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    Our team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist reporters from around the world. We'll answer your questions, and if we can't, we'll connect you with some of the world's leading pediatric experts who can.

    For more information or to request interviews, print and broadcast journalists should call or email the public relations staff in the Marketing and Communications Department at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center:

    Jim Feuer - Senior Media Relations Associate.Jim Feuer - Senior Media Relations Associate
    513-636-4656 (Phone)
    513-736-4850 (Pager)
    Nick Miller - Senior Media Relations Associate.Nick Miller - Senior Media Relations Associate
    513-803-6035 (Phone)
    513-736-7802 (Pager)
    Danielle Jones - Media Relations Associate.Danielle Jones - Media Relations Associate
    513-636-9473 (Phone)
    513-736-0307 (Pager)
    Terry Loftus - Senior Director of Media Relations.Terry Loftus - Senior Director of Media Relations
    513-636-9682 (Phone)
    Social Media Team
    Kate-Setter MediaKatherine Setter - Media Relations Associate
    513-636-1297 (Phone)
    camper-rachel-thumbnail.jpgRachel Camper - Media Relations Associate
    513-636-2895 (Phone)