• About MyChart

    MyChart offers personalized and secure online access to portions of your child’s Cincinnati Children’s electronic medical record. MyChart allows you to view:

    • A summary of your or your child’s medical history at Cincinnati Children’s
    • Medications prescribed by Cincinnati Children’s providers
    • Most lab and test results taken during a clinic visit and inpatient stay
    • Past appointments and After Visit Summaries
    • Hospital admissions and discharge instructions
    • Allergies and immunizations
    • Appointment reminders (an optional alternative to paper appointment reminders)
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    Parents and legal guardians can sign up to access MyChart for their children under the age of 13. For patients 13 to 17, parents or guardians can access their child’s account as long as the child signs the MyChart assent agreement. (This is necessary to make sure adolescents understand that some aspects of their health information will be available to their parents or guardians.) In addition, patients who are 13-17 may sign up for their own MyChart account as long as at least one parent or guardian has an account as well. If a child 13 to 17 declines to sign the assent agreement, neither the patient nor the parents or guardians can access the medical record using MyChart. (Exceptions to this policy are made for children with diminished capacity.)  Patients over 18 may sign up for their own MyChart account. Adult patients can also grant temporary proxy access to other family members, such as parents, siblings or spouses. For patients over 18 who are of diminished capacity, proof of continued legal guardianship is required.

    To set up your MyChart account, stop by a Cincinnati Children’s clinic any time and ask for a MyChart account activation code. No appointment is necessary and you can go to any location, even our neighborhood locations. If you already received an activation code from a Cincinnati Children’s clinic, follow the registration instructions in the letter you received with the activation code to set up your account. If you’ve lost your letter or activation code, call 513-636-5019 or 1-877-508-7607 for help.

    You may sign up for MyChart at any Cincinnati Children’s clinic at any time (Burnet Campus, Liberty Campus or any neighborhood location). No appointment is necessary.

    You must come to a Cincinnati Children’s clinic to receive an activation code for your child’s safety and to sign the necessary paperwork. We want to keep your children – and their information – safe.

    Registration for MyChart is a two-step process, allowing you to complete your registration when it’s convenient for you. First, go to any Cincinnati Children’s clinic and ask for a MyChart account. This process shouldn’t take long; it just depends on how busy the clinic is. Clinic staff will give you an activation code and instructions. You have 45 days to go online and complete your account activation. It shouldn’t take long, but the account activation has security measures built in to keep your child’s health information safe and secure.

    Your email address is used to send you alerts about new messages in your MyChart account, such as new lab or test results. Since the messages in your MyChart account may contain private health information, we can’t send the messages directly over email. We’ll never sell your email address to another company or use it to send you unsolicited information from Cincinnati Children’s.

    You need an email account to use MyChart. You can get one for free from lots of providers; these are some of the most popular:

    MyChart currently supports:

    • Internet Explorer 6.0 and later. If you enabled Content Advisor in Internet Explorer 6.0, you need to disable it or upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher. To disable Content Advisor, go to Tools, Internet Options. In the pop-up window click on the Content tab and click the Disable button. A prompt for the supervisor password will appear. If you previously created a password, enter the password and click OK. If you did not create a password, click OK.
    • Firefox 2.0 and later

    MyChart accounts for Cincinnati Children’s patients will not expire. Parent or guardian proxy access will expire according to these rules:

    • When the child turns 13: After a patient turns 13, he or she must sign a Cincinnati Children’s assent form, assigning proxy access to at least one parent or legal guardian. The assent form is required at 13 because state and federal laws recognize additional medical privacy rights for adolescents.
    • When the child turns 18: A parent or guardian can no longer access a patient’s MyChart account after the child turns 18 unless the parent or guardian can provide Cincinnati Children’s with appropriate proof of ongoing legal guardianship (as in cases of diminished capacity). Adult patients can also grant temporary proxy access to other family members, such as parents, siblings or spouses.

    Cincinnati Children’s reserves the right to deactivate your account if your provider deems it necessary, or if our legal or Health Information Management department detects suspicious activity (too many logins, inactivity).

  • Why Join MyChart

    At Cincinnati Children’s, MyChart is provided free to patients and their parents or legal guardians. All the medical information you can see in MyChart is about your child. By learning more about these health records and conditions, you can be part of conversations about your child’s care and you can make more informed decisions. Visit a Cincinnati Children’s clinic to register for MyChart.