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[HTML]Glossary of Heart-Related Terms

... to study electrical current in patients who have ... rhythm and function by having
the child exercise on ... that is surgically placed in the patient's body and ... - 71k

[HTML]Syncope in Children & Teenagers | Cardiac Causes & ...

... for more than 90 percent of syncope in children, is ... In addition, some patients
will undergo a tilt table study ... During this test, the patient is strapped to a ... - 43k

[HTML]Congestive Heart Failure in Children | Causes, Symptoms & ...

... used by cardiologists to describe a patient whose heart ... be helpful as a buffer
to children with weak ... Some kids with cardiomyopathy may also need ... - 49k

[HTML]Myocarditis in Children | Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & ...

... Patients treated with IVIG appear to have fewer long ... The child's physical activity
should be slowly increased ... about two-thirds of the children, with the ... - 46k

[HTML]Cardiomyopathy in Children | Symptoms, Diagnosis & ...

... and these are sometimes used in children. ... into which category an individual
patient will fall. ... Patients who have irreversible damage and persistent ... - 50k

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