Summary Page Transposition of Great Arteries



Transposition of Great Arteries

  1. Aorta arising from the right ventricle. Poorly oxygenated blood is delivered to the body.
  2. Pulmonary artery arising form the left ventricle. Well oxygenated blood delivered back to the lungs.
  3. Coronary arteries mobilized from base of aorta in preparation for reimplantation onto pulmonary artery ("neo-aorta").
  4. The PDA has been divided and the pulmonary arteries are moved in front of the aorta for reconstruction.
  5. Pericardial patch used for pulmonary artery reconstruction at the site where the coronary arteries used to be.
  6. Close-up view of pulmonary artery reconstruction.
  7. Close-up view of aortic reconstruction showing coronary arteries reimplanted.

TGA - Arterial Switch Operation


TGA - Completed repair