Reflux Precautions

Your doctor recommends you use reflux precautions with your infant. These steps will help keep your baby from spitting up.

The purpose of these precautions is to keep your infant's head higher than his / her stomach at all times.

If spitting up continues or worsens, even if you use these precautions, call your doctor.

Reflux precautions are easy to follow at home. If you need further advice, ask your nurse or doctor.

  • Give small, frequent feedings to keep the stomach from over filling.
  • Hold your baby in an upright position for 30 minutes after each feeding as often as possible.
  • When burping your infant hold him / her upright over your shoulder.
  • Jostling or moving baby after feedings could cause your infant to spit up or throw up his / her feeding. 
  • Raise the head of your baby's crib mattress (30 degrees or 6 inches). An easy way is to place one or two adult bed pillows under the crib mattress on top of the crib springs to elevate the head end of the crib mattress.
  • Make sure there are no gaps between mattress and side rail where baby can slip through. Keep your baby's head higher than his stomach, but not so high that he slides down toward the end of the bed. Use blanket rolls under the baby's knees and hips to keep your baby from sliding to the end of the bed.
  • Always position baby on his / her right side or back with the crib elevated 30 degrees. Do not keep a pillow, soft blanket or sheepskin under the baby's head.
  • If you use a pumpkin seat or swing, put a blanket or small pillow behind baby's back that pushes his stomach out so he can't curl down on himself. Swing baby gently. Swinging baby too hard can cause spitting up. 

Last Updated 07/2015