Join a Research Study

You and your children can become part of the medical advancements our researchers are making at Cincinnati Children’s by joining a research study.

Autism survey

What: A study to increase understanding of why the transition to adulthood is often difficult for teens with autism spectrum disorders.
Who: A parent of a 13- to 17-year-old child on the autism spectrum (including Asperger’s syndrome) may be eligible to participate.
Pay: Families will receive $25 for participation in this study.
Contact: Carrie Thomas at or 513-803-3580

Behavioral profile study

What: A study to compare the characteristics and behaviors of children diagnosed with intellectual disabilities to those of children with autism spectrum disorders.
Who: Children ages 2 to 12 who have been diagnosed with an intellectual disability (sometimes called a cognitive impairment) may be eligible. Children with known genetic syndromes are not eligible.
Pay: Families will receive a $100 gift card and a brief report of their child’s testing results in return for their time and effort.
Contact: Carrie Thomas at or 513-803-3580