Division Data Summary

Research and Training Details

Number of Faculty9
Number of Support Personnel47

Clinical Activities and Training

Number of Clinical Staff3
Number of Clinical Students10
Outpatient Encounters36,419

Division Photo

Pediatric Dentistry Division.

Front Row: A Matusak, M Dock, R Campbell

Back Row: S Wilson, W Fye, A Kamp, E Turner

Significant Publications

Division Collaboration

Genetics; Plastic Surgery » Richard Campbell, DMD; Murray Dock, DDS; William Greenhill, DDS

Participation on the Craniofacial Anomalies Team

Cleft Lipand Palate surgical correction procedures

Faculty Members

Stephen Wilson, DMD, MA, PhD, Professor
Division Director
Research Interests
Richard Campbell, DMD, MS, Assistant Professor
Director of Orthodontics
Research Interests
Murray Dock, DDS, MSD, Associate Professor
Research Interests
William Fye, DDS, Assistant Professor
Director Off Campus Offices
Research Interests
William Greenhill, DMD, Adjunct
Research Interests
Anthony Kamp, DMD, Associate Professor
Research Interests
AnnMarie Matusak, DDS, MSD, Adjunct
Research Interests
James Steiner, DDS, Professor Emeritus
Research Interests
Erwin Turner, DMD, Professor
Residency Program Director
Research Interests

Clinical Staff Members

  • Marie Callen, DMD
  • Craig Mueller, DDS
  • David Sullivan, DDS


  • Katlin Allen Blomer, DMD, PL-2, University of Kentucky
  • Jennifer Blakely, DDS, PL-2, University of North Carolina
  • Javier Girardot, DMD, PL-2, Nova Southeastern University
  • Kevin Olson, DMD, PL-2, University of Nevada
  • Bracken Webb, DDS, PL-2, Columbia
  • Cara Corning, DDS, PL-1, University of Tennessee
  • Jennifer Fountain, DDS, PL-1, University of the Pacific
  • Kira McCoy, DDS, PL-1, Indiana University
  • Lisa Rudolph, DMD, PL-1, University of Arizona
  • Danen Sjostrom, DDS, PL-1, Ohio State University
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Significant Accomplishments

Strong Collaboration with Other Services

The Division of Pediatric Dentistry has had a very productive clinical program this year.  Our main site is in the C Building, fifth floor, on the Burnet Campus along with our accredited two-year advanced education training program in pediatric dentistry.  Each year we accept five new residents who come to us from across the nation.  Our second clinical site is at our Fairfield Neighborhood Location and is designed to function in a similar fashion to community private practice.  We also perform many general anesthesia cases at the main campus and at the Liberty Campus.  Over 50 percent of the children we see are medically compromised, and we consult and/or coordinate care with many other medical/surgical services, including Hematology/Oncology, Transplant, Genetics, ENT, EB/Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Oral Surgery, GI, Pulmonary, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Teen Health and Aerodigestive.  In the last year, we have seen patients from 31 states and several foreign countries.  

Residents Present Research 

Our second-year residents presented a poster of their research projects at our academy’s annual session in New York City.  Topics included children’s temperamental and behavioral traits and their predictive values during sedations; referral patterns of pediatric dentists; effects of snacking on the number and site of carious lesions; effect of midazolam on memory of operative events; and continued root development in traumatized teeth treated with antibiotics and intentional intrapulpal bleeding.  Division director Stephen Wilson, DMD, PhD, was also a guest speaker at a symposium on sedation.

Improving the Field

Our program has generated research articles and has made numerous presentations to professional societies.  Murray Dock, DDS, traveled to Israel where he was an invited speaker addressing the Israeli Society of Pediatric Dentistry on the subject of craniofacial anomalies and their treatment.  Some of the faculty are also involved with the American Board examination process, the Commission on Dental Accreditation and several taskforces of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.  

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