Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety for children.Teach your child how to be safe near streets to help prevent injuries. Do not let children walk alone or cross the street by themselves until you know they can do it safety. This is usually not until the pre-teen or early teen years.

Below is information to share with your child.

  • Always look “left, then right and left” again before crossing the street to make sure a car is not coming. 
  • Use the sidewalks whenever available.  
  • Know what street signs mean, including:
    • Stop
    • Walk
    • Don’t walk
    • Red, yellow and green light signals 
  • Always cross the street at a cross walk with an adult. If you are in a group, cross together, not one right after another. Make eye contact with the driver when crossing in front of a car.  
  • Never run across a street trying to beat an oncoming car. 
  • Do not walk between parked cars.   
  • Use care when walking in parking lots.  Watch for cars backing out of parking spaces.   
  • Wear reflectors after dusk or use a flashlight when traveling near roads. 

Last Updated 09/2012