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[HTML]Cook Lab Research | Ophthalmology

... transmitting light information. In flies, this is called a rhabdomere, and in
humans, it is called an outer segment. These structures ... - 86k

[HTML]Wells Lab Research | Hematology Oncology

... Read More About Endoderm Organogenesis. In the News. "To grow distal
stomach through what is called directed differentiation, the team used a ... - 71k

[HTML]MEG Core | Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

... by voxel basis. Contact Us. For research studies please contact or call 513-636-0322. For clinical ... - 54k

[HTML]Animal Behavioral Core | Neurology

... Read our recent publications. Contact Us. For more information on collaborating
with the Animal Behavioral Core, call 513-636-8622. - 51k

[HTML]Biro Lab | Adolescent Medicine

... During the visits, girls receive several evaluations: blood pressure ... Blood is
drawn every visit, and once a ... Parents are called every three months for a ... - 70k

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