• Grant Awards

    Trustee Grant Awards

    RecipientAmount   DisciplineTitle
    Yuya Ogawa, PhD $60,000 Reproductive Biology The Mechanism of Escape of Genes on the InactiveX-Chromosome
    Joshua Waxman, PhD $60,000 Molecular Cardiovascular Biology Mechanisms Restricting Cardiac Progenitor Specification
    Zubair Ahmed, PhD $60,000 Ophthalmology Molecular and Functional Studies of Usher Syndrome Type 1J
    Yu Li, PhD $60,000 Radiology/IRC 4D Visualization of Brain Complexity Using Complex fMRI
    Alexander Miethke, MD $60,000 Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Regulatory T Cells and Pathogenesis of Biliary Atresia
    Hee Kyung Kim, MD $60,000 Radiology/IRC MR Quantification of Muscular Fat in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
    Ian Lewkowich, PhD $60,000 Immunobiology Mechanisms of Steroid Resistance in Severe Asthma
    Ronald Waclaw, PhD $60,000 Experimental Hematology Regional Requirements for Shp2 in the Telencephalon
    Samantha Brugmann, PhD $60,000 Plastic Surgery The Role of Kif3a in Craniofacial Development
    Biplab Dasgupta, PhD $60,000 Oncology Regulation of Forebrain Neurogenesis by the Energy Sensor AMP Kinase
    Senad Divanovic, PhD $60,000 Molecular Immunology Role of the IL-17 Axis in the Pathogenesis of NASH
    Rolf Stottmann, PhD $60,000 Human Genetics Genetic Analysis of Mammalian Forebrain Development

    Translational Research Grant Awards

    RecipientAmount      DisciplineTitle
    Prasad Devarajan, MD $50,000 Nephrology CORE-CCHMC/UC Clinical Proteomics and Biofluid Profiling Core
    Bradley Britigan, MD $91,545 UC--Internal Medicine Oxidative Inactivation of B2-Agonists by Endogenous Peroxidases in the Asthmatic Airway
    Robert Hinton, MD $100,000 Cardiology Angiogenesis Inhibition Therapy for Aortic Valve Disease
    Prabir Roy-Chaudhury, MD $100,000 UC--Nephrology Biodegradable Metallic Stents to Enhance Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation
    Noah Shroyer, PhD $100,000 Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Neointestine from Live Donors and Pluripotent Stem Cells
    Michael Bennett, PhD $100,000 Nephrology Biomarkers to Distinguish Classes of Lupus Nephritis
    H. Leighton Grimes, PhD $100,000 Immunobiology microRNA in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
    Nira Ben-Jonathan, PhD $100,000 UC--Cancer & Cell Biology & IntMed Metabolic Actions of Antipsychotics on Adipose Tissue Samples from Children and Adolescents
    Susanne Wells, PhD $75,000 Hematology/Oncology DEK-targeted Virotherapy in Human Cancers
    Thomas Korfhagen, MD, PhD $75,000 Neonatology & Pulmonary Biology Signaling Inhibitor Treatment of Pulmonary Fibrosis
    Rohit Kohli, MD $75,000 Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition ApoAI as a Novel Drug Target for the Metabolic Syndrome
    Philip Howles, PhD $25,000 UC--Pathology & Lab Medicine 2nd year - CEL Inhibitors for Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
    Gail Jean Pyne-Geithman, DPhil $25,000 UC--Neurosurgery Novel Theranostic Test for Congenital CrT Deficiency
    Ian Papautsky, PhD $25,000 UC--Electronics & Computing Systems 2nd year - Zinc Chip for POC Monitoring in Critically Ill Children

    Outcomes Research Awards

    RecipientAmount    DisciplineTitle
    Esi Morgan DeWitt, MD$60,000Rheumatology, HPCELeveraging EPIC for Quality Improvement in Rheumatology
    Lisa Opipari-Arrigan, PhD$60,000Behavioral Medicine & Clinical PsychologyImproving Asthma Outcomes via the Clinical Encounter
    Holly Brodzinski, MD, MPH$60,000Emergency MedicineRisk Stratification to Efficiently Diagnose Appendicitis
    Sandra Cortina, PhD$60,000Behavioral Medicine & Clinical PsychologyPhysician Based Intervention for Adherence Promotion
    Lori Crosby, PsyD$60,000Behavioral Medicine & Clinical PsychologyThe Role of a Disease Specific Patient Portal in Improving the Transition to Adult Care in SCD
    Ellen Lipstein, MD$60,000Adolescent MedicineImproving Parent Decisions about Treatment with TNF-a Inhibitors
    Jennifer Reed, MD$60,000Emergency MedicineImproving STI Results Notification and Partner Services in the ED
    Lori Stark, PhD$60,000Behavioral Medicine & Clinical PsychologyWeb-based Delivery of Effective Treatment for Growth in CF
    Alexander Vinks, PharmD, PhD$60,000Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics & TDMImproving Safety and Efficacy of Mycophenolate Therapy
    Lea Widdice, MD$60,000Adolescent MedicineDevelopment and Piloting of Decision Tools to Improve HPV Immunization Rates

    Fifth Third Bank/Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Women Scholars Awards

    Jessica Woo,PhD$50,000Biostatistics & Epidemiology
    Avani Modi, PhD$50,000Behavioral Medicine & Clinical Psychology