• Medical Transportation

    For the child with special healthcare needs, arranging for safe and reliable transportation and making special preparations before travel can present some unique challenges. The Complex Care Center at Cincinnati Children's provides resources for safe transportation to medical appointments.

  • For the child with special healthcare needs, it can sometimes be a challenge just getting to doctor visits. However, transportation to and from medical appointments can be funded by private insurance or Medicaid when medically indicated. When determining the type of transportation required by a child with special health needs, it is important to consider multiple issues, including:

      • Whether the child is being transported by wheelchair or stretcher
      • The type of equipment (i.e., ventilator)
      • Medications
      • Treatments
      • Safety precautions (i.e., seizures, trach care, G-tube)  
    • Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) in Hamilton County, 513-946-1000, option 6, is a statewide program administered by the County Department of Job & Family Services for Medicaid eligible customers. NET provides transportation to and from Medicaid providers. Transportation authorization may be in the form of bus tokens, bus passes, van services, Access tickets or mileage reimbursement. Transportation will be provided in keeping with the child's medical needs. You must call at least five business days before your medical appointment to schedule a trip. You can confirm your ride by calling 1-877-722-2285 the day before your appointment.

      NET services to and from a medical appointment may be provided to customers eligible for and in receipt of a regular Medicaid card as well as customers eligible for Medicaid through the "spend-down process" and have met their spend-down obligation in the same month of the transportation schedule. Customers must be able to transfer from a wheelchair to vehicle independently.

      Hamilton County, 513-946-1000, option 6, has a information on NET services.
      Clermont County, 513-732-7111, has information on NET services for their area and the dispatch is 513-732-7433.
      Butler County, 513-887-5600, provides information. 
    • Buckeye Community Health Plan, 1-866-531-0615, offers Medicaid eligible members up to 15 round-trip visits (30 one-way trips) per member per 12-month period to covered healthcare / dental appointments, WIC appointments, and redetermination appointments with your CDJFS caseworker. Call TMS 48 hours (two business days) in advance to schedule transportation.
    • Caresource, 1-800-488-0134, option 2, and option 2 again, provides Medicaid eligible members transportation to and from providers if you must travel 30 miles or more to receive covered services. They offer additional services including up to 30 one-way trips to medical visits.  
    • First Care, 513-563-8811, accepts wheelchairs
    • Medcorp has 47 locations in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. Services extend to all the medically impaired, including those who require wheelchair transportation. Call 419-727-0544 or toll free 888-319-0973.
    • Meda-Care Transportation Inc. was founded to meet the demand for non-emergency transportation to hospitals and doctor visits in the Greater Cincinnati area and surrounding counties (Hamilton, Butler, Warren, and Clermont). Their services include disabled accessible van, minivan and passenger car transportation. Call 513-521-4799.
    • Molina Healthcare, 1-866-642-9279, offers Medicaid eligible members transportation services if you must travel 30 miles or more from your home to receive covered health care services. When you do not have other transportation available, Molina Healthcare can provide transportation to health care appointments that are less than 30 miles from your home as an additional benefit. 
    • Paramount offers Medicaid eligible members transportation assistance to medical appointments, the pharmacy, WIC (Women, Infants, and Children), and CDJFS (County Department of Job and Family Services) redetermination appointments.
    • Rural Metro provides a variety of general medical transportation services in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. You can reach them at 513-863-5000.  
    • Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) operates Access, a wheelchair accessible transportation service. This service must be applied for in advance.
    • Strategic Ambulance, 513-821-3100 (does not transport children)
    • Tri-Health, 513-831-5999, no wheelchairs
    • United Healthcare Community Plan, 1-800-895-2017, offers Medicaid eligible members 30 one way trips to medical providers, WIC, pharmacy, vision and dental. 
    • UTS (Universal Transportation Systems) is a contract provider for transportation for non-emergency Medicaid clients in Butler, Hamilton, Clermont, Warren, Clinton, Preble, Adams, Highland, Brown, Greene and Montgomery counties. They can also provide wheelchair transport. You can reach them at 513-829-1287.
    • Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services provides non-emergency medical transportation to Medicaid members who do not have access to free transportation that suits their medical needs and need to be transported to a Medicaid covered service. For transportation outside of a member's medical service area or for specialty care, a referral from a member's primary care physician is required. Travel to pharmacies is not covered.

      Non-emergency Medical Transportation services are available through the Human Service Transportation Delivery (HSTD) program, which is a regional system. Depending on a member's medical needs, transportation is provided by taxi, van, bus or public transit. Wheelchair service is also provided if required by medical necessity. To find your regional broker, check the HSTD Brokerage Listing. Medical transportation can be reserved 72 hours in advance by calling the HSTD Brokerage at 1-800-245-2826 and up to 30 days in advance. Specify if specialized transportation is needed, such as a lift van.

    • Wellcare - Northern Kentucky Medicaid offers transportation to plan-approved health care providers in network through LKLP. There is no limit on trips as long as the appointment is covered by Medicaid. Call 1-800-245-2826. 

    • Catch-a-Ride transit system, operated by Lifetime Resources, services Dearborn, Jefferson, Ohio, Ripley and Switzerland counties. Low fee for service. Must call to schedule appointment at least one week in advance as this service only comes to Cincinnati twice a week, 1-800-725-1680.
    • Medicab Reliable Transportation, 812-522-3700, services Jackson, Lawrence, Scott, Dearborn and Rush counties in Indiana. Paid for by Medicaid.

    Purchasing and modifying a car or van is an involved process. Since vehicle modifications can be expensive, it is well worth your time to be prepared and to research all options:

    • Have your needs evaluated by a professional, such as your doctor, physical therapist, or occupational therapist. They can recommend types of adaptations would best suit your needs.   
    • Select a vehicle that will meet your needs. One of the best resources is other families. They will be able to provide you with valuable tips and ideas. Check with companies that do vehicle accommodations to see what they recommend.
    • Once you have chosen the type of vehicle that you would like to purchase, choose a reliable dealer who either has experience in adapting vehicles or who has a relationship with companies that do modifications.
    • Research funding options. There are various funding resources that may be available, including grants from non-profit organizations, car manufacturer rebate programs, private insurance, Medicaid and funding through your county board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. Check with your bank or credit union to see what special loan options are available.

    Information on modifications and wheelchair accessible vans, including adapted equipment and financing, is available from the following resources:

    • Access Unlimited specializes in creating products that allow easy access to any vehicle including cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.
    • AMS Vans, Inc. sells wheelchair accessible conversion minivans and offer nationwide delivery.
    • Automotive Safety Issues for Persons with Disabilities provides information about current regulations and standards, as well as access to reports and other consumer information.
    • Avis rents vehicles that can be adapted for children and adults with special healthcare needs.
    • Disabled Dealer provides an internet listing of used wheelchair accessible vans for sale by geographical area.
    • First Hand Foundation provides grants for eligible children whose clinical, health care needs are not adequately covered by insurance and state aid. They can assist with vehicle modifications including expenses associated with lifts, ramps and transfer boards. The child must be 18 years of age or younger (a child 18 – 21 can be considered if under the care of a pediatrician and in a child-like state) and the family must meet financial guidelines
    • Ford Motor Company Mobility Motoring offers financial assistance of up to $1,000 for the installation of adaptive equipment, and up to $200 on alerting devices for hearing impairments, lumbar seats and running boards on new Ford Motor Company vehicle purchases or leases.
    • M.C. Mobility sells and rents customized wheelchair accessible vans and offers a wide variety of products to modify your existing vehicle.
      • Ability Van Rentals is their wheelchair accessible van rental division in Ohio. They frequently have discount packages available. 
    • MobilityWorks provides a wide range of services including the purchase of new or used conversion vans, adaptation of a currently owned vehicle and financial counseling. MobilityWorks delivers nationwide and has local representatives.

    Air transportation services for children with special health care needs are available from the following organizations:

    • Cincinnati Children's Transport Team transports critically ill newborn and pediatric patients from local, regional, national and international referral sites
    • Air Charity Network provides free air transportation to specialized health care facilities
    • Children's Flight of Hope provides free air transportation to and from medical facilities for critically ill and injured children whose families meet financial criteria; serves destinations within 600 nautical miles of the Raleigh-Durham International airport
    • Corporate Angel Network arranges free air transportation for cancer patients traveling to treatment.
    • Miracle Flights for Kids provides free air transportation for children with special health care needs.
    • Miracle Travel Works helps families with seriously ill or injured children travel as they undergo urgent medical treatments. They assist families living in the Midwest states, including North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.
    • National Patient Air Transportation Helpline provides information about all available forms of charitable, long distance medical air transportation. Referrals to appropriate resources given.
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