• Research Studies

    Research studies help us learn more about medical conditions and come up with better treatments. Ultimately, studies help us find cures for diseases. Learn how you can help by joining a research study.

    Autism and social life

    What: Researchers want to learn more about the social lives of kids with autism spectrum disorders.
    Who: Kids ages 10 to 17 who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, are verbal and have fluent language skills and have a parent available to participate.
    Pay: Families will receive a $20 gift card for completing surveys during the 60- to 90-minute visit.
    Details: Contact Carrie Thomas at carrie.thomas@cchmc.org or 513-803-3580.

    Teen sleep study

    What: The study will explore how teenagers are affected by not getting enough sleep.
    Who: Healthy 14- to 16-year-olds who do not drink a lot of caffeine (no more than two soft drinks or one coffee per day) may be eligible to participate.
    When: Study visits will take place Aug. 6 to 25.
    Pay: Families will be paid up to $225 for time and travel.
    Details: Contact Julie Field at julie.field@cchmc.org or 513-636-5360.

    Sleep study for kids with epilepsy

    What: Scientists want to know whether giving a dietary supplement to children with epilepsy will improve their sleep and provide better seizure control.
    Who: Children ages 6 to 11 who have seizures may be eligible to participate.
    Pay: Families will receive up to $750 for time and travel.
    Details: Contact Twila Rogers at twila.rogers@cchmc.org or 513-636-0599.