  • Keep this medication out of the reach of children.
  • If too much medicine is taken by accident, call the Drug and Poison Information Center (DPIC) 513-636-5111 or 1-800-222-1222, or call your child's doctor immediately.

For any questions about your child's dosing schedule and/or missed doses, contact the healthcare provider who prescribed the medication.

  • Sleepiness
  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Constipation (fewer or harder stools)
  • Extreme sleepiness or trouble awakening
  • Trouble breathing
  • Rash
  • Constipation
  • Unable to urinate
  • Pain is not controlled with this medication

Last Updated 11/2013