Division Data Summary

Research and Training Details

Number of Faculty2
Number of Joint Appointment Faculty3
Number of Research Fellows2
Number of Support Personnel8
Direct Annual Grant Support$542,768
Peer Reviewed Publications12

Clinical Activities and Training

Number of Clinical Staff6
Number of Clinical Fellows4
Number of Other Students25
Inpatient Encounters83
Outpatient Encounters1580

Division Photo

Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children.
Left to Right: K Makoroff, E Pearl, R Shapiro, M Greiner

Significant Publications

Ammerman RT, Putnam FW, Bosse NB, Teeters AR, Van Ginkel JB. Maternal Depression in Home Visitation: A Systematic Review. Aggression and Violent Behavior. 15, 191-200. 2010.
Maternal Depression in Home Visitation

Division Highlights

Frank W. Putnam, MD

Completion of the statewide implementation of maternal depression screening.

Erica Pearl, PsyD

Expanded Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and Child Adult Relationship Enhancement(CARE) training to additional therapists at Tripler Army Medical Center located in Honolulu

Division Collaboration

Radiology; Emergency Medicine; Cincinnati Child Health Ethic Center » Meg Care, MD and Jim Leach, MD; ; Ethics Committee;

Research Study of subdural hemorrhages in children with enlarged subarachnoid spaces.

Research in diagnostic evaluation of children being evaluated for child abuse.

The Ethics Committee provides consultation and discussion on ethical issues for the well being of our patient's healthcare needs.

Faculty Members

Frank Putnam, MD, Professor
Cincinnati Children's Research Integrity Officer
Chair - Cincinnati Children's Ethics Committee
Member of the Institute of Medicine Committee on Parental Depression
Trustee of the Ohio Children's Trust Fund - Governor's appointment. Only member retained from prior administration
Research Interests
Kathi Makoroff, MD, Adjunct
Fellowship Director, Child Abuse Pediatrics
Director, Child Abuse Resident / Medical Student Elective
Program Committee Chair, Ray Helfer Society
Research Interests

Joint Appointment Faculty Members

Erica Pearl, PsyD, Assistant Professor
Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
Research Interests Foster Care
Robert Shapiro, MD, Professor
Emergency Medicine
Research Interests Child Maltreatment

Clinical Staff Members

  • Mary Pat Burke, RN, Registered Nurse
  • Sharon Dickman, RN, Education Specialist I
  • Cecilia Freihofer, LISW, Social Worker I
  • Heidi Malott, MSW, LISW, Clinical Manager
  • Andrea Powers, LISW, Social Worker II
  • Andrea Richey, LISW, Social Worker II
  • ,


  • Mary Greiner, MD, pgy-5, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
  • Brooks Keeshin, MD, pgy-6, Utah Primary Children's
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Significant Accomplishments

Ten-Year Anniversary

In October 2010, the Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children celebrated its 10-year anniversary and affirmed its commitment to continue a local and national leadership role  in the identification of child abuse and the protection of children. Child abuse continues to be a national crisis and drives the center’s commitment to improve diagnosis, treatment and prevention to secure child safety and healthy outcomes.  Center priorities include the development and refinement of clinical diagnosis and treatment, research to drive translational change, the delivery of training and education to healthcare professionals and the continued development of a leadership role in protecting children through recognition, knowledge and collaboration. A statewide maternal depression screening and facilitated referral program was established for the Ohio Department of Health’s Help Me Grow home visiting program, which reaches all 88 Ohio counties.

Partnership with Regional Child Protection Agencies

The Mayerson Center enables all of the child protection agencies in our region to work in partnership with Cincinnati Children’s and with each other.   The center is comprised of a team that includes Cincinnati Children’s physicians, social workers, researchers and nurses, Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services caseworkers, City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County law enforcement officers and members of the Hamilton County prosecutor’s office.  Each week, more than 30 children are evaluated by the center for concerns of child abuse or neglect. Clinical evaluations are multidisciplinary, collaborative and conducted in an environment created to minimize child and family stress. Specialty services of the Mayerson Center include forensic interviewing, medical-legal examinations, evidence collection and testimony.  The center’s physicians are among the first doctors in the country to be board certified in the new field of child abuse pediatrics. 

Training Child Abuse Professionals

The center helps to set the national standard in the training of child abuse professionals in quality-improvement programs, and is recognized for its role in developing educational networks.  On-site instruction is enhanced by the use of innovative telemedicine services that link child abuse services in Ohio with other US sites.  These programs include training and a case-based peer review program for pediatric sexual assault nurse examiners; didactic and case-based peer review programs for child forensic interviewers; case-based peer review of physical and sexual abuse findings for child abuse physicians; and literature review for pediatric child abuse fellows.  Through the Trauma Treatment Training Program, community mental health providers are trained in evidence-based treatments for childhood trauma.  In addition, child abuse prevention efforts are bolstered by frequent trainings for parents and other community groups offered through the Stewards of Children Sexual Abuse Prevention Program.   

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Division Publications

  1. Falcone R, Makoroff K. Child Abuse. Fundamentals of Pediatric Surgery. Springer Publishing; 2011.
  2. Gupta S, Bonanno GH, Noll JG, Putnam FW, Keltner D, Trickett PK. Anger expression and adaptation to childhood sexual abuse: The role of disclosure. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy. 2011; 3:171-180.
  3. Kaplan R, Frasier L, Makoroff K. Distance Learning and Imaging Technology. Medical Response to Child Sexual Abuse: A Resource for Clinicians and Other Professionals. GW Medical Publishing/STM Learning, Inc.; 2011.
  4. Kim K, Trickett PK, Putnam FW. Attachment representations and anxiety: differential relationships among mothers of sexually abused and comparison girls. Journal of interpersonal violence. 2011; 26:498-521.
  5. Kim K, Trickett PK, Putnam FW. Childhood experiences of sexual abuse and later parenting practices among non-offending mothers of sexually abused and comparison girls. Child abuse & neglect. 2010; 34:610-22.
  6. Kwako LE, Noll JG, Putnam FW, Trickett PK. Childhood sexual abuse and attachment: An intergenerational perspective. Clinical child psychology and psychiatry. 2010; 15:407-22.
  7. Noll JG, Shenk CE, Yeh MT, Ji J, Putnam FW, Trickett PK. Receptive language and educational attainment for sexually abused females. Pediatrics. 2010; 126:e615-22.
  8. Shapiro R, Leonard A, Makoroff K. Evidence-Based Approach to Child Sexual Abuse Examination Findings. Medical Response to Child Sexual Abuse: A Resource for Clinicians and Other Professionals. GW Medical Publishing/STM Learning, Inc.; 2011.
  9. Shenk CE, Noll JG, Putnam FW, Trickett PK. A prospective examination of the role of childhood sexual abuse and physiological asymmetry in the development of psychopathology. Child abuse & neglect. 2010; 34:752-61.
  10. Strawn JR, Keeshin BR, DelBello MP, Geracioti TD, Jr., Putnam FW. Psychopharmacologic treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents: a review. The Journal of clinical psychiatry. 2010; 71:932-41.
  11. Trickett PK, Noll JG, Putnam FW. The impact of sexual abuse on female development: Lessons from a multigenerational longitudinal research study. Development and Psychopathology. 2011; 23:453-476.
  12. Trickett PK, Noll JG, Susman EJ, Shenk CE, Putnam FW. Attenuation of cortisol across development for victims of sexual abuse. Development and psychopathology. 2010; 22:165-75.
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Grants, Contracts, and Industry Agreements

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct / Project Period Direct

Putnam, F

A Continuum of Trauma Care: Adapting Evidence-Based Practices to Promote Resiliency from Military Families Through Juvenile Justice Systems
U79 SM 05928609/30/09-09/29/12$445,420

Shapiro, R

Pediatric Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (PSANE) Course Training
Examining Siblings to Recognize Abuse
H34 MC 1934609/01/10-08/31/11$1,548
"Beyond the Silence" - Forensic Interviewing Instructional & Training Program
Current Year Direct$542,768
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