• Grant Awards

    Trustee Grant Awards

    Hee Kyung Kim, MD$60,000 Radiology/IRCMR Quantification of Muscular Fat in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
    Ian Lewkowich, PhD$60,000 ImmunobiologyMechanisms of Steroid Resistance in Severe Asthma
    Ronald Waclaw, PhD$60,000Experimental HematologyRegional Requirements for Shp2 in the Telencephalon
    Samantha Brugmann, PhD$60,000Plastic SurgeryThe Role of Kif3a in Craniofacial Development
    Senad Divanovic, PhD$60,000 Molecular ImmunologyRole of the IL-17 Axis in the Pathogenesis of NASH
    Rolf Stottmann, PhD$60,000Human GeneticsGenetic Analysis of Mammalian Forebrain Development
    Joo-Seop Park, PhD$60,000Pediatric UrologyCell Fate Regulation of Nephron Progenitors
    Kakajan Komurov, PhD$60,000Experimental HematologyIntegrative Modeling of Molecular Networks of Multicellular Communities
    Andrew Dimitrijevic, PhD$60,000Communication Sciences Research CenterObjective Evaluation of Cochlear Implant Function

    Translational Research Grant Awards

    Recipient Amount Discipline Title
    Prasad Devarajan, MD$50,000 NephrologyCORE-CCHMC/UC Clinical Proteomics and Biofluid Profiling Core
    Charles Dumoulin, PhD50,000Imaging Research CenterCORE-Taking the IRC MR Engineering core from "good" to "best"
    Michael Jordan, MD$100,000Immunobiology and BMT/Immune DeficiencyGene therapy for hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis
    Hermine Brunner, MD$100,000RheumatologyMicroRNA as Potential Biomarkers of Lupus Nephritis
    Takuji Suzuki, MD, PhD$100,000Pulmonary BiologyPulmonary Macrophage Transplantation (PMT) Therapy of Hereditary Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis
    Sonata Jodele, MD$100,000BMT/Immune DeficiencyProteomics for early diagnosis of TMA
    Raouf Amin, MD$100,000Pulmonary MedicineTrial of Glucagon Like Peptide-1 Agonist in Sleep Apnea
    Kimberly Risma, MD, PhD$100,000Allergy and ImmunologyPathogenesis of Perforin Mutations Causing Immunodeficiency
    Charles Quinn, MD$67,547HematologyMeasuring RBC Turnover by Stable Isotope Labeling in SCD
    Li Yu, PhD$25,000Imaging Research CenterCorrelation Imaging for Economizing Multi-Scan MRI in Clinical Neuroimaging Protocols
    James Mulloy, PhD$100,000Experimental Hematology/Cancer BiologyRUNX1 tumor suppressor as a therapeutic target in AML
    Karen Ryan, PhD$25,000UC--Endocrinology, Diabetes & MetabolismThe intestinal hormone FGF-19 and bariatric surgery
    Marshall Montrose, PhD$93,068UC--Molecular & Cellular PhysiologyDefective 5-ASA metabolism in inflammatory bowel disease
    Aimee Dietz, PhD$25,000UC--College of Allied Health SciencesHigh-Tech AAC Treatment of Aphasia
    Pankaj Desai, PhD$100,000UC--College of PharmacyPre-Clinical Studies to Optimize the Development of Novel Prolactin Antagonists for Breast Cancer Treatment
    Yuhang Zhang$25,000 UC--College of Pharmacy/Dept. of DermatologyTargeting dermal fibroblasts to promote hair follicle neogenesis in transplanted skin
    Robert McNamara, PhD$99,954UC--Bipolar Disorders ResearchImaging neuronal resilience to psychostimulants

    Outcomes Research Awards

    Holly Brodzinski, MD, MPH$59,882Emergency MedicineRisk Stratification to Efficiently Diagnose Appendicitis
    Sandra Cortina, PhD$60,000Behavioral Medicine & Clinical PsychologyPhysician Based Intervention for Adherence Promotion
    Lori Crosby, PsyD$60,000Behavioral Medicine & Clinical PsychologyThe Role of a Disease Specific Patient Portal in Improving the Transition to Adult Care in SCD
    Ellen Lipstein, MD$60,000Adolescent MedicineImproving Parent Decisions about Treatment with TNF-a Inhibitors
    Jennifer Reed, MD$60,000Emergency MedicineImproving STI Results Notification and Partner Services in the ED
    Lori Stark, PhD$60,000Behavioral Medicine & Clinical PsychologyWeb-based Delivery of Effective Treatment for Growth in CF
    Alexander Vinks, PharmD, PhD$60,000Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics & TDMImproving Safety and Efficacy of Mycophenolate Therapy
    Lea Widdice, MD$60,000Adolescent MedicineDevelopment and Piloting of Decision Tools to Improve HPV Immunization Rates
    Laurel Bookman, MD/Ravindhra Elluru, MD, PhD$60,000Neonatology/Otolaryngology/Head & Neck SurgeryDecreasing Cost of Care in  Infants with Airway Obstruction
    Neera Goyal, MD, MSc$60,000NeonatologyImpact of home visitation on neonatal outcomes
    Daniel Grossoehme, Dmin,M.Div.$60,000Pulmonary MedicineSocial Networks and Adherence in Adolescents with CF
    David Hooper, MD, MS$60,000Nephrology & HypertensionA reliable blood pressure management system
    Lynn Babcock, MD$60,000Emergency MedicineThe SMART Intervention for Youth with Mild TBI
    Lisa Hunter, PhD/Scott Wexelblatt, MD$60,000CSRC/Neonatology & Pulmonary BiologyReducing Loss to Follow-up in a Newborn Hearing Screening Program

    Fifth Third Bank/Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Women Scholars Awards

    Edith Janssen, PhD$50,000Molecular Immunology
    Avani Modi, PhD$50,000Behavioral Medicine & Clinical Psychology

    GAP Funding Awards

    Scott Holland, PhD$66,600 Communication SciencesfMRI of normal language development in children
    Rashmi Hegde, PhD$66,600Developmental BiologyEYA in retinal angiogenesis
    Brian Gebelein, PhD$66,600Developmental BiologyHox control of cell-specific EGF signaling during development

    Research, Innovation & Pilot Funding Awards

    James Mulloy, PhD$66,600 Hem/Onc and Developmental BiologyRole of bone marrow microenvironment in a humanized MDS Mouse model
    Saulius Sumanas, PhD$66,600Developmental BiologyValidation of genes associated with intracranial aneurysms in a zebrafish model
    Daniel Starczynowski, PhD$66,600Experimental HematologyMechanism and treatment of Lenalidomide Resistance
    Lee Grimes, PhD$66,600ImmunobiologyEvaluate interrupting the process of autophagy as part of a novel therapeutic treatment for subtypes of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) that fail standard therapy
    Steve Danzer, PhD$66,600Anesthesia/NeurobiologyEvolution of an epileptogenic network following PTEN deletion from adult-generated granule cells
    Dean Beebe, PhD$66,600Behavioral Medicine & Clinical PsychologyChronic sleep restriction as a contributor to teen driving risk
    Richard Lang, PhD$66,600OphthalmologyDevelopment of the Fovea
    Yutaka Yoshida, PhD$66,600Developmental BiologyConnectivity between corticospinal neurons and the spinal motor neuron subtypes (spinal cord injury)
    Fumika Hamada, PhD$55,500OphthalmologyModulation of development of thermo regulatory apparatus by light
    Zubair Ahmed, PhD$55,500OphthalmologyFunction of a novel usher syndrome protein in the retina
    Joo-Seop Park, PhD$55,500Pediatric UrologyRole of Notch2 as a transcriptional repressor in nephrogenesis
    Paul Andreassen, PhD$55,500Exp Hem & Cancer BiologyNovel mechanism for Fanconi Anemia: disruption of heterocromatin
    Susanne Wells, PhD$55,500CBDIIdentification of Fanconi Anemia disease biomarkers using NMR-based metabonomics
    Janaka Wansapura, PhD$55,500Imaging Research CenterQuantification of myocardial perfusion in non-ischemic cardiomyopathy