• Continuing Medical Education (CME) Activities

    Event NameTotal Credits Total Attendance
    1st Annual Aspen Conference on Pediatric Cardiovascular Disease28630
    24th Annual Adult Congenital Heart Disease Conference1673,928.15
    2013 Regional Faculty & Health Care Educators Conference25275
    2014 OHRP Research Community Forum: Clinical Research and All That Regulatory Jazz!2471,543.75
    35th Annual Aspen Conference on Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease531,099.75
    3rd Annual Gottliebson Memorial Lecture Series2163
    5th Annual Global Health Conference - The Changing Landscape of Global Health29116
    A6C Serious Safety Event Reduction830
    Advanced Pharmacy Series for Prescribers291291
    Advances in Fetology 201328301
    AIMS Workshop43262.5
    Alloimmunization in Sickle Cell Disease28126
    American Association of Pediatric Urologists26468
    Anesthesia CQI613919.5
    Anesthesia Grand Rounds536536
    Apparent Cause Analysis & Common Cause Analysis Training for Wave 1 & Surfer Hospitals2055
    Basic Faculty and HealthCare Educator Development Series (2013-2014) - Session 114161
    Case Management Conference1,4472,812
    CCTST Community Engagement Speaker Series72132.5
    Cerebrovascular Conference2626
    Child Neurology Case Conference6868
    Child Neurology Grand Rounds179179
    Child Psychiatry Grand Rounds196196
    CICU M&M79118.5
    CICU Serious Safety Event Reduction2484
    Cincinnati Children's Pediatric Update79434.5
    Cincinnati Clinical Exercise Testing and Therapeutics Symposium 201440190
    Cincinnati Pediatric Society Lecture Series77187
    College Hill Team Training414
    Community Acquired Pneumonia ELM Module3727.75
    Community Physician/Hospital Medicine Meeting4636
    Conferences and Series (Online)6,1126,131.25
    Conferences and Series (Simulcast)263257
    Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Simulation Course657
    Core Clinical Research Training Program14150.5
    Core Leadership Program95581.25
    Craniofacial Research Symposium415
    Critical Care Conference448806
    Critical Care Journal Club6969
    Critical Care Morbidity & Mortality145145
    CRRT (Renal Therapy) Serious Safety Event Reduction2070
    Culturally Competent Healthcare Presentation Series104104
    Culturally Competent Healthcare Series9595
    Culture Thursday Webinar647647
    ECMO Morbidity and Mortality3030
    Emergency Preparedness and Response59354
    Endocrine Disease Specific Conference219219
    Endocrine Grand Rounds450450
    Endocrinology Case Conference603603
    Epilepsy Surgery Conference352528
    Faculty Mentorship Symposium40270
    Fetal Case Conference365365
    Frederick N. Silverman Lecture Series Honoring Dr. Corning Benton1248
    Health Supervision Guidelines in Down Syndrome55
    Heart Institute Grand Rounds201201
    Heart Institute QA460627
    Hem/Onc CBDI Grand Rounds88
    Hematology Case Conference192192
    High Reliability Wednesday1,5871,587
    Hospital Medicine Emerging Evidence Conference147147
    Hospital Medicine Surgical Service4949
    Hospital Medicine Team Meeting184184
    HSR Matrix Speaker Series119119
    Human Genetics Case Conference314314
    Human Genetics Journal Club173173
    Human Patient Simulator264272.5
    Human Subject Protection2911,673.25
    HVMC Imaging Conference290435
    Hypermobility & Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: Under Recognized, But Not Rare49269.5
    ImproveCareNow Learning Session1842764
    In Situ Simulations444331.5
    Injury Prevention Learning Collaborative1335.75
    Intermediate Improvement Science Series2402,630.75
    IntroOperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring2311.5
    IRB Member Training Series3755.5
    Leadership Webinar4343
    Leukemia Lymphoma Tumor Board977977
    M&M Patient Review Conference118118
    Marfan Syndrome and Related Disorders Education Day25100
    Medical Video Review141141
    Mental Health Office Rounds Collaborative55110
    Molecular Aspects of Myeloid Stem Cell Development and Leukemia30690
    Musculoskeletal Tumor Board172172
    My ADHD Portal Improvement Program21420
    National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative: Learning Session 790967.5
    NeoFest 2014: Narcotics - Maternal, Fetal and Infant Impact189661.5
    Neonatology Grand Rounds803803
    Neural Tumors Research Forum3636
    Neuro Oncology Patient Care Conference329329
    Neuro Oncology Seminar Series3838
    Neuroradiology Weekly Review Conference687687
    NICU Serious Safety Event Reduction120420
    NPC-QIC Learning Session Nine76950
    OCHSPS Learning Sessions2512,289
    Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative Learning Sessions 2061,146.25
    Ohio Solutions for Patient Safety Root Cause Analysis Workshop74898.25
    Oncology Grand Rounds468468
    OPQC Continuing Education Program for Level 1 Hospitals in Ohio. Webinar #100
    Pathology and Echocardiography Conference1111
    Patient Safety Course42178.5
    Pediatric Anesthesiology for the Practicing Anesthesiologist (PAPA)00
    Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Consortium (PBMTC) Fall Education Symposium5582.5
    Pediatric Colorectal Problems872,609.5
    Pediatric Endocrine ABP Sub-Specialty Board Review8888
    Pediatric Endocrinology Journal Club124124
    Pediatric Flexible Bronchoscopy Course 2013601,575
    Pediatric Grand Rounds2,0232,023
    Pediatric Mental Health Symposium1702,295
    Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine: Updates in Practice and Research 20131230
    Perinatal Cardiology Conference103103
    Point of Care115.5
    PR-COIN Learning Sessions 22242.5
    Preschool Vision Screening Learning Collaborative1789.25
    Pre-Simulation Online Module (2013)3535
    Pre-Simulation Online Module (2014)3232
    Primary Immune Deficiency Conference2525
    Quality Improvement Webinar3434
    Quantitative Genomics Seminar Series6969
    Radiology Peer Review Conference8484
    Radiology Surgery Conference404404
    Real Time Solid Tumor Board1,0621,062
    Renal Pathology Lecture Series106106
    Safety and Communication in the Resuscitation Bay27121.5
    Safety Coach Train the Trainer Webinar1942.75
    Saving Ohio's Babies: Preventing Premature Birth and Other Causes of Our Infant Mortality Crisis180923
    Second CURED EGID Research Symposium25162.5
    Senior Faculty Leadership Development/NIH Workshop531.25
    Simulation Center Journal Club33
    Simulation Facilitator Course425
    SSE Definition Webinar1660
    The Art of Managing People Through Feedback, Coaching, and Recognition1035
    TPIPS - External6060
    Trauma CCIC Lecture Series2727
    Trauma Morbidity and Mortality Conference132132
    Twelfth Annual Regional Perinatal Leaders' Summit103206
    Vascular Structure and Function Assessment226