• Continuing Medical Education Activities

    Event NameTotal Credits Total Attendance
    ACCEPT TRAINING              5673.5
    Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Provider                 189.75
    Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Provider/Renewal185.5
    Advanced Improvement Methods (AIM)4245.25
    Advanced Pharmacy Series for Prescribers29610
    Advanced Pharmacy Series for Prescribers (Online)56110
    Anesthesia CQI 75719.5
    Anesthesia Grand Rounds4297
    Cardiology CT-Surgery 62190
    Child Abuse Web-ex Meeting 113
    Child Neurology Grand Rounds39012
    Child Neurology Grand Rounds (Online)328
    Child Psychiatry Grand Rounds27810
    Child Psychiatry Grand Rounds (Online)1708
    Critical Care Conference23019
    Critical Care Conference Journal Club162
    Critical Care Morbidity & Mortality756
    Critical Care Research Conference275
    ECHO Conference212
    Epilepsy Surgery Conference26439
    Error Prevention Training19224
    Fetal Grand Rounds775
    Fetal Grand Rounds (Online)736
    Healthy Kids Ohio Obesity Learning Collaborative6224
    Heart Institute Grand Rounds120831
    Heart Institute Q & A 20716.5
    Hematology Case Conference14016
    Human Genetics Case Conference959
    Human Genetics Journal Club624
    Human Patient Simulator 32394
    HVMC Imaging Conference44545
    In Situ Simulations: CICU121.5
    In Situ Simulations: ED14417.5
    In Situ Simulations: Inpatient Units596.5
    In Situ Simulations: Liberty ED667.5
    In Situ Simulations: NICU304
    In Situ Simulations: PICU304
    Intermediate Improvement Science Series (I2S2)262183.75
    Internet Point of Care Credit (IPCC)4112
    IntroOperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring (Simulcast)213.5
    IntroOperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring162.5
    IRB Member Training Series804.5
    Leukemia/Lymphoma Tumor Board88445
    M&M Patient Review Conference10017
    Mental Health Collaborative Office Rounds8630
    Musculoskeletal Tumor Board29638
    National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative9122.25
    Neonatology Grand Rounds114937
    Neonatology Grand Rounds (Online)24520
    Neonatology Grand Rounds (Simulcast)5821
    Neural Tumors Research Forum6014
    Neurology Case Conference10031
    Neuro-Oncology Patient Care Conference54555
    Neuroradiology Weekly Review Conference71340
    Office of Faculty Development Seminar Series17320.5
    Ohio Solutions For Patient Safety 6119.5
    Oncology Grand Rounds46326
    Orthopaedics Visiting Professor Series646.5
    Other Online Activities9832
    Other Simulcast Activities3112.5
    Patient Safety Course1419
    Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Renewal265131.5
    Pediatric Grand Rounds387547
    Pediatric Grand Rounds (Online)180047
    Peripheral Intravenous Series53
    Prevention Science Series1038
    Radiology Peer Review Conference1196
    Radiology Peer Review Conference (Online)846
    Radiology Peer Review Conference (Simulcast)31
    Radiology-Surgery Conference60033
    Real Time Solid Tumor Board126144
    Renal Pathology Lecture Series12918
    Self-Management Learning Collaborative 10742.75
    Serious Safety Event Reduction Simulation: NICU5531.5
    Serious Safety Event Reduction Simulation: ECMO 2035.75
    Serious Safety Event Reduction Simulation: PICU3228
    Simulation Facilitator Course412.5
    Single Event Conferences2817463.75
    Trauma Morbidity and Mortality Conference1126