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In 1998, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital received a generous grant from the Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Trust, which was used to develop a Scholars Program to promote academic advancement of women faculty.  This program has been very successful. To date, 17 women have been selected as Schmidlapp Scholars. This program has successfully promoted career advancement not only of the awardees, but also of the applicants.  The program has included individual mentorship to all applicants and feedback to their division directors and the chairman of the department. The program has helped create an attractive environment for recruitment of women faculty at all ranks, with the number of women faculty increasing from 58 (30%) in 1996 to 249 (42%) in 2010. 

In April 2005, Cincinnati Children’s received a $1.5 million grant from the Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Foundation of Fifth Third Bank for a new program to support the career development of women in academic pediatrics. The goals of the Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Center for Career Development of Women in Academic Pediatrics are to enhance career development of women coming from a broad range of backgrounds and ultimately to become a national model for career development of women in academic medicine.

In 2010 and 2011, a total of $2 million was awarded from the Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Foundation at Fifth Third Bank to endow the Schmidlapp Women Scholars Program with continuous support into the future.

And finally, in May 2010, the Office of Faculty Development (OFD) was launched to support various faculty development efforts at Cincinnati Children’s including programs to improve the diversity of our faculty, leadership programs, mentoring guidelines and networking opportunities.

Office of Faculty Development (OFD)

The Cincinnati Children's Office for Faculty Development (OFD) was launched in May 2010 with the following goals:

  1. To promote an academic environment that supports, enhances, and rewards the professional activities of the faculty
  2. To promote recruitment, retention, and academic career advancement of all faculty
  3. To improve promotion rates and increase leadership opportunities for women and minority faculty
  4. To improve career satisfaction and promote work-life integration among faculty

The OFD has centralized faculty development resources and communication through:

  • An office that is available for informal and formal meetings
  • A library of career development resources
  • Regular emails about faculty development events and resources
  • Faculty development newsletters that are emailed monthly
  • An on-line faculty resource manual
  • An OFD webpage on Centerlink which contains numerous resources and is updated daily
  • An OFD facebook page

OFD initiatives support the career development of faculty at all levels, and include:

  • Faculty development seminars: These seminars are held monthly on a variety of topics. CME/CEU credit is offered and seminars are videotaped and archived.
  • Leadership development opportunities: announcements of leadership opportunities for faculty are posted regularly on the OFD website, and two leadership development programs have been developed in collaboration with the Department of Education and Learning. A mid-level leadership development program will be launched in August 2011, and a senior leadership development program in the spring of 2012.
  • Mentorship programs: the OFD provides skills training for academic mentors and mentees, and is developing a comprehensive mentorship program for the Department of Pediatrics, which will be launched in the academic year 2011-2012.
  • Networking opportunities: these opportunities are built into OFD seminars, and additional networking groups for faculty with different interests and backgrounds are being developed, including a work-life integration networking group. The OFD is also launching informal group networking programs such as Wine and Wisdom, in which a successful faculty member shares insights about his or her career with faculty.
  • Diversity initiatives: in collaboration with the Department of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office for Physician and Faculty Recruitment, a strategic plan for recruitment, retention and promotion of women and minority faculty has recently been developed and will be implemented in the academic year 2011-2012.
  • Grantsmanship resources: we have created a comprehensive list of grantsmanship resources at Cincinnati Children's and UC, and designed a grantsmanship seminar series that will fill identified gaps and begin in August 2011.

High School Programs

Cindy Bachurski, PhD
Associate Professor
Research Administration, Career Development

High School Science Student Symposium:  Each spring all area high schools are invited to bring their best 2 science students and a teacher or counselor to participate in the one day Science Symposium. This past year, we had 132 participants from 44 area high schools. The students and their advisors attended concurrent workshops on careers in medicine, allied health, and science, and participated in hands-on activities throughout the medical center ranging from basic science labs to clinical experiences.

Summer High School Internship Program:  The Internship Program is a competitive program for high school seniors in Cincinnati.  Seventeen students were selected from 86 applicants to work in clinical programs and participate in a weekly luncheon series.  The following students were provided stipend support through the Schmidlapp grant:  

Amy Arnette

Miami Valley Christian

Mentor: Nathan Timm

Jill Bange

Lakota East HS

Mentor: Jason Frischer

Nicole Bishop

Oak Hills HS

Mentor: Patty Manning

Joseph Brooks

Saint Xavier HS

Mentor: Marry Staat

Hannah Burkhard

Loveland HS

Mentor: Don Gilbert

Alana Cahill

St. Henry HS

Mentor: Marc Levitt

Krista Clark

Scott HS

Mentor: Richard Falcone

Elizabeth Cychosz

Wm. Mason HS

Mentor: David Franz

Katie Fisher

Seton HS

Mentor: Melinda Butsch-Kovacic

Gabriella Gonzales

Larry Ryle HS

Mentor: Todd Maugans

Yosef Kirschner

Fasman Yeshiva HS

Mentor: Raouf Amin

Madhulika Mamidi

Coving Latin HS

Mentor: Susan Rose

Jake Moore

Walton Verona HS

Mentor: John Bissler

Nikitaa Nath

Wm. Mason HS

Mentor: Tom DeWitt

Shakeyliea Robinson

Holmes HS

Mentor: Tom DeWitt

Hailee Schlager

Wyoming HS

Mentor: Jennie Noll

Allison Wintring

Covington Latin HS

Mentor: Brian Weiss

Biomedical Research Internship for Minority Students (BRIMS): This program is open to high achieving graduating high school seniors and college freshmen from the Cincinnati tri-state area that belong to a minority group traditionally underrepresented in biomedical careers, including African American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander or American Indian. Students work full time for 9 weeks on a mentored research project, participate in a weekly luncheon series with minority faculty, and shadow in clinical areas to explore biomedical career options.

Candace Clark

Woodward CTHS

Mentor: Julio Aliberti

Michelle Mugwambi

Seton HS

Mentor: Arnold Strauss

Karmela Dalisay

Sycamore HS

Mentor: Chiou-fen Chuang

Raymond Hall

Chaminade Julienne

Mentor: Robert Hinton

Adam Miller

St. Xavier HS

Mentor: Lee Grimes

Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Sherry Thornton, PhD
Assistant Professor
Division of Rheumatology

Approximately 1,200 students applied to this program from throughout the United States.  This program enabled 113 students to participate in basic and clinical research programs at Cincinnati Children’s.  An extensive scientific and social program is provided throughout the summer.  Students working with past and present Schmidlapp Scholars were selected for stipend support through the Schmidlapp program.  In addition, several other exceptional women students were provided support.  In addition, the Schmidlapp program provides over all support to the program.                     

Stephanie Buop

Miami University

Mentor: Linda Cripe

Margaret Gurney

Univ. of Dayton

Mentor: Elana Harris

Katherine Heekin

Univ. of Dayton

Mentor: Lorah Dorn

Francesca Jung

Boston College

Mentor: Tim Cripe

Anuja Kapil

Miami University

Mentor: Rhonda Cardin

Jennifer Strong

Ball State University

Mentor: Anne Perl

Amanda Weiglein

Univ. of Kentucky

Mentor: Linda Cripe

WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) Summer Program

This program is run through the University of Cincinnati and supports women students at UC with an interest in pursuing careers in science and engineering.  An extensive academic program is provided to these students throughout the summer.  The Schmidlapp grant and support from the Clinical for Clinical and Translational Science Training (CCTST) provides partial support for the summer stipend of the following students:

Randi Heming

Mentor: Nives Zimmerman

Hillary Washington

Mentor: Claire Chougnet

Theresa Whitaker

Mentor: Donita Bylski-Austrow

Schmidlapp Woman Scholars Program

Lorah Dorn, PhD
Division of Adolescent Medicine

This program provides grants of $50,000 a year for up to two years to women faculty who have shown promise as leaders within the institution and are at a critical stage of their career.  Scholars are selected each year by the Schmidlapp Committee, consisting of senior women faculty.

Jessica Woo

Associate Professor

Division of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

First Year

Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine, Program for Women (ELAM)

Each year Cincinnati Children’s nominates a faculty member for participation in this nationally competitive program that provides leadership education and networking opportunities to women who have shown promise as leaders within their institution.  The Schmidlapp grant covers all costs of participation in this program.  This year’s participant is:

Evie Alessandrini


Division of Emergency Medicine

AAMC Professional Development Conferences

The American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) offers professional development conferences for both junior and midcareer women.  These conferences provide mentoring and leadership guidance and have been viewed by past participants as valuable for their career.  This year’s participants were:

Hermine Brunner

Associate Professor

Division of Rheumatology

Sandra Cortina

Assistant Professor

Division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

Linda Cripe

Associate Professor

Division of Cardiology

Tatianna Kalin

Assistant Professor

Division of Pulmonary Biology

Jennifer Kaplan

Assistant Professor

Division of Critical Care

Carrie Piazza-Wagonner

Assistant Professor

Division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

Jennifer Reed

Associate Professor

Division of Emergency Medicine

Susan Wiley

Associate Professor

Division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

Nives Zimmermann

Associate Professor

Division of Allergy & Immunology

Fund Raising

The Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Foundation donated $1,000,000 in February 2010 and again in February 2011 to establish the Charlotte R. Schmidllapp Women Scholars endowment.  Interest from this endowment will go to support the Schmidlapp Woman Scholars program.

Faculty and parents of undergraduates supported by the Schmidlapp fund have donated over $25,000 to the Schmidlapp Fund in this fiscal year.  To date, over $50,000 has been raised to support our future women researchers and clinicians.

Faculty Members

Sandra J. Degen, PhD, Professor
Associate Chair for Academic Affairs
Research Interests
Jessica Kahn, MD, Associate Professor
Assistant Chair for Faculty Development
Research Interests
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Significant Accomplishments

Women Scholars Endowment

The Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Foundation donated $2 million over the past two years to establish the Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Women Scholars endowment.  Interest from this endowment will go to support the Schmidlapp Women Scholars Program.

Undergraduate Support

Faculty and parents of undergraduates supported by the Schmidlapp fund have donated more than $25,000 this fiscal year.

Office for Faculty Development

The office has been created and has provided seminars and networking opportunities for faculty.  In addition, planning for mentorship programs and improving the diversity of our faculty and leadership programs have been ongoing, and new programs will be launched next year.

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