Critical Care Medicine

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Research and Training Details

Number of Faculty12
Number of Joint Appointment Faculty1
Number of Support Personnel20
Direct Annual Grant Support$777,367
Direct Annual Industry Support$5,820
Peer Reviewed Publications26

Clinical Activities and Training

Number of Clinical Staff10
Number of Clinical Fellows14
Number of Other Students2
Inpatient Encounters8,675

Division Photo

Group photo of the Division of Critical Care Medicine.

Row 1: J Kaplan, B Zingarelli

Row 2: H Wong, E Stalets, S Poynter Wong, L Doughty

Row 3: R Chima, K Tegtmeyer, R Basu, B Varisco

Significant Accomplishments

Significant Accomplishments

RACE for Results

Cincinnati Children's won the 2012 Children's Hospital Association RACE for Results Award for mortality reductions in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and hospital. In one decade Cincinnati Children’s decreased PICU mortality by 43 percent and hospital mortality rates by 34 percent. The RACE for Results Award recognizes exceptional clinical business improvements in children's hospitals. This is the fourth time that Cincinnati Children’s has won this prestigious award and the second time for the PICU. Our success reflects aggressive efforts to reduce hospital acquired infections, implement electronic health records, improve recognition of clinical deterioration, prevent codes outside of the PICU and mandate hospital wide safety training.

Licensing Heart Catheterization Animations

Ken Tegtmeyer, MD, and medical animator Jeff Cimprich licensed heart catheterization animations of LungRx this year. This represents the first external marketing of 3D animations from the Critical Care Media Lab. The lab has been producing 3D animations and clinical research videos for three and a half years, and plans to expand its external activities. 

Faculty Recognition

Ken Tegtmeyer, MD, was elected chair of the Society of Critical Care Medicine Pediatric Section. Basilia Zinarelli, MD, PhD was elected president of the North American/United States Shock Society. And Jennifer Kaplan, MD, was appointed to be a permanent study section member for the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Pediatrics Subcommittee.

Division Publications

  1. Basu RK, Standage SW, Cvijanovich NZ, Allen GL, Thomas NJ, Freishtat RJ, Anas N, Meyer K, Checchia PA, Lin R, Shanley TP, Bigham MT, Wheeler DS, Devarajan P, Goldstein SL, Wong HR. Identification of candidate serum biomarkers for severe septic shock-associated kidney injury via microarray. Crit Care. 2011; 15:R273.
  2. Chima RS, Schoettker PJ, Varadarajan KR, Kloppenborg E, Hutson TK, Brilli RJ, Repaske DR, Seid M. Reduction in hypoglycemic events in critically ill patients on continuous insulin following implementation of a treatment guideline. Qual Manag Health Care. 2012; 21:20-8.
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Faculty, Staff, and Trainees

Faculty Members

Hector Wong, MD, Professor
Leadership Director
Research Interests Septic shock, Genomics, Biomarkers
Ranjit Chima, MD, Assistant Professor
Research Interests Bone Marrow Transplantation-Associated Critical Illness ECMO Glucose Homeostasis
Lesley Doughty, MD, Associate Professor
Leadership Fellowship Director
Research Interests Sepsis
Jennifer Kaplan, MD, MS, Assistant Professor
Research Interests Sepsis and obesity
Kristen Page, PhD, Associate Professor
Research Interests Asthma, airway inflammation, inflammatory mediators, innate and adaptive immune response
Sue E. Poynter, MD, Assistant Professor
Leadership Medical Director Division of Respiratory Care; Associate Director Pediatric Residency Training Program
Research Interests Resident Education
Erika Stalets, MD, Instructor
Research Interests Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
Ken Tegtmeyer, MD, Associate Professor
Research Interests Multimedia Medical Education
Rajit Basu, MD, Instructor
Research Interests The role of kidney injury in distal organ function
Derek S. Wheeler, MD, Associate Professor
Leadership Clinical Director PICU
Research Interests Sepsis, Stress preconditioning, Quality Improvement
Basilia Zingarelli, MD, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Research Interests Sepsis, hemorrhage and ischemia and reperfusion injury
Brian Varisco, MD, Instructor
Research Interests Lung Development and Injury

Joint Appointment Faculty Members

Bradley Marino, MD, Associate Professor (Cardiology)
Research Interests Long-term outcomes in children and adolescents with CHD, Resuscitation of children with CHD


  • Kamal Abulebda, MD, PL-4, University of Aleppo, Syrian Republic
  • Gabriela Botez, MD, Pl-5, Universitatea de Medicine
  • Ma-Bernardita Gamallo, MD, PL-5, Jersey Shore Medical Center
  • Aaron Gardner, MD, PL-5, St. George's University
  • William Hanna, MD, PL-5, University of Kentucky College of Medicine
  • Michael Hobson, MD, PL-6, Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Riad Lutfi, MD, PL-7, University of Damascus
  • Carrie Morgan, MD, PL-6, University of Kentucky College of Medicine
  • Carley Riley, MD, PL-6, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
  • Ravi Samraj, MD, PL-5, Driscoll Children's Hospital
  • Shilpa Shah, MD, PL-5, The University of Texas Medical Branch
  • Siarhei Slinko, MD, PL-6, University of Buffalo
  • Danielle Webster, MD, PL-4, University of Missouri - Kansas City
  • John Whitt, MD, PL-5, University of Alabama School of Medicine

Grants, Contracts, and Industry Agreements

Division Grants

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Kaplan, J

PPAR gamma in Pediatric Sepsis and the Inflammatory Response in Obesity
K08 GM 09313506/01/10-05/31/14$115,250

Wheeler, D

Therapeutic Hypothermia after Pediatric Cardiac Arrest
U01 HL 09434509/01/09-02/28/11$6,002

Wong, H

MMP-8 as a Novel Therapeutic Target in Sepsis
R01 GM 09699404/01/11-03/31/15$190,000
Point of Care Center for Emerging Neurotechnologies (POC-CENT)
U54 EB 00795407/01/09-06/30/12$10,650

Zingarelli, B

Mechanisms of Age-Related Inflammatory Response in Hemorrhagic Shock
R01 AG 02799009/01/07-08/31/12$191,174
PPARgamma and PPARgamma Agonists in Septic Shock
R01 GM 06720207/01/08-06/30/12$242,163
Role of Eicosanoids in Shock
R01 GM 02767307/03/08-06/30/13$22,128
Current Year Direct$777,367
Industry Contracts

Barr, R

Current Year Direct Receipts$5,820