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  • Fall 2014

    Cincinnati Children’s publishes Young and Healthy four times a year to help you keep your family healthy. Click the photo or link to view our Fall 2014 issue.  Read the complete issue.

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    Seacrest Studios

    Seacrest Studios nears its first anniversary of providing patients with a window to broadcasting, music, interactive TV, and each other. 
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    Doctors emphasize the importance of vaccinations as reports of measles reach a 20-year high in the U.S.
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    What kids should eat and drink before, during, and after playing sports or exercising.
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    Ask the Pediatrician

    Stand up to your kids’ sitting down: the importance of limiting TV, computer screen time.
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    Sunscreen in Autumn

    The need to protect your child's skin doesn't go away when the summer sun does.
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