• Continuing Medical Education Activities

    Event NameTotal Credits Total Attendance
    2011 Forging New Frontiers:Creating Safe Communities for Children & Their Families666.2541
    2011 Regional Health Care Educators Conference57648
    33rd Annual Aspen Conference on Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease1,51774
    3rd Annual Global Health Conference17429
    4th Semi-Annual Musculoskeletal Tumor Symposium24040
    Adolescent Bariatric Surgery: From Assessment to Long-Term Management312.525
    Advanced Improvement Leadership Systems (AILS)517.5124
    Advanced Improvement Methods VII Workshop599.577
    Advanced Pharmacy Series for Prescribers291291
    Advanced Pharmacy Series for Prescribers (Online)719719
    Advances in Fetology Conference563.7541
    Anesthesia CQI1,143762
    Anesthesia Grand Rounds1,0921,092
    Apparent Cause Analysis & Common Cause Analysis Training123.519
    Bowel Management Seminar3310
    Brachial Plexus Conference 201211739
    Butler County Perinatal Substance Abuse Forum28294
    Cardiology CT-Surgery1,664832
    Center for Simulation & Research 2011 Conference977.585
    Child Neurology Grand Rounds354354
    Child Neurology Grand Rounds (Online)9999
    Child Psychiatry Grand Rounds249249
    Child Psychiatry Grand Rounds (Online)535535
    Children's Home Summer Symposium27624
    Cincinnati Pediatric Society CME Lecture Series4545
    Cincinnati Pediatric Society CME Lecture Series (Online)2724
    Cognitive Behavior Therapy742.533
    Community Physician/Hospital Medicine Meeting1818
    Core Clinical Research Training Program138.513
    Core Leadership Program828.75137
    Creating a Simulation Center Program67.59
    Critical Care Conference1,074537
    Critical Care Journal Club8585
    Critical Care Morbidity & Mortality128128
    Division of Orthopaedic Surgery Comprehensive Hip Day Conference287.550
    Division of Orthopaedic Surgery Comprehensive Spine Day Conference22134
    Echocardiography Conference4141
    ECMO Morbidity and Mortality2020
    Endocrine Grand Rounds395395
    Endocrinology Cae Conference653653
    Epilepsy Surgery Conference637.5425
    Error Prevention Training342171
    Executive Function, Emotional Self-Regulation & the ADHD Child: Current Research & Practical App987188
    Faculty Development Seminar Series185143
    Fetal Case Conference470470
    Grantsmanship Series137137
    Heart Institute Grand Rounds1,4941,494
    Heart Institute Grand Rounds (Online)8989
    Heart Institute Q & A480320
    Hem/Onc CBDI Grand Rounds2929
    Hematology Case Conference259259
    High Reliability Wednesday(s)153153
    Hospital Medicine Academic Meeting5252
    Hospital Medicine Team Meeting8888
    HSR Matrix Project Leadership Seminar101.7537
    Human Genetics Case Conference337337
    Human Genetics Journal Club235235
    Human Patient Simulator375231
    Human Subject Protection: Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow1,374.25239
    HVMC Imaging Conference532421
    ImproveCareNow Fall 2011 Learning Session1,125119
    In Situ Simulations: ED4896
    In Situ Simulations: Liberty ED15.531
    In Situ Simulations: NICU1326
    In Situ Simulations: PICU6.513
    Intermediate & Master's Class on Cleft Palate, Resonance Disorders & Velopharyngeal Dysfunction45535
    Intermediate Improvement Science Series3,052.25244
    IntroOperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring (Simulcast)1734
    IntroOperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring1122
    I-PASS Handoff Study - Resident/Faculty Training13883
    IRB Member Training Series7575
    Leadership Webinars2121
    Leukemia/Lymphoma Tumor Board1,3281,328
    M&M Patient Review Conference133133
    March of Dimes 2011 Professional Conference569.2599
    Medical Video Review5858
    Mental Health Office Rounds Collaborative7035
    Molecular Aspects of Myeloid Stem Cell Development & Leukemia32214
    Musculoskeletal Tumor Board247247
    My ADHD Portal Improvement Program26013
    National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative: Learning Session1,059.590
    NeoFest 2011 (Online Archived)7270
    NeoFest 201230877
    Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: Sharing Best Practices273.7573
    Neonatology Grand Rounds1,3401,340
    Neonatology Grand Rounds (Online)531531
    Neonatology Grand Rounds (Simulcast)102102
    Neural Tumors Research Forum7272
    Neurology Case Conference109109
    Neuro-Oncology Patient Care Conference737737
    Neuroradiology Weekly Review Conference964964
    NIDCAP Trainers Meeting, 22nd Annual503.7531
    Office of Faculty Development Seminar Series6767
    OH/KY Outreach1717
    Ohio AAP Open Forum12525
    Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative496.25108
    Ohio Solutions For Patient Safety1,412.5197
    Oncology Grand Rounds613613
    Orthopaedics Visiting Professor Series152.558
    Other Conferences Live33061
    Other Conferences (Online Archives)51.2544
    Other Conferences (Simulcast)66
    Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy Connect Conference839.546
    Pathology Grand Rounds4747
    Patient Safety Course72.2517
    Pediatric Blood & Marrow Transplant Consortium Annual Educational Symposium10872
    Pediatric Colorectal Problems2,574.75107
    Pediatric Endocrine ABP Sub-Specialty Board Review502446
    Pediatric Endocrine Journal Club146146
    Pediatric Flexible Bronchoscopy 20111,102.542
    Pediatric Grand Rounds3,6483,648
    Pediatric Grand Rounds (Online)2,2762,276
    Pediatric Mental Health Symposium1,182.5215
    Perinatal Cardiology Conference299299
    Point of Care36
    Pre-Simulation Online Module (2011)4545
    Prevention Science Series7777
    Quality Improvement Monthly Webinar3131
    Quantitative Genomics Seminar Series5050
    Radiology Peer Review Conference141141
    Radiology Peer Review Conference (Online)4040
    Radiology Surgery Conference571571
    Real Time Solid Tumor Board1,6061,606
    Regional Hospital Emergency Preparedness Conference29754
    Renal Pathology Lecture Series115115
    Research 2012: We're Not in Kansas Anymore693.75111
    Self-Management Learning Collaborative338.7586
    Serious Safety Event Reduction Simulation: A6C78.7521
    Serious Safety Event Reduction Simulation: NICU27882
    Serious Safety Event Reduction Simulation: ECMO107.530
    Serious Safety Event Reduction Simulation: PICU17550
    Simulation Center (Other)15.520
    Simulation Facilitator Course7512
    Tenth Annual Regional Perinatal Leaders' Summit218109
    Translational Vascular Biology Working Group7474
    Trauma Morbidity & Mortality Conference154154
    Ultrasound Diagnosis of Fetal Cardiac Anatomy & Function: A Case-based Review of Current Techniques83.2537
    We Thrive: Evening Education135.539