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[HTML]Ebstein's Anomaly in Children | Symptoms, Repair & ...

... Some patients with abnormal heart rhythms may ... is used to help children with
congestive ... indicated, depending on a child's specific circumstances. ... - 45k - 2014-10-24


Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center: Change The Outcome.
�1999-2014, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. ... - 6k

[HTML]Congenital Heart Defects in Children | Cardiac Anomalies

... The Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Heart Institute Encyclopedia
provides detailed ... congenital heart defects, including, signs ... - 71k - 2014-10-24

[HTML]Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center: Change The Outcome.
Summary Page Ebstein. Normal. Ebstein's Anomaly. ... - 5k

[HTML]Glossary of Heart-Related Terms

... to study electrical current in patients who have ... that is surgically placed in the
patient's body and ... The child's own pulmonary valve and base of the ... - 72k - 2014-10-24

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