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  • Patients and Families Share Their Experiences

    Tell Me a Story is a storytelling project that records people talking, in their own words, about how Cincinnati Children's has somehow touched their lives. Each month, we record stories of patients and employees whose experiences here have shaped who they are.

    We welcome you to watch the series and share the links in your own social media circles. If you have a story to share, email us at TellMeAStory@cchmc.org.

  • Tell Me a Story

    Abby Blevins.
    Grace Green.
    Savannah Day.
    Tiernee Gonzalez.
    Olivine Tindika.
    Adriana Lovitz.
    Jalen Roberts.
    Gabriel Soto and his mom, Karla Cruz.
    Michael Newland and his wife, Hilary.
    Kendall Jamison with her twin brother.
    Braxton Brooks.
    Hannah Stoll.
    Emmett Rauch with his mother, Karla.
    Tori Williams.
    Callie Talbot.
    Anne Boat, MD.
    Emma Wendland with her son, Elias.
    Isaac Hinton.
    Lydia Clark.
    Brandon and Jayvin Adams.
    Ella Battson.
    Bryce Staverman with his sister.
    Alex Jofriet.
    Nora and her sister, Katie.
    Hallie Pollard.
    Ashley O'Hara and her mother.
    Daniel Crush with two of  his sisters.
    Mikayla Crutchfield.
    Lydia Butler.
    Julie Bonn.
    Kyle Dawson.
    Ethan Daniel.
    Chase Tieber.
    "Organ donation is, quite possibly, one of the greatest gifts you can give somebody," says transplant patient Tyler Scheid.
    Zoe Bruce.
    Jenna Weber spent her high school years fighting headaches. At 18, she considers herself a success story because of the coping skills she learned at the Headache Center at Cincinnati Children's.
    When Elene Lester took custody of her grandson, Jakob, she was unemployed and didn't have diapers or formula, much less a stocked pantry. When she brought Jakob to Cincinnati Children's for an appointment, physicians identified the family's needs and put them in touch with resources.
    Cole Jackson.
    Adam Zust.
    Aiden Putnam.
    Brody Muskopf.
    Sean Dougherty.
    Joanna Bendel.
    Joe Kastner.
    The Sieber family.
    An image of Annie Coyle.
    Image of Addyson Strotman.
    An image of Alison Delgado.
    Image of Ashtyn Carrier.
    Image of Christopher "Critter" Smith.
    Image of Clifton Hon.
    Image of Devin Carr.
    Image of Dillon Rosenlieb.
    Image of Erin Grasty.
    Image of Abby Golden Doodle.
    Image of Immanuel Vaughn.
    Image of Jan Borgman.
    Image of Jeff Geoppinger.
    Image of Jovante Woods.
    Image of Jacob Fitzpatrick.
    Image of Mallory Hopper.
    Image of Maria Hoffman.
    Image of Max Meyer.
    Image of Meggie Zahneis.
    Image of Nakiea Spaulding.
    Image of Paige Alessandro.
    Image of Paul Miller, clown.
    Image of Payton Stephens.
    Image of Preston Henson.
    An image of Regan Arnold.
    Image of Ryan Korengel.
    Image of Shane DiGiovanna.
    Image of Sydney Sanborn.
    Image of Taylor Brown.
    A photo of Asia Werner.
    A photo of Mikel Dijak.
    A photo of Kathy Cassady with parents Michael and Kerrie Magdich.
    A photo of Olivia LaRosa.
    A photo of Katie Landgrebe.
    A photo of Eli Wilkening.
    A photo of Josh Mack.
    A photo of Samantha Morissey.
    Image of Dillon Rosenlieb.
    A photo of Kacy and Stacy Cluxton.
    An image of Karina Montes and her mother.
    A photo of Nick Lockwood.
    A photo of Jack Lennon.
    A photo of Devon Buesking.
    A photo of Beni Blaj.
    A photo of Dr. Levitt and Dr. Peña.
    A photo of Heather Showman.
    A photo of Meron Azage.
    A photo of Gail McMonigle and Cornelia Gonsalves.
    A photo of Regina Juergens.
    A photo of Callie Talbot.
    A photo of Cameron Noe.
    A photo of Drew Barry.
    A photo of Cody Harrison.
    A photo of Zion Coleman.
    A photo of LeCarol Baston.
    A photo of Bailey Walker.
    A photo of Zeke Angel.
    A photo of Shannon Perdue.
    A photo of Aubrey Clark.
    A photo of Sam Potter.
    A photo of Amelia Murphy.
    A photo of John Hutton at his children's bookstore, The Blue Manatee Bookstore.
    A photo of Sarah Anderson.
    Zoey Briesacher.
    Jacob Souders.
    Maria Seta.
    Joey Evans.
    Matthew Grosser.
    Joseph Dunn.
  • Tell us your story.
    Want to share a story about  your experience? Email us at TellMeAStory@cchmc.org.

    Tell Us Your Story

    Tell us your story.
    Want to share your story about how your experience at Cincinnati Children's? Email us at TellMeAStory@cchmc.org.
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