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[HTML]Heart Transplants in Infants & Children | Risks, Process & ...

... Preparing Your Child. ... may also be employed to support a patient awaiting
transplantation. ... on transplantation is provided to all patients and their ... - 43k

[HTML]Pediatric Closed-Heart Surgery | Benefits & Recovery

... the sugars, proteins and fats that the patient needs ... the nose) to make sure
your child receives adequate ... Most patients are seen within a week to two ... - 38k

[HTML]Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) | Symptoms, Treatment & ...

... this will never happen and a child with a ... Patients with larger VSDs usually
have had repair as ... to mix with red blood causing the patient to develop a ... - 50k

[HTML]Congestive Heart Failure in Children | Causes, Symptoms & ...

... used by cardiologists to describe a patient whose heart ... be helpful as a buffer
to children with weak ... Some kids with cardiomyopathy may also need ... - 49k

[HTML]Atrioventricular Septal (AV Canal) Defects in Children

... may occur more slowly than infants and children with normal ... or a very loud
murmur in a child with a ... Most patients are out of the intensive care unit ... - 51k

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