• Special Needs Resource Directory

    When you have a child with special healthcare needs, you face the constant challenge of finding information and resources. The Special Needs Resource Directory, created by the Complex Care Center at Cincinnati Children’s and supported by the Family Resource Center, can assist parents, caregivers and healthcare providers identify, evaluate and access necessary services and supports. We can quickly connect you to local, regional and national websites to help you:

    • Find information about your child’s diagnosis or condition.
    • Identify strategies to help you advocate for your child.
    • Develop community connections for resources and support.
    • Locate information and resources to assist you with special education, healthcare, financial, transition, recreation, networking and future planning needs.
    • Overcome barriers to access healthcare resources.

    Finding Information and Resources

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    Be Prepared for an Emergency or Natural Disaster

    It is important to have a well thought out plan ready for your child with special needs in the event you are faced with a sudden emergency or disaster. An emergency plan should address your child's specific needs, including medication, personal care, adaptive equipment, transportation and communication challenges. Environmental emergencies such as fires, storms, floods or other natural disasters present additional challenges. Suddenly, the basic services you depend upon for power, food, water, heat, cooling, transportation, communication and/or medical supplies may not be available. Everyone in your home should know what to do in an emergency, whether it's a power outage, fire or natural disaster, such as a flood or tornado. Read more.

  • Special Connections

    Special Connections is an online support group for parents.
    Join Special Connections, our online parent support community. Ask questions and share suggestions with others caring for a child with special needs.Read More
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