• Continuing Medical Education (CME) Activities

    Event NameTotal Credits Total Attendance
    2012 Forging New Frontiers:Creating Safe Communities for Children & Their Families346.522
    2012 Regional Health Care Educators Conference45638
    2nd Annual Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Symposium1,20096
    34th Annual Aspen Conference on Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease1,338.7563
    3rd International Congress on Chronic Disorders and Disabilities in Children412.522
    Adolescent Bariatric Surgery: From Assessment to Long-Term Management30024
    Advanced Improvement Methods Workshop62376
    Advanced Pharmacy Series for Prescribers456456
    Advanced Pharmacy Series for Prescribers (Online Archive )50405040
    Advanced Pharmacy Series for Prescribers (Simulcast)219219
    Advances in Fetology: Focusing on Cardiac Conditions68864
    AILs - Advanced Improvement Leadership Systems280.2567
    AKI Symposium / PCRRT Conference3358184
    American Association of Pediatric Urologists43224
    Anesthesia CQI1040.25762
    Anesthesia Grand Rounds614614
    APA Leadership Meeting - Developing Leaders in Pediatric Hospital Medicine69366
    Basic Faculty and HealthCare Educator Development Series190.520
    Case Management Conference3,031.52,021
    CCTST Community Engagement Speaker Series91.2558
    Child Neurology Case Conference4949
    Child Neurology Grand Rounds247247
    Child Neurology Grand Rounds  (Online Archive)105105
    Child Psychiatry Grand Rounds218218
    Child Psychiatry Grand Rounds  (Online Archive)581581
    Cincinnati Children's Pediatric Update51794
    Cincinnati Children's Pediatric Update  (Online Archive)36.563
    Cincinnati Pediatric Society Lecture Series4237
    Core Clinical Research Training Program34432
    Core Leadership Program774.25140
    Critical Care Conference991535
    Critical Care Journal Club161161
    Critical Care Morbidity & Mortality161161
    Ehlers Danlos National Foundation409.2549
    Eleventh Annual Regional Perinatal Leaders' Summit314157
    Emergency Preparedness and Response44268
    Emergent Care of the Pediatric Burn Patient5050
    Empirical Bioethics: Emerging Trends for the 21st Century61061
    Endocrine Grand Rounds577577
    Endocrinology Case Conference869869
    Epilepsy Surgery Conference696464
    Error Prevention Training306153
    Faculty Development Seminar Series105105
    Fetal Case Conference576576
    First CURED EGID Research Symposium13020
    GCMAS 2013 Annual Meeting73521
    Heart Institute Grand Rounds13581358
    Heart Institute QA748.5535
    Hematology Case Conference190190
    Hospital Medicine Emerging Evidence Conference8282
    Hospital Medicine Team Meeting137137
    HSR Matrix Speaker Series415415
    Human Genetics Case Conference437437
    Human Genetics Journal Club222222
    Human Patient Simulator245245
    Human Subject Protection1,684.75293
    HVMC Imaging Conference616.5411
    ImproveCareNow Learning Session1,515.25138
    In Situ Simulations114.5229
    Intermediate Improvement Science Series2,698.75215
    IRB Member Training Series8363
    Leukemia Lymphoma Tumor Board1,5451,545
    Leveraging Design Thinking to Drive Innovation58.526
    M&M Patient Review Conference132132
    Medical Video Review255255
    Mental Health Office Rounds Collaborative8040
    Musculoskeletal Tumor Board496496
    NeoFest (Online Archive)73.539
    Neonatology Grand Rounds1,2001,200
    Neonatology Grand Rounds (Online Archive)615615
    Neonatology Grand Rounds (Simulcast)118118
    Neuro Oncology Patient Care Conference577577
    Neurology Case Conference4747
    Neuroradiology Weekly Review Conference976976
    NPC-QIC Learning Session97578
    OCHSPS Eliminating Serious Harm Learning Session54785
    OCHSPS National Children's Network Learning Session94590
    OCHSPS National Collaborative: Culture Thursday's520520
    OCHSPS National Collaborative: Error Prevention & Leadership467.534
    OCHSPS National Collaborative: High Reliability Wednesday1,6951,695
    OCHSPS National Collaborative: Leadership Webinars240240
    OCHSPS National Collaborative: SSE Definition Webinar232.562
    Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative770136
    Ohio Solutions for Patient Safety Root Cause Analysis Workshop32928
    Oncology Grand Rounds813813
    Other: Conferences & Series (Live)413241
    Other: Conferences & Series (Online Archive)243.5218
    Other: Conferences & Series (Simulcast)99.5102
    Other: Simulation Center Courses13036
    Patient Safety Course11928
    Pediatric Colorectal Problems Workshop2,08386
    Pediatric Dysphagia Series1,02779
    Pediatric Endocrine ABP Sub-Specialty Board Review515515
    Pediatric Endocrinology Journal Club161169
    Pediatric Flexible Bronchoscopy1,548.7559
    Pediatric Grand Rounds3,0953,095
    Pediatric Grand Rounds (Online Archive)2,6052,605
    Pediatric Mental Health Symposium1,446.5263
    Perinatal Cardiology Conference221221
    PR-COIN Learning Session298.526
    Pre-Simulation Online Module4646
    Quality Improvement Monthly Webinar268268
    Quantitative Genomics Seminar Series4646
    Radiology for the Primary Provider4141
    Radiology for the Primary Provider (Online Archive)2727
    Radiology Peer Review Conference145145
    Radiology Surgery Conference891891
    Real Time Solid Tumor Board1,5481,548
    Renal Pathology Lecture Series140140
    Research Rocks: 2013 Annual OCTR Research Symposium718.75115
    Safety and Communication in the Resuscitation Bay100.523
    Serious Safety Event Reduction Simulation: ECMO, NICU, Transport Team343.7597
    Sickle Cell Disease and Primary Care - A Look Across the Lifespan93.522
    Trauma Morbidity and Mortality Conference9191