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Number of Faculty41
Number of Joint Appointment Faculty10
Number of Research Fellows9
Number of Research Students1
Number of Support Personnel217
Peer Reviewed Publications144

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Number of Clinical Staff19
Number of Clinical Fellows17
Number of Other Students7
Inpatient Encounters23,569
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Group photo of the CBDI
Left to Right: J Palumbo, J Perentesis, Y Zheng, S Davies

Significant Accomplishments

Significant Accomplishments

Gene therapy for SCID

Children with severe combined immune deficiency (SCID) are born lacking an essential gene that allows the immune system to fight infections. Untreated, SCID is fatal, with the children typically dying of overwhelming infection in the first two years of life. Children with SCID can be successfully treated with a bone marrow transplant that replaces the defective immune system cells with new ones. Unfortunately, some children with SCID will not have a suitable donor, and some who do have a transplant will have serious complications. A multi-center international gene therapy study, using a viral vector manufactured at Cincinnati Children’s, takes the child’s own cells and inserts a normal copy of the defective gene into the child’s own cells. With this approach there is no need for a matched donor and no need for chemotherapy, which leads to fewer complications. Lisa Filipovich, MD, is leading the study at Cincinnati Children’s and the first child has been enrolled and treated. We anticipate that gene therapy will become an important treatment option for babies with SCID, and may allow cure for all the children with fewer complications.

Participation in Clinical Trial Consortia Grows

With the acceptance of our application to join the National Cancer Institute-funded Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium (PBTC), Cincinnati Children’s became the only pediatric cancer program in the US participating in all four selective national early-phase clinical research consortia: the NCI Pediatric Phase I/Pilot Consortium, the NCI New Approaches to Neuroblastoma Consortium, the PBTC, and the Department of Defense-funded Neurofibromatosis Clinical Consortium.

The PBTC is the premiere national multidisciplinary cooperative research group developing new therapies for CNS tumors of childhood. It has a highly competitive application process, which makes Cincinnati Children’s one of only 11 participating centers. In addition, Maryam Fouladi, MD, MSc, Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Director of Neuro-Oncology, has been elected to serve as national chair of the PBTC.

Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology

Humoral and paracrine signals from the bone marrow hematopoietic microenvironment control blood generating stem cell activity during regenerative hematopoiesis. A group led by Jose Cancelas, MD, PhD, reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, that Connexin-43, a molecule involved in cell-cell communications, exerts a protective role and regulates the blood producing progenitor cell reactive oxygen species content through ROS transfer to the bone marrow microenvironment. This effect results in blood stem cell protection during stress hematopoietic regeneration under chemo or radiation therapies.

Tissue damage induced by ionizing radiation in the hematopoietic and gastrointestinal systems is the major cause of lethality in radiological emergency scenarios and underlies some deleterious side effects in children undergoing radiation therapy. The identification of target-specific interventions that confer radiomitigating activity is an unmet challenge. Hartmut Geiger, PhD, in collaboration with several other researchers at Cincinnati Children’s, Wisconsin and Arkansas, identified the thrombomodulin (Thbd)-activated protein C (aPC) pathway as a new mechanism for the mitigation of total body irradiation-induced mortality. Reporting in the journal Nature Medicine, they show that pharmacologic augmentation of the activity of the Thbd-aPC pathway by recombinant Thbd or aPC might offer a rational approach to the mitigation of tissue injury and lethality caused by ionizing radiation.

Small molecule targeted therapy has been hindered by an issue of druggability of target molecules. In a study published in Chemistry and Biology, Yi Zheng, PhD, led a group of chemical biologists to devise a novel approach of rational design of chemical compounds that selectively bind to and inhibit RhoA GTPase, a critical cell signal transducer with a globular structure involved in cancer cell proliferation and neuronal disorders. Their discovery suggests that design and search for low affinity binding chemicals tethered by proper linkers may be useful for rational targeting of “undruggable” biological molecules.

Hematology Division

The Hematology Division offers state-of-the-art testing for a variety of complex hematological diagnoses. Over the last year, the Sickle Cell Center, in collaboration with Human Genetics, has launched a genetics-based hemoglobinopathy diagnostic service, making Cincinnati Children’s one of only a few centers in the US that offer comprehensive genetic testing for hemoglobinopathies. Our Special Hemostasis Laboratory has expanded our repertoire of diagnostic studies available for the diagnosis and management of children with bleeding and thrombotic disorders. We recently added several new tests for the detailed diagnosis and characterization of Von Willebrand disease, the most common bleeding disorder in children, making us the only facility in the region offering these assays. We have also added several new tests for the evaluation of platelet function abnormalities, making our laboratory one of the few laboratories nationally with the capability to diagnose children with platelet disorders.

Division Publications

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Grants, Contracts, and Industry Agreements

Division Grants

Bone Marrow Transplantation and Immune Deficiency

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Davies, S

Antileukemic Effect of NK Cells in HCT for Pediatric AML
R01 CA 12058308/01/07-06/30/12$8,864
Childhood Cancer Survivor Study
U24 CA 05572712/01/11-11/30/16$177,391
Children's Oncology Chair Award
U10 CA 09854303/01/11-02/28/14$12,831
Multicenter Pilot Trial of HSCT Lacking a Genotype Identical Donor
Molecular Epidemiology of Pediatric Germ Cell Tumors
R01 CA15128408/10/11-05/31/16$21,219

Filipovich, A

Gene Therapy for SCID-X1 Using Self-Inactivating (SIN) Gammaretroviral Vector
U01 AI 08762809/01/10-08/31/15$121,927
Hypoxia and Potassium Channel Activity in T Lymphocytes
R01 CA 09528606/01/09-04/30/12$19,959
Rare Diseases Clinical Consortia for the Rare Diseases - Per Patient
U54 AI 08297309/12/09-08/31/14$60,333

Kumar, A

Molecular Pathogenesis of MLL-Fusion Gene Leukemia
K08 CA 12219108/19/09-06/30/12$125,250

Marsh, R

Studies to Determine Why ZIAP Deficiency Leads to HLH

Mehta, P

Quercetin in Patients with Fanconi Anemia, a Pilot Study

Sumegi, J

Biomarkers in Primary and Secondary Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis
Identification of PAX3-NCOA1/NCOA2-Regulated Genes in Rhabdomyosarcoma
Current Year Direct$719,207
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Grimley, M


Harris, R

Current Year Direct Receipts$88,225
Service Collaborations

Joshi, S

Current Year Direct$1,500
Funded Collaborative Efforts

Bleesing, J

NIAMS Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Center
Lovell, D08/18/08-07/30/133%

Davies, S

Nonadherence: Undermining Health Outcomes in Pediatric HSCT

Division Grants

Experimental Hematology

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Andreassen, P

FANCD2 Monoubiquitination in DNA Damage Responses
R01 HL 08558707/08/08-06/30/13$225,000

Azam, M

To Study the Molecular Mechanisms of "BCR/ABL Addiction" in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Mitogenic Activities in Neurofibromatosis
R01 CA15509105/01/12-03/31/17$207,500

Cancelas-Perez, J

Gap Junction Intercellular Communication in Bone Marrow
Improving Stem Cell Mobilization by the EGFR Inhibitor Erlotinib
R34 HL 10840302/15/12-01/31/13$98,337
Rac GTPase Inhibition in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
R01 HL 08715904/06/09-02/28/13$247,500

Choi, K

Regulation of Cellular Growth and Differentiation
T32 CA 05926812/6/11-12/5/12$49,998

Degen, J

Analysis of Staphylococcus Aureus Host Interactions
R01 AI 02062409/30/10-08/31/12$51,239
Thrombin-Mediated Proteolysis in Neuroinflammatory Disease
R01 HL09612608/01/09-04/30/13$247,500

Degen, J / Malik P

Hemostatic Factors and Sickle Cell Disease
R01 HL 11260301/01/12-11/30/16$250,000

Filippi, M

Regulation of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Self Renewal
R21 HL 10445808/01/10-07/31/12$125,000
Regulation of Neutrophil Migration and Polarity
R01 HL 09067603/01/10-02/28/15$247,500

Flick, M

Mechanisms Linking the Hemostatic Protease Thrombin to Arthritic Disease
R01 AR 05699008/10/09-07/31/14$171,072
Digestive Health Center - Pilot & Feasibility Study
P30 DK 078392 (Bezerra)06/01/12-05/31/13$36,667

Geiger, H

Activated Protein C for Treatment of Radiation Combined Injury
R33 AI 08055709/13/10-08/31/13$79,070

Huang, G

Molecular Mechanisms of Leukemogenesis Mediated by MLL-Partial Tandem Duplication (MLL-PTD)
Targeting the "Warburg Effect" in Cancer

Link, K

Environmental Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis
T32 ES 00725009/01/10-06/30/12$53,494

Malik, P

Ameliorating Sickle Nephropathy and Pulmonary Hypertension
R34 HL 10875208/18/11-06/30/14$150,000
Cincinnati Cell Characterization Core
U01 HL 09999709/01/10-04/30/13$354,674
Development of Safe and Efficient Gene Therapy Strategies
R01 HL 09848901/21/10-12/31/14$48,833
PIGF-HIF 1a-miRNA Axis in Sickle Pulmonary Hypertension
R01 HL11137201/01/12-12/31/16$161,480
Cincinnati Cell Characterization Core - Per assay
U01 HL 09999709/01/10-04/30/13$18,986
Cincinnati Center for Clinical/Translational Sciences & Training
UL1 RR 02631404/03/09-03/31/14$40,294

Meetei, R

Functional and Molecular Characterization of Two New Members of the Bloom Syndrome Complex

Mulloy, J

Next Generation DNMT-1 Depletion Therapy for Leukemia
Novel Therapeutic Target in Leukemia Stem Cells
Rac Signaling in MLL Leukemia

Nassar, N

Ras, Cycling and Inhibition
R01 CA11561103/01/11-02/28/13$108,236

Olshavsky, N

Regulation of Cellular Growth and Differentiation
T32 CA5926812/06/10-12/05/12$32,303

Pan, D

Genetic Therapy for CNS Manifestations in MPS I via BBB-Targeted Protein Delivery
R01 NS 06433009/30/08-08/31/13$214,375

Pang, Q

Role of FA Proteins in Hematopoiesis
R01 HL 07671204/01/10-03/31/15$250,000
Role of Tumor Necrosis Factor in Leukemogenesis
Targeted Improvement in Stem Cell Therapy for Leukemia and Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes
R01 CA 15753702/01/11-12/31/15$207,500

Patel, A

Identification and study of Novel Genes Critical to survival of MPNSTS

Ratner, N

Cincinnati Center for Neurofibromatosis Research
P50 NS 05753109/15/08-06/30/13$1,033,483
Ratner, NProject A$48,069
Cripe, TProject B$106,147
Rizvi, TProject C$81,328
Perentesis, JProject 1$297,055
Ratner, NProject 2$224,070
Ratner, NProject 3$276,814
Mitogenic Activities in Neurofibromatosis
R01 NS 02884009/15/11-07/31/16$231,250
Modelling Brain Defects in NF1

Starczynowski, D

Deregulation of TIFAB in Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Regulation and Function of TIFAB in Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Identification and Characterization of Genes in del(5q) Myelodysplastic Syndrome
R01 HL11110312/05/11-11/30/16$250,000

van der Loo, J

AKTA Ready Liquid Chromatography System
S10 RR 03172107/01/11-06/30/12$175,119

Varney, M

Environmental Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis
T32 ES 00725005/01/12-04/30/14$49,198

Wu, J

STAT3 in Neurofibroma Tumorigenesis and Therapy
STAT3 in Neurofibroma Tumorigenesis and Therapy

Zheng, Y/ Geiger, H

Lineage Determination and Tissue HomeOstasis in the Aged Hematopoietic System
R01 AG 04011808/01/11-07/31/16$225,000

Zheng, Y

Cincinnati Center for Excellence in Molecular Hematology
P30 DK 09097109/30/10-06/30/15$482,569
Zheng, YAdmin Core$89,909
Grabowsky, GGenomics and Genetics Core$63,000
Cancelas, JCell Analysis and Sorting Core$65,112
Malik, PTranslational Core$165,412
Mulloy, JXenotransplant and Transgenic Core$68,766
Zheng, YSummer Students$30,370
Rac GTPase-Specific Small Molecular Inhibitors
R01 CA 14134103/24/09-01/31/14$165,237
Training Program in Pediatric Hematologic and Oncologic Diseases
T32 HL 09180509/01/08-08/31/13$164,652
Rac GTPases in the Mammalian Brain Development
R01 NS 05643507/01/08-06/30/12$165,237

Zheng, Y / Mulloy J

Targeting Cdc42 in Leukemia Stem Cells
R01 CA 15054703/10/10-01/31/15$201,275
Current Year Direct$8,138,423
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Flick, M


Malik, P


Mulloy, J

Current Year Direct Receipts$121,107
Service Collaborations

Grassman, E

Current Year Direct$194,954
Funded Collaborative Efforts

Malik, P

Macrophage-based Human Gene Therapy for Hereditary PAP
Trapnell, B12/15/10-11/30/125%
Role of Anti-GM-CSF Antibodies in Myeloid Cell Function
Trapnell, B04/01/11-03/31/165%

Andreassen, P

DNA Damage Response Pathways in Meiotic Sex Chromosome Inactivation
Namekawa, F08/01/11-07/31/167.5%

Division Grants


Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Gruppo, R

ATHNdata.Quality Counts
Hemophilia And Thrombosis Center
Hemophilia Comprehensive Care
Public Health Surveillance for the Prevention of Complications of Bleeding and Clotting Disorders
U27 DD 00086209/30/11-09/29/14$17,000
Hemophilia Patient Handbook

Joiner, C

Cincinnati Sickle Cell Project

Kalfa, T

Rac1 and Rac2 Guanosine Triphosphatases in Erythroid Function and Differentiation
K08 HL 08812602/11/08-11/30/12$119,125

Mullins, E

Mechanisms Linking Hemostatic Factors to Neuroinflammatory Disease
K08 HL 10567208/22/11-07/31/16$121,375

Shook, L

Cincinnati Sickle Cell Newborn Screening Network
U38 MC 2221806/01/11-05/31/15$377,100
Sickle Cell Treatment Demonstration Program
Current Year Direct$889,202
Industry Contracts

Gruppo, R


Kalfa, T


Kalinyak, K


Quinn, C


Palumbo, J

Current Year Direct Receipts$243,964

Division Grants


Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Adams, D

Phase II Study of Rapamycin for Complicated Vascular Anomalies
R01 FD 00371209/25/09-07/31/13$248,540

Chow, L

Micro-RNA Expression in Pediatric High-Grade Glioma
Micro-RNA Expression in Pediatric High-Grade Glioma
Molecular Targeting of High-Grade Astrocytoma
Molecular Targeting of Pediatric High-Grade Glioma

Cripe, T

Neurofibromatosis Preclinical Consortium Center Award
Phase I Study of HSV1716 in Pediatric Non-CNS Solid Tumors
R01 FD 00371709/01/10-08/31/13$152,618
Acidic Phospholipid-Selective Treatment for Neuroblastoma
R01 CA 15837209/27/11-07/31/13$12,760

Dorris, K

Molecular Epidemiology in Children's Environmental Health
T32 ES01095710/01/10-09/30/12$52,293

Drissi, R

Biology Studies in the First Phase I Trial of a Telomerase Inhibitor in Children with Refractory or Recurrent Solid Tumors and Lymphomas

Fouladi, M

Children's Oncology Group Phase I / Pilot Consortium
U10 CA 09745209/16/11-07/31/12$25,662
Establishment of an International Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) Registry
The Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium
U01 CA 08145704/01/08-03/31/13$93,908
Children's Oncology Group Chair
U10 CA 09854303/01/11-02/29/12$12,500

Hammill, A

Ontogeny and Quantitative Multimodal Skin Imaging of Infantile Hemangiomas

Perentesis, J

Children's Oncology Group Phase I
U01 CA 09745208/01/07-07/31/11$23,918
Children's Oncology Group Phase I / Pilot Consortium
U01 CA 09745209/01/06-07/31/12$26,124
Cincinnati Children’s Hyundai Scholar in Cancer Survivorship
Children's Oncology Group Phase I / Pilot Consortium - Per Patient
U01 CA 09745209/01/06-07/31/12$38,058
Children's Oncology Group Chair - Per Patient
U10 CA 09854303/01/11-02/28/12$57,840

Pope, J

Analysis of Antioxidant Polymorphisms in Patients with Down Syndrome and CML

Wang, P-Y

Virotherapy on Primary Neuroblastoma Cells

Wells, S

Fanconi Anemia and HPV Transformation
R01 CA 10235709/28/09-08/31/14$191,834
Current Year Direct$1,789,135
Industry Contracts

Fouladi, M


Geller, J


Weiss, B


Absalon, M


Cripe, T


Wagner, L

Current Year Direct Receipts$180,150
Funded Collaborative Efforts

Wells, S

Fanconi Anemia as a Model for Susceptibility to Human Papillomavirus Infection