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[HTML]A Legacy of Innovation | Research Annual Report 2011-12

... Children's has a rich history of encouraging the intellectual curiosity, innovative
spirit and persistent drive that fuels breakthrough discoveries. ... - 69k

[HTML]Lasting Impact of Education | For the Children | Fall 2012

... The goal of the IEP is to improve clinical care and advance scientific research
and technological breakthroughs by fostering the exchange of ... - 77k

[HTML]Hope for Adrian | For the Children | Spring 2011

... Now scientists at Cincinnati Children's are on the brink of a gene transfer
therapy breakthrough that could end the ... Back to main patient stories page ... - 43k

[HTML]In the News | For the Children | Spring 2013

... Muscular Dystrophy Care. Jason Williams' heart surgery may be the
biggest breakthrough in muscular dystrophy in decades. ... - 74k

[HTML]Message from Dr. Strauss | 2011-12 Research Annual Report

... and dedication to continue our history of scientific ... In selected stories, we profile
the efforts of a few ... and sickle cell disease; breakthrough findings in ... - 50k

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