What Makes Us Different

  • Advising on Patient Care

    The Patient Advisory Council at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center gives patients a voice in the decisions that affect how they receive care. Teenage patients, former patients and siblings of patients are invited to serve. They support current patients, help staff see the hospital from patient perspectives, advocate on behalf of patients and identify ways to make Cincinnati Children’s a better place for the children we serve.


    • The Patient Advisory Council has worked as a team to:
    • Provide input on the new teen room in Location A
    • Review and provide ideas for informational brochures for patients and children
    • Get DVD players installed in patient rooms 
    • Have kid-friendly TV stations in patient rooms
    • Establish a monthly family movie night
    • Create a list of helpful strategies for employees to use while working with kids
    • Create the “All About Me” poster for patient rooms that helps patients share information about themselves with medical center staff 
    • Implement a suggestion box to let patients offer feedback
    • Give a presentation about “The Patient’s Experience” at the Resident’s Noon Conference
    • Develop communication tools for patients who are unable to speak

    Contact Us

    For more information about the Patient Advisory Council, or to learn how to get involved, please contact: 

    Beth Moone (beth.moone@cchmc.org)

    Cole Jackson (cole.jackson@cchmc.org)

    Amy Klein (amy.klein@cchmc.org)