Drug and Poison Information Center

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Research and Training Details

Number of Faculty9
Number of Joint Appointment Faculty4
Number of Support Personnel110
Direct Annual Grant Support$588,571
Peer Reviewed Publications4

Clinical Activities and Training

Number of Clinical Staff0
Number of Other Students73
Outpatient Encounters137,550

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Group photo of the Division of Drug & Poison Information Center

Row 1: A Behrman, G Tsipis, E Chaffin, S Goertemoeller

Row 2: E Nelson, E Otten, T Carson, J Scaglione

Row 3: G Galletta, E Siegel, J Schmees, R Goetz, S Yin, D Petersen

Significant Accomplishments

Significant Accomplishments

Protecting the Public

With 27 certified specialists in poison information and 51 staff certified in national incident management systems, our Drug and Poison Information Center is one of the largest in the country. Our center serves 20 Ohio counties with a combined population of 3.7 million. Our center regularly collaborates with county, regional and statewide medical response and disaster preparedness programs, including planning for the World Choir Games held in Cincinnati in July 2012. Our Health Alert Network sent Alert faxes to 60 regional hospitals on subjects such as blue green algae in local rivers, “bath salts,”and prescription drug abuse. The Center’s Pharmacovigilance and Medical Communication Units continues to gather and evaluate poison control data on a variety of public health issues such as food poisoning, water quality, concentrated laundry single use detergents, alcohol sanitizers, substance abuse patterns and terrorism preparedness.

Community Outreach and Education

Our center continued to implement programming to promote healthy drug- free lifestyles to youth, parents and communities. Our staff includes prevention specialists, health educators, pharmacists, other health care professionals and law enforcement officers who serve as positive role models. Last year, more than 27,000 people in Hamilton County have benefited from services including delinquency prevention and violence prevention issues among African-American youth populations. Our center also was significantly involved with Police Chief James Craig’s Children in Trauma Intervention Camp. We also use a People of Color Wellness Alliance Coalition Grant and a Grassroots Urban Mobilization Benefiting Ohio initiative to respond to health disparities and wellness issues prevalent among African American and other minorities in Hamilton County. Our Center also was honored by a visit from the national “Drug Czar” Gil Kerlikowske, who held a press conference here to announce the nation’s new drug policy. The Center also was awarded a UC College of Pharmacy Training Fellowship to host a pharmacy student for the summer.

Staff Recognition

Prevention and education specialist Alton “Chris” Nelms, PhD, was honored with the 2012 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award from Cincinnati Children’s.  Julienne Closser and Michelle Bilinski earned specialist certification through the American Association of Poison Control Center and Sheila Goertemoeller received the highest grade nationwide on the association’s annual exam.

Division Highlights

PV/MC units

The Center's special Pharmacovigilance and Medical Communication Units interfacing safety surveillance with the drug industry showed significant growth. Services include: Medical Communications, Adverse Event Collection and Patient Management, Product Complaint and Quality Management, Safety-related protocol development, Technical and Customer Support.  Also real time web-based "chat" services are offered for the retail pharmacy industry.

Division Publications

Faculty, Staff, and Trainees

Faculty Members

Shan Yin, MD, Assistant Professor
Leadership DPIC Executive Medical Director
Research Interests Child Abuse via Poisoning or Medication Admin
Earl G. Siegel, PharmD, Adjunct
Leadership DPIC Director
Research Interests Inhalant abuse and substance abuse and poison control prevention
Jon Colvin, RN, MS, Adjunct
Leadership Asst. Director
Research Interests Threat Assessment and Public Health
Robert Goetz, PharmD, Adjunct
Research Interests Drug information, toxicology and CYP 450
Eljorn Don Nelson, PharmD, Adjunct
Research Interests Substance abuse pharmacology
Marsha Polk, HPT, Instructor
Leadership Associate Director
Research Interests Community prevention, wellness issues and health disparities
Jan Scaglione, PharmD, Adjunct
Research Interests Substance abuse epidemiology and toxicology
G. Randall Bond, MD, Professor
Leadership DPIC Medical Director
Research Interests Acetaminophen and Pediatric Cold Medicine Toxicity and Drug Abuse
Jeffrey Schmees, BS Pharm, Adjunct
Leadership Managing Director PVMC
Research Interests Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Drug Safety

Joint Appointment Faculty Members

Edward Otten, MD, Professor (Emergency Medicine)
Research Interests Toxicology and toxinology
Curtis Snook, MD, Associate Professor (Emergency Medicine (VA))
Research Interests Disaster preparedness and toxicology
Dan Petersen, Ph. D, Adjunct (College of Medicine (UC))
Research Interests Plants, Environmental Toxins; Metabolism
Leslie Dye, MD, Adjunct (Emerg Med. Clinton County)
Research Interests Medical Toxicology

Division Collaboration

Emergency Medicine; » Drs. Michael Gittelman/Wendy Pomerantz and
injury prevention curriculum and CCIC
Employee Health » Terri Thrasher, RN, MSN
Injury Reporting on 803 Ouchline
Research Foundation » Eileen King, Ph. D.
Clinical Safety and Pharmacovilance

Grants, Contracts, and Industry Agreements

Division Grants

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Polk, M

People of Color Wellness Alliance

Siegel, E

Ohio Bio-Terrorism Preparedness
Poison Control Stabilization and Enhancement Program
Current Year Direct$588,571