Stool Collection: Clostridium Difficile

Why Does My Child Need Stool Testing?

Lab testing is done on stool to detect bacterial and viral infections. Stool can also be tested for blood. This enables the physician to appropriately treat your child's illness.

This test will not be painful to your child.

  • Collect the stool in a clean container.
  • The amount of stool needed is about the size of a quarter.
  • Bring the stool to the laboratory as soon as possible. If the specimen is collected at night, refrigerate and bring in the next day.
  • Try to keep urine out of the stool you are collecting.
  • Stool must be liquid, for example, it must take the shape of the container. Hard or solid stool is unacceptable.
  • The laboratory cannot accept stool in a diaper.

Potty-trained child

  • Use a collection hat (available from the lab at Cincinnati Children’s)
  • Place plastic wrap under the toilet seat
  • Always use a clean container for collecting stool

Child in diapers

  • Use a plastic baggie with adhesive (available from the lab at Cincinnati Children’s)
  • Put disposable diaper on with the plastic side next to infant
  • Place plastic wrap on the inside of the diaper
  • Keep all plastic wraps out of the child’s reach

Call your provider if you are having trouble getting the stool for testing.

Last Updated 07/2015