Summary Page Tricuspid Atresia



Tricuspid Atresia, small VSD

  1. Tricuspid atresia with very small VSD and pulmonic valve resulting in low oxygen levels.
  2. Modified Blalock-Taussig shunt placed to increase blood flow to the lungs, thus improving oxygen levels.
  3. Tricuspid atresia with medium-sized VSD allowing enough blood flow to the lungs to keep oxygen levels in a safe range, but not so much that the lungs are overloaded.
  4. Tricuspid atresia with large VSD resulting in too much blood flow to the lungs which could overwork the single ventricle and damage the pulmonary arteries. A pulmonary artery band has been placed to limit the amount of flow to the lungs in a safe range.

Tricuspid Atresia, medium VSD


Tricuspid Atresia, large VSD