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Single Ventricle Anomalies and Fontan Circulation

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Single ventricle anomalies illustration.

The term "single ventricle anomaly" is purposely non-specific. It is used to describe a group of cardiac defects that may differ quite dramatically from each other but share the common feature that only one of the two ventricles is of adequate functional size.

Because of this feature, the ultimate plan for reconstruction is actually quite similar for most of these anomalies. All will generally undergo staged reconstructive procedures ultimately resulting in a "Fontan circulation."

Some of the anomalies described as single ventricle defects include:

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Diagnosis of Single Ventricle Anomalies

Fontan Circulation

Good Candidates for Fontan Surgery

Achieving Fontan Circulation

Comparison of Surgery and Two Ventricle Heart

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Last Updated: 12/2013