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Significant Accomplishments

Significant Accomplishments

Moving Beyond Depression Program Expands to Other States

Every Child Succeeds has launched a national initiative to help home visiting programs around the country address maternal depression. This public health problem, affecting up to 250,000 mothers annually, can be devastating to mothers and harmful to their children. Home visiting programs provide a unique setting in which to identify and treat depressed mothers. Derived from NIH-funded research that led to the development and testing of In-Home Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (IH-CBT), Moving Beyond Depression provides state home visiting programs with the training and support needed to help depressed mothers overcome their condition and provide a nurturing environment for their children. In an effort to bring Moving Beyond Depression rapidly to scale, Every Child Succeeds received a grant from The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati to develop a business plan to guide this social entrepreneurial effort. The business plan was created in partnership with Flywheel Cincinnati. It calls for an ambitious schedule of expansion and rapid dissemination to state programs. So far, Moving Beyond Depression has been implemented in Connecticut, Kentucky, Kansas and Massachusetts.

Co-Parenting Study Designed to Engage Fathers

Every Child Succeeds received a grant from the National Institute on Child Health and Development to conduct a clinical trial on an innovative approach to engaging fathers and promoting co-parenting. Most home visitation programs seek to engage fathers in the service and promote greater positive involvement with their children, although systematic and efficacious strategies to achieve this have not yet been developed and tested. Father involvement and mutually supportive relationships between fathers and mothers impart direct benefits to developing children. This study seeks to adapt and test Family Foundations, a co-parenting intervention developed by Mark Feinberg, PhD, at Penn State University. We will examine whether Family Foundations helps fathers be more involved with their children, teaches mothers and fathers skills that assist them in raising their children in a healthy environment, and leads to improved behavioral and emotional adjustment in children.

Community Impact Grows

  • Cincinnati is one of three communities nationally implementing Best Babies Zone, an initiative to reduce infant mortality and racial disparities in birth outcomes. Every Child Succeeds is leading the community engagement effort for the local program, which focuses on the Price Hill neighborhood.
  • Every Child Succeeds staff members were part of the local Futures Without Violence team that trained 280 Hamilton County children’s protective workers to screen families for domestic violence issues and connect them with help.
  • Every Child Succeeds co-sponsored with the Pew Center on the States the third annual National Summit on Quality in Home Visitation in Washington, D.C., in February 2013. The Summit, attracted more than 500 people and included presentations by ECS staff, Cincinnati Children’s faculty, and Board members.
  • During FY2013, our home visitors served 2,762 low-income, first-time parents. Among families visited by Every Child Succeeds, 90 percent of infants are born weighing at least 2,500 grams, 46 percent of mothers report breastfeeding for at least one month, 86 percent of infants receive at least three of the five well-child visits expected by 6 months of age, and 88 percent of mothers demonstrate lower levels of parenting stress.
  • Since its inception, Every Child Succeeds has served more than 20,500 families and provided more than 445,000 home visits. Data have been gathered on each of these families and home visits, which Cincinnati Children’s faculty analyzes to improve the impact of home visiting services.

Division Publications

Every Child Succeeds Publications

  1. Ammerman RT, Tandon SD. (2012) Maternal mental health outcomes and children’s mental health and home visiting. Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development [online]. Montreal, Quebec, 1-8.
  2. Ammerman RT, Peugh JL, Putnam FW, Van Ginkel JB. Predictors of treatment response in depressed mothers receiving in-home cognitive-behavioral therapy and concurrent home visiting. Behav Modif. 2012; 36:462-481.
  3. Ammerman RT, Shenk CE, Teeters AR, Noll JG, Putnam FW, Ginkel JB. Multiple Mediation of Trauma and Parenting Stress in Mothers in Home Visiting. Infant Mental Health Journal. 2013; 34:234-241.
  4. Ammerman RT, Shenk CE, Teeters AR, Noll JG, Putnam FW, Van Ginkel JB. Impact of Depression and Childhood Trauma in Mothers Receiving Home Visitation. J Child Fam Stud. 2012; 21:612-625.

Faculty, Staff, and Trainees

Faculty Members

Judith B. Van Ginkel, PhD, Professor
Leadership Field Service Professor

Joint Appointment Faculty Members

Robert Ammerman, PhD, Professor (Psychology)
Research Interests Causes and prevention of child abuse and neglect, prevention of behavioral and emotional problems in children, family adaptation to childhood disability and chronic illness, and adolescent drug and alcohol abuse.
Thomas DeWitt, MD, Professor (General & Community Pediatrics)
Research Interests Faculty development and community-based education and research.

Division Collaboration

Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology » Noll, JG
Dr. Noll is co-investigator on a study of the impacts of treatment of postpartum depression among mothers in home visiting. Her focus in this study on the role of cortisol in children as a biomarker of maternal recovery from depression will inform the field and lead to new approaches to addressing the needs of high risk mothers and their children.
Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology » Shenk, C
Dr. Shenk has worked with ECS in analyzing data collected as part of funded research studies examining treatment of maternal depression, and determinants of retention in home visiting.
Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology » Peugh, J
Dr. Peugh is a co-investigator on a study testing a co-parenting intervention in home visiting. He has also worked with ECS in analyzing data collected as part of funded research examining predictors of outcome in treatment of maternal depression in mothers participating in home visiting.
Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology » Mitchell, MJ
ECS is working closely with Dr. Mitchell and Innovations in their efforts to establish a community database for children participating in support programs, including home visiting. Funded and directed by Success by Six, a United Way initiative, this database will permit the tracking of children from birth through school age in an effort to identify areas in need of additional resources. Innovations conducted focus groups this year to help ECS understand better why mothers stay or prematurely leave the program.
Biostatistics and Epidemiology » Altaye, M
Dr. Altaye is co-investigator and biostatistician on funded research at ECS study retention and adherence in home visiting and treatment of postpartum depression in home visiting.
Biostatistics and Epidemiology » Jones, DE
ECS is working with Dr. Jones to identify spatial correlates of depression in mothers participating in home visiting. This analytic approach has the potential to advance our knowledge of determinants of depression in this high risk population of mothers.
James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence » Phelan, KJ
ECS and Dr. Kieran Phelan are collaborating on an R01 clinical trial studying the adaptation of an intervention to prevent injury in young children participating in the home visiting. This injury prevention intervention has significant promise for the high risk populations served in home visiting.
James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence » Lannon, CM
ECS and Dr. Lannon are working on efforts to bring breakthrough collaborative methodology to home visiting. These efforts will introduce an innovative approach to promoting quality improvement in prevention programs.
Division of Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology » Goyal, NK, Hall, ES and Greenberg, JM
ECS is working with Drs. Neera Goyal, Eric Hall, and James Greenberg to examine contributors to prematurity and responses in the context of home visiting. As part of Dr. Goyal’s BIRCHW Award, research is exploring the use of public datasets, medical records, and home visiting data to better understand preterm birth and infant mortality in high risk mothers.

Grants, Contracts, and Industry Agreements

Every Child Succeeds Grants

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Ammerman, R

Treatment of Maternal Depression in Home Visitation: Mother and Child Impacts
R01 MH 08749908/15/10-06/30/15$397,579
Engaging Fathers in Home Visitation: Incorporation of a Co-Parenting Intervention
R01 HD 06943108/10/12-06/30/17$410,917

Phelan, K

Injury Prevention in a Home Visitation Population
R01 HD 06611509/28/10-07/31/15$381,087
Injury Prevention in a Home Visitation Population
R01 HD 06611509/25/12-07/31/15$183,007
Current Year Direct$1,372,590