Critical Care Medicine

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Number of Faculty11
Number of Support Personnel20
Direct Annual Grant Support$844,327
Direct Annual Industry Support$15,490
Peer Reviewed Publications22

Clinical Activities and Training

Number of Clinical Staff10
Number of Clinical Fellows14
Number of Other Students1
Inpatient Encounters8,521

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Critical Care Medicine

Row 1: H Wong, B Zingarelli, E Stalets, B Varisco

Row 2: S Poynter Wong, R Chima, D Wheeler, K Tegtmeyer, L Doughty

Significant Accomplishments

Significant Accomplishments

LifeCenter’s Champions for Life Award

Sue Poynter Wong, MD, was awarded the LifeCenter’s Champions for Life award on November 13, 2012. She was nominated in particular for her collaboration and work with one of our donor families. Her kind and empathetic care for her patient and this family was recognized, as was her tireless effort to preserve all options for donation. With the compassionate care provided in our PICU and the support and commitment from Sue, four lives were saved through the gift of organ donation from this patient and her family.

Trustee Award & Procter Scholar (TAPS) Program

Brian Varisco, MD, was awarded the Procter Scholar Program Award on December 12, 2012. The goal of the Procter Scholar Program is to support highly skilled pediatricians with a strong commitment to pursuing a career in academic research. Funds will support MD or MD/PhD pediatric fellows who are transitioning to a faculty appointment, with the goal of transitioning to a National Institutes of Health K-level award or K-level equivalent awards from foundations. Varisco has shown a strong commitment to pursuing a career in academic research, a record of accomplishment in research, along with a well-defined scientific research plan.

Leadership Changes in Critical Care Medicine

Congratulations to Derek Wheeler, MD, on his appointment this year to Associate Chief of Staff and to Erika Stalets, MD, on her appointment to Medical Director of the Division of Critical Care Medicine.

Division Publications

Critical Care Medicine Publications

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Faculty, Staff, and Trainees

Faculty Members

Hector Wong, MD, Professor
Leadership Director
Research Interests Septic shock, Genomics, Biomarkers
Ranjit Chima, MD, Assistant Professor
Research Interests Bone Marrow Transplantation-Associated Critical Illness ECLS Glucose Homeostasis
Lesley Doughty, MD, Associate Professor
Leadership Fellowship Director
Research Interests Sepsis, viral infections & mechanical ventilation
Jennifer Kaplan, MD, MS, Associate Professor
Research Interests Sepsis, obesity and inflammation
Sue E. Poynter, MD, Assistant Professor
Leadership Medical Director Division of Respiratory Care; Associate Director Pediatric Residency Training Program
Research Interests Medical education, residency & fellowship training
Erika Stalets, MD, Instructor
Leadership Medical Director
Research Interests Quality improvement, patient safety and sepsis
Ken Tegtmeyer, MD, Professor
Leadership Chair Code Committee
Research Interests Multimedia Medical Education
Rajit Basu, MD, Assistant Professor
Research Interests Phenotype and recognition of kidney injury, end of life care
Derek S. Wheeler, MD, Associate Professor
Leadership Associate Chief of Staff
Research Interests Patient safety, healthcare administration
Basilia Zingarelli, MD, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Research Interests Sepsis, hemorrhage and ischemia and reperfusion injury
Brian Varisco, MD, Instructor
Research Interests Mechanisms of lung development, repair and regeneration

Joint Appointment Faculty Members

Bradley Marino, MD, Associate Professor (Cardiology)
Research Interests Long-term outcomes in children and adolescents with CHD, Resuscitation of children with CHD


  • Kamal Abulebda, MD, PL-6, University of Aleppo, Syrian Republic
  • Aaron Gardner, MD, PL-7, St. George's University
  • William Hanna, MD, PL-7, University of Kentucky College of Medicine
  • Shilpa Shah, MD, PL-7, The University of Texas Medical Branch
  • Danielle Webster, MD, PL-6, University of Missouri - Kansas City
  • Matthew Alder, MD, PL-5, University of Alabama School of Medicine
  • Theodore DeMartini, MD, PL-5, University of Texas Medical Branch
  • Hammad Ganatra, MD, PL-4, Aga Khan Medical College
  • Katja Gist, MD, PL-8, University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Yu Inata, MD, PL-4, Osaka City University
  • Laura Kitzmiller, MD, PL-4, Wayne State University School of Medicine
  • Travis Langner, MD, PL-5, University of Kansas School of Medicine
  • Mary Sandquist, MD, PL-4, Ohio State University College of Medicine
  • Claire Stewart, MD, PL-4, Ohio State University College of Medicine

Grants, Contracts, and Industry Agreements

Critical Care Medicine Grants

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Kaplan, J

PPAR gamma in Pediatric Sepsis and the Inflammatory Response in Obesity
K08 GM 09313506/01/10-05/31/14$115,250

Wheeler, D

Therapeutic Hypothermia after Pediatric Cardiac Arrest
U01 HL 09434509/01/09-02/28/14$6,002

Wong, H

MMP-8 as a Novel Therapeutic Target in Sepsis
R01 GM 09699404/01/11-03/31/15$183,350
Stratification of Pediatric Septic Shock
R01 GM 09977308/07/12-06/30/16$243,861

Zingarelli, B

PPARgamma and PPARgamma Agonists in Septic Shock
R01 GM 06720209/14/12-06/30/16$254,894
Role of Eicosanoids in Shock
R01 GM 02767307/01/12-03/31/16$22,128

Poynter, S

Multi-Center Trial of Limiting PGY 2&3 Resident Work Hours in the PICU
U01 HL 1114789/15/12-5/31/17$18,842
Current Year Direct$844,327
Industry Contracts

Barr, R


Chima, R

Current Year Direct Receipts$15,490