• Better Outcomes for Children

    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center needs your help with an important project called Better Outcomes for Children.  As a research hospital, we often need samples from patients to study human health and disease. The goal of Better Outcomes for Children is to make sure that our investigators have the samples needed for this research so they can understand why and how people get sick. Our research over the decades has yielded many breakthroughs that have improved and saved children’s lives. But there’s so much more to be done.

  • Doctors at Cincinnati Children’s often decide that tests need to be run during a patient’s visit. This may require collecting a small amount of blood or tissue from a patient. Other times, an operation is performed where tissue is removed.  After all tests are completed, sometimes sample remains. We would like your permission to use this extra sample for research. No additional samples would need to be taken for this project and participation would not cost you anything extra.

    During registration at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, you will be asked to agree to participate in this project.  All you need to do is agree; we will handle the rest.  We will get any leftover samples, process them, and give them to researchers. If you decide that you don’t want to participate, there is a form to sign for that option as well. Rest assured, there would be no effect on your clinical care.

    These samples will let us study health and disease in humans with the goal of identifying, treating and preventing illness.  Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s who have projects that need samples will apply to a group called the Tissue Use Committee, made up of doctors and / or scientists.  This group ensures that all studies make sense and are likely to help understand and improve human health.  The researchers will not be told who you are.

    For general questions about the study, you can call us at 513-636-8695 or email us at betteroutcomesforchildren@cchmc.org.