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    The Physician Services online toolkit provides local healthcare professionals with a variety of materials to share with patients and families.

    Browse the sections below to find resources specific to programs, divisions and conditions beginning with the letter I.

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    Infectious Diseases

    The Infectious Diseases Division at Cincinnati Children’s provides inpatient and outpatient consultation on the diagnosis and management of all types of acute and chronic pediatric infections.

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    The flu (influenza) is an infection of the nose, throat and lungs caused by flu viruses (there are a number of different types). While the flu typically causes mild symptoms, it can be severe enough to cause hospitalization or even death. Flu is in the community every year, most commonly in the winter and early spring. The flu virus often changes every year and the changes may be significant.

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    Injury Prevention

    A prevailing belief in our society is that childhood injuries are accidents or random events. To the contrary, a growing body of scientific evidence has established that injury is similar to any other disease in that it follows a pattern and is highly predictable and preventable. As part of our commitment to excellence in pediatric care, Cincinnati Children’s has not only embraced the concept of injury as a disease, but also the belief that prevention is the most humane and cost-effective form of cure.

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    Integrative Care

    Our Integrative Care team offers safe, proven holistic therapies to help patients' manage and reduce the stress, pain and anxiety that can come with medical care.

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