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[HTML]Myocarditis in Children | Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & ...

... Patients treated with IVIG appear to have fewer long ... The child's physical activity
should be slowly increased ... about two-thirds of the children, with the ... - 47k

[HTML]Heart Diseases | Heart Institute Encyclopedia

... Through this online Heart Encyclopedia, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical ...
at what is known about the many diseases that affect the ... - 64k

[HTML]Cardiomyopathy in Children | Symptoms, Diagnosis & ...

... and these are sometimes used in children. ... into which category an individual
patient will fall. ... Patients who have irreversible damage and persistent ... - 51k

[HTML]Fast Arrhythmias in Children (Tachyarrhythmia) | Symptoms & ...

... It can be seen in patients with congenital heart ... a cause for concern to either
the patient, family, or ... The ability to count your child's heart rate can be ... - 43k

[HTML]Heart Transplants in Infants & Children | Risks, Process & ...

... Preparing Your Child. ... Patient / family desire; Medical contraindications; Other
contraindications. ... is considered as a last resort for patients with end ... - 43k

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