Continuing Professional Education

Paramedic Students


The Division of Emergency Medicine, EMSC Education at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is dedicated to offering educational opportunities for paramedic students.

All Paramedic students are required to complete the mandatory paperwork and HIPAA training prior to scheduling their clinical rotation time. All of the necessary forms and tutorials can be found at the bottom of the page.

Once the paperwork is completed, the student may proceed to the online HIPAA training at Cincinnati Children's.

Clinical Rotation Objectives

Here are the Clinical Rotation Objectives for paramedic students at Cincinnati Children's:

Appropriate Attire

The paramedic student must present themselves in a professional manner. This includes the attire of the student.

The student is to wear and have:

  • White or blue shirt (with collar)
  • Navy blue or black pants (not jeans)
  • Student ID badge (from school)
  • Stethoscope (must have)
  • Dark shoes (no tennis shoes)
  • Student handbook
  • Pen(s)

Children's Hospital Emergency Department personnel hold the right to ask the student to leave and not complete their scheduled clinical rotation time for that day if the student does not come with the necessary items listed above.

Objectives of the Clinical Rotation

  • Improve pediatric assessment skills.
  • Improve vascular access skills in the pediatric patient.
  • Interaction with the pediatric patient.
  • Familiarization of pediatric respiratory assessment and treatment.

Cancelation of Clinical Rotation Time

  • It is the responsibility of the Paramedic student to contact Cincinnati Children's Hospital if they are unable to fulfill their scheduled Emergency Department clinical rotation time. The student should contact Children's StatLine at 513-636-8313.
  • If the student has any questions regarding their clinical rotation time or issues/problems that arise from their rotation, they are to contact the Emergency Medical Services for Children office at 513-803-2616.

Preceptor's Duties

The preceptor is asked to share of their knowledge and experience with treating pediatric patients. The students are fully aware that this rotation is an excellent learning opportunity, as well as a requirement for their successful completion of their training program. The student should arrive for their scheduled rotation with the above mentioned uniform and material. If a student should present without any of the mentioned items, it is at the discretion of the preceptor as to allow the student to stay.

The student should be willing to help in any way that should be requested of them by the preceptor. Please remember that the student is there for a learning experience, and would greatly benefit from either observation and/or direct contact with the pediatric patient. The opportunity for the student to perform the above mentioned objectives is requested and will be left up to the preceptor's discretion depending on case to case basis.

Downloadable Forms / Tutorials

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