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    For more information about the Physician Services offered at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, contact us.

    For general questions and information, please email us at physicianservices@cchmc.org.

    Each physician representative is responsible for a specific geographic area and regularly meets with community physicians to educate them on new services, staff members and policy changes. The representatives work with community physicians to determine the barriers to utilizing Cincinnati Children’s services and attempt to identify and coordinate solutions.

    Physician Representatives 

    Patty Branson.Patty Branson, Director
    Works with practices in the Lebanon area.
    Phone: 513-636-6033
    Email: patty.branson@cchmc.org

    Kim Collins.Kimberly Hunt
    Works with practices surrounding Clifton, western Cincinnati and other areas west of Interstate 75.
    Phone: 513-636-4260
    Email: kimberly.hunt@cchmc.org

    Ellen Hosty.Ellen Hosty
    Works with practices within the Interstate 71 corridor and eastern Cincinnati.
    Phone: 513-636-0977
    Email: ellen.hosty@cchmc.org

    Betsy Jacquez.Betsy Jacquez
    Works with practices in Kentucky.
    Phone: 513-636-8774
    Email: betsy.jacquez@cchmc.org

    Jessica Marischen.Jessica Marischen
    Works with practices in Butler County and Indiana.
    Phone: 513-636-6389
    Email: jessica.marischen@cchmc.org

    Therese Martin.Therese Martin
    Works with practices in Mason, Springboro, Franklin and Carlisle, OH.
    Phone: 513-636-9340
    Email: therese.martin@cchmc.org

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    Call 513-636-7997 or 1-888-636-7997. We're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.