• What to Expect

    Staff members from the International Patient Care Program offer these suggestions to help you plan your trip to Cincinnati Children’s.

    Hospital Map

    Download a hospital map for international families.

    • Visas to the United States for all family members and helpers. Obtain visas from the nearest US consulate in your home country.
    • Plane tickets. Buy them after obtaining US visas.
    • Medical and immunization records. They should be in English.
    • Medical reports, pathology materials and diagnostic imaging if your child has had previous treatments and tests. They must be in English. 
    • An international driver’s license
    • Credit cards
    • Cell phones and a USB cable to charge your cell phone. Make sure your cell phone works in the United States.
    • An international adapter for equipment or car charges
    • Handicap placard from your country if you need handicapped parking
    • Sufficient amount of formula
    • Medication for adults
    • A consent-to-treat form

    Make Sure You Have a Financial Plan

    • If you have private insurance, contact your health insurance company to make sure treatment in Cincinnati is authorized.
    • If you are paying the cost of your child’s care yourself, you will be required to pay for the cost estimate up front, make a deposit or show other proof of ability to pay. 
    • If your child’s care is being covered by a foreign government, be prepared to provide us with a letter of guarantee for services rendered at Cincinnati Children’s.

    Your final destination, Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport (airport code CVG), is located in Hebron, Kentucky, and is about 25 kilometers from our main campus. Our Guest Services staff will arrange for a driver to meet you at the airport and secure transportation to your residence.

    Let us help you book your reservation. Our Guest Services team can assist your family with finding accommodations at more than 25 hotels with a variety of amenities as well as a Ronald McDonald House or long-term lodging. Some hotels provide free shuttle services to the hospital.
    • You are welcome to visit the International Patient Care Program in the Herald Building, Suite 110, on the first floor. Members of our team will assist you with such things as extending your stay, connecting with clinical service divisions or arranging for an interpreter for medical appointments at the hospital. A patient care coordinator will serve as your advocate and help coordinate services needed during your stay.

    • We will address any questions regarding your visa and Form I-94. We advise you not to violate the terms of your nonimmigrant status.
    • Your care manager will answer questions about your child’s treatment.
    • A social worker will give you a referral for community resources.
    • A medical interpreter will be present if needed during your child’s consultations and procedures.

    We will help you with arrangements for your departure and provide transportation to the airport after your child is discharged or when your family is leaving the United States.

    We will also initiate follow-up communications with your physician in your home country.