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Number of Faculty26
Number of Joint Appointment Faculty9
Number of Research Fellows3
Number of Support Personnel40
Direct Annual Grant Support$1,856,248
Peer Reviewed Publications41

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Number of Clinical Staff122
Number of Clinical Fellows3
Number of Other Students2
Inpatient Encounters1976
Outpatient Encounters86,708

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General and Community Pediatrics

Row 1: M Klein, R Kahn, T DeWitt, C Graham, M Mansour

Row 2: K Lewis, J Beischel, K Kerrey, E Springer, M Hennigan, Z Samaan, J Klein, S Revis, M Seehaus

Row 3: J Hardie, C McIntyre, E Harris, R Schaengold, S Riddle, N DeBlasio, M Gallagher, S Callahan, K Copeland, G Hartz

Row 4: H Kalkwarf, C Brown, E Lipstein, J Morehous, D Walmsley, A Poltrack, N Newman, D Warrick, S Warrick, D Fletcher, D McLinden, J Cross, B Lewis, A Hurm, T Tiller

Significant Accomplishments

Significant Accomplishments

Bone Health: Defining Standards to Guide Care

Children with chronic medical conditions such as cerebral palsy and kidney disease often lose bone strength and face increased risk of fractures. However, identifying children with compromised bone first requires understanding the normal trajectory of bone accrual and bone density in healthy, typically growing children. Heidi Kalkwarf, PhD, and colleagues have been characterizing these trajectories and investigating factors that affect bone accrual as children grow. They published findings this year regarding age-specific trends in bone density in infants and toddlers up to age 3. They also documented the impact of growth, breastfeeding, gender and racial differences in bone accrual. Over the next few years they will investigate how growth, body composition, gross motor skills, and physical activity affect bone accrual in young children. Understanding the factors affecting bone density will help inform the design of interventions to enhance bone accrual and prevent fractures. Kalkwarf and a national team of investigators have published eight papers in the past six years detailing reference standards for older children and adolescents.

Transforming Delivery of Pediatric Primary Care

Anticipating dramatic changes in the health care landscape, Mona Mansour, MD, leads a team focused on redesigning primary care for low-income children. The goal is to achieve measurable improvements in health outcomes and quality of care while reducing costs for a population of patients. The initiative includes our Pediatric Primary Care Center, the Hopple Street Health Center, and Fairfield Primary Care sites, which had 60,000 visits last year. The initiative seeks to transform delivery of preventive services, access for acute illness, and management of common chronic illnesses.

Bundling Preventive Services

As part of the overall redesign, the team focused last year on improving delivery of preventive services. While many practices improve single measures of preventive care, reliably delivering a bundle of care measures requires significant systems change. Our pediatric practices developed a bundle focused on children up to 2 years old that includes risk factor screening (assessment of gestational age, food insecurity and maternal depression), routine immunizations, flu vaccination, and developmental and lead screening. The percentage of children receiving this bundle at our primary care sites has jumped from a baseline of 58 percent to sustained performance above 95 percent. Given the high-risk profiles of many patients cared for in our primary care sites, earlier identification of developmental delay and lead toxicity can have lifelong impacts. Community outreach activities also have begun to engage families who have no-show appointments, have had gaps in care services, or have not completed a recommended service. The system redesign will become the framework for additional initiatives. Lessons learned from our primary care system redesign will provide valuable insights for the Health Network by Cincinnati Children’s.

Research Highlights

Thomas DeWitt, MD

Dr. DeWitt is the Director of the Division of General and Community Pediatrics and the Designated Institutional Official. He is primarily interested in faculty and education development, medical education, innovation linked to research and outcomes, and leadership development.

Andrew F. Beck, MD, MPH

Dr. Beck focuses on disparities in health outcomes with particular attention paid to geographic and neighborhood factors. Currently, he is exploring ways to risk-stratify children admitted to the hospital with asthma through the use of area-based social and environmental measures, and ways to use mapping and epidemiological “hot spotting” to help target interventions. He has also pursued pilot work focusing on building bridges between the hospital and community resources capable of providing our families with assistance. For example, he helped to start the CLEAR (Collaboration to Lessen Environmental Asthma Risks) program, a means of linking children with environmental risks to code enforcement visits. Dr. Beck has also helped to start the KIND (Keeping Infants Nourished and Developing) program, a partnership with the Freestore Foodbank devoted to providing hungry infants with formula.

William Brinkman, MD, MEd

Dr. Brinkman reaches shared decision-making patients/parents and clinicians to promote high value care that is evidence-based and family-centered.

Courtney M. Brown, MD, MSc

Dr. Brown is passionate about creating a system of primary care that equitably and reliably promotes healthy development. Her research has focused on primary care opportunities for mental health promotion during early childhood. In addition, she is actively involved in quality improvement work at Cincinnati Children’s and in the community. She has worked on improving preventive service delivery, improving access to speech and hearing evaluations for children with signs of language delay, and promoting school readiness among children from a low-income neighborhood.

Kristen Copeland, MD

Dr. Copeland is interested in health promotion and obesity prevention in child-care settings – specifically creating healthier eating environments and helping to shape healthy eating habits among preschoolers and their families. She is also interested in physical activity promotion in child care and policies to promote physical activity.

Nick DeBlasio, MD

Dr. DeBlasio’s main areas of interest include providing clinical care to underserved populations, primary care education of both residents and medical students; working on innovative ways to teach and evaluate learning; quality improvement projects within PPCC to optimize flow and patient/provider/staff satisfaction.

Derek Fletcher, MD

Dr. Fletcher's interest is in providing primary care for the medically complex child. This involves coordination of their services over multiple specialties, managing patients during hospital admissions, and generation of a comprehensive Plan of Care. He has a current focus on developing “error free” home Plans of Care generated by Epic, that are required by all home nursing agencies.

Sheela Rath Geraghty, MD, MS, IBCLC

Dr. Geraghty is a general pediatrician and a lactation consultant. She is the medical director of the Cincinnati Children's Center for Breastfeeding Medicine, which consists of four outpatient referral-based clinics, an inpatient consultative service, a milk bank depot, and an information line which receives approximately 1,500 phone calls annually. This past year, Dr. Geraghty opened the 4th location for the Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic at the Green Township location. Dr. Geraghty’s research interests focus on the barriers to successful breastfeeding outcomes, including the prevalent practice of breast milk pumping and the potential impact on the mother-infant dyad.

Camille Graham, MD

Dr. Graham is interested in strengthening the collaboration between Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the providers in the community by creating a regionalized aligned system of care, developing community partnerships to improve population health, eliminating health disparities, improving asthma outcomes in primary care sites, and in helping develop and strengthen pediatric patient-centered medical homes.

David E. Hall, MD

Dr. Hall’s professional interest centers on the care of children with medically complex chronic disease. This includes research on the epidemiology of this population, and exploring ways to improve the quality of care while simultaneously reducing the cost of their care.

Robert S. Kahn, MD, MPH

Dr. Kahn is focused on understanding and ameliorating social and racial disparities in child health. Dr. Kahn has a large NIH funded study of children admitted with asthma to better understand what predicts time to readmission and what causes disadvantaged children to be admitted much sooner. The study examines multiple factors ranging from neighborhood to family to genetics. Dr. Kahn also leads Cincinnati Children’s Population Health initiative that addresses infant mortality, injury, obesity, and asthma in Hamilton County. This effort is in collaboration with multiple Divisions and Departments at the hospital. Finally, he has also developed, and helps guide, several innovative programs to address key causal factors. These include collaborations with the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati, the Freestore Foodbank, United Way of Greater Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Health Department.

Heidi Kalkwarf, PhD

Dr. Kalkwarf's focuses on bone health of children, adolescents and young adults. Specific themes aim to: 1) characterize bone mineral acquisition during different stages of growth and maturation in order to develop reference data that can be used to identify bone deficits in children with chronic medical conditions; 2) identify the how body composition, physical activity and dietary intake affect bone mineral accrual during growth; 3) investigate whether bone status measurements made in early childhood are stable over time; and 4) investigate whether bone characteristic in childhood predict fracture risk.

Melissa D. Klein, MD, MEd

Dr. Klein is a general pediatrician, medical educator, and researcher. She is the director of the Section of Education in the Division of General and Community Pediatrics and the Associate Program Director of Pediatric Residency. Dr. Klein is the Director of the General Pediatrics Master Educator Fellowship, an innovative fellowship focused on educational scholarship and leadership. Her main research interest is medical education research, and primarily studies the impact of teaching social determinants of child health to pediatric residents.

Kadriye O. Lewis, EdD

Dr. Lewis is actively involved in the Online Master’s Degree in Education and the Online Certificate in Medical Education Programs through her work as the associate director, and as an online educator. She conducts educational research on issues arising in, and related to, online asynchronous learning, especially in the context of the Online Master's Degree program. Dr. Lewis helps faculty and staff within Cincinnati Children's in teaching technology as needed and guiding them to reach the right technology resources.

Mona Mansour, MD

Primary areas of interest for Dr. Mansour include improving health outcomes of children with asthma, especially children from underserved backgrounds, school health, and re-design of care systems to improve outcomes for children. Her asthma work has primarily focused on the use of quality improvement methodology in different care environments to improve health outcomes for children with asthma including primary care practices, school based health centers and within the community health care system.

Daniel McLinden, EdD

Dr. McLinden's work and research interests include crowdsourcing the design of programs through Concept Mapping, illuminating the structure and interpersonal dynamics of networks of people using Social Network Analysis, applying economic analysis and predictive modeling to evaluate investments in human capital, applying the Rasch measurement model to improve the measurement of program outcomes and developing technology enabled learning systems.

Nicholas Newman, DO, MS

Dr. Newman's interests and research center around Pediatric Environmental Health. He is interested in understanding how toxicants in the environment can affect children's health and in developing approaches that can be implemented to prevent or mitigate these effects. His recent research has examined the effect of traffic related air pollution exposure on neurobehavioral problems in children. He collaborated with the Cincinnati Health Department, community groups, federal agencies, and the University of Cincinnati to develop and implement a lead prevention intervention for Lower Price Hill related to a large-scale demolition project.

Christopher Peltier, MD

Dr. Peltier's academic interest is in the area of community-based teaching of pediatric residents and medical students. He also has an interest in faculty education and development.

Judith Ragsdale, MDiv, PhD

Dr. Ragsdale research interests include adult development in the process of Supervisory Clinical Pastoral Education; use of spirituality in coping with illness; and developing a way to identify best practices in pediatric chaplaincy.

Sarah Riddle, MD, IBCLC

Dr. Riddle's research focuses in breastfeeding medicine, specifically mothers with low milk supply.

Zeina Samaan, MD

Dr. Samaan is focused on Primary Care Re-design which includes improving preventive service delivery and Ill Care Open Access Initiatives, as well as Quality Improvement which includes improvement of childhood immunization rate, improvement of influenza vaccination rate in high risk pediatric patients, preventing medical errors in primary care setting, lead screening, development screening and Autism initiatives, and improving asthma care for underserved inner city children. She also focuses on the use of Electronic Health Record to deliver quality of care; implemented flu alert using EHR to improve the rate of flu vaccinations.

Gregory Szumlas, MD

Dr. Szumlas' research interest are early childhood literacy and Reach Out and Read literacy, particularly concerning asthma.

Stephen Warrick, MD

Dr. Warrick's research interests include Global Child Health and the education and preparation of residents and students for rotations in international locations. He also has an interest in preventative health care and ill care access at our facilities. Dr. Warrick is currently pursuing a Master’s of Medical Education.

Kimberly Yolton, PhD

Dr. Yolton is a developmental psychologist researching the effects of prenatal and postnatal exposures to environmental toxicants (e.g. tobacco smoke, pesticides, air pollution, and industrial chemicals) on neurobehavioral outcomes during infancy and childhood. She is additionally involved in research on neurobehavioral outcomes of high risk infants. She has expertise in research methodologies for assessing neurobehavior from the newborn period through adulthood.

Significant Publications

Auger KA, Kahn RS, Davis, MM, Beck AF, Simmons JM. Medical home quality and readmission risk for children hospitalized with asthma exacerbations. Pediatrics 2013;131:64-70
Despite frequent suggestion that a “medical home” is critical for good child health outcomes, its impact on readmission rates after hospitalization had not been studied.  In a cohort of 600 children admitted to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for asthma, we examined whether several key components of medical home quality - continuity, access, contextual knowledge, comprehensiveness, communication, and coordination – predicted asthma readmission within one year.  Poor access to a medical home (e.g., difficult to get to, poor evening/weekend availability) was associated with 50% increased readmission risk for asthma, whereas other measured aspects of medical home were not.
Beck AF, Klein MD, Schaffzin JK, Tallent V, Gillam M, Kahn RS. Identifying and treating a substandard housing cluster using a medical-legal partnershipPediatrics. Nov 2012; 130(5):831-838.
Clusters of social and environmental risks may be just as important as clusters of communicable disease cases in terms of individual and community health risk. Through pattern recognition assisted by a partnership of medical and legal teams, clusters of substandard housing were identified among patients treated at our outpatient clinics. The partnership worked collaboratively to improve the housing situation for individual patients and families and form a tenant association, bringing meaningful improvements across 19 apartment buildings with over 670 units.  Such improvements were possible because of strong collaboration between clinicians, attorneys, community partners, and families.
Berry JG, Hall M, Hall DE, Kuo DZ, Cohen E, Agrawal R, Mandl KD, Clifton H, Neff J. Inpatient growth and resource use in 28 children's hospitals: a longitudinal, multi-institutional studyJAMA Pediatr. 2013 Feb;167(2):170-7.
The population of children with complex chronic is dramatically growing due to advances in pediatric care. This study of inpatients at 28 children's hospitals between 2004 and 2009 found that admissions for children with a chronic condition grew more rapidly than admissions for children without a chronic illness. The greatest cumulative increase occurred in children with a significant chronic illness affecting two or more organ systems. These patients accounted for 19.2% of inpatients and 53.2% of children's hospital charges.
Kalkwarf HJ, Zemel BS, Yolton K, Heubi JE. Bone mineral content and density of the lumbar spine of infants and toddlers: influence of age, sex, race, growth, and human milk feeding. J Bone Miner Research. 2013:28:206-12.
Infants and young children with diverse chronic medical conditions are at risk of low bone density.  Identification of bone deficits requires data on healthy peers to determine if bone density is appropriate for age.  This study is the first to provide age-specific reference values for bone density of the lumbar spine using current generation DXA technology that can be used to evaluate bone deficits in infants and toddlers.
Klein M, O’Toole J, McLinden D, DeWitt T. Training Tomorrow’s Medical Education Leaders: Creating a General Pediatric Master Education Fellowship. The Journal of Pediatrics 2013;162:440-441 e1.

Work hour restrictions and increasing content requirements have intensified the need for effective and efficient clinician educators in pediatric graduate medical education. Medical educators in the divisions of General and Community Pediatrics and Hospital Medicine responded to this challenge by creating an innovative and unique General Pediatric Master Education Fellowship designed to provide a rigorous and scholarly approach to training medical educators.  

This article describes the processes involved in establishing this fellowship. This initial investment in training educators through a specifically designed fellowship in educational theory, research methodology and scholarship has great potential to cultivate successful academic medical educators with greater productivity and grant funding.

Division Publications

General and Community Pediatrics Publications

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Faculty, Staff, and Trainees

Faculty Members

Thomas DeWitt, MD, Professor
Leadership Director, Division of General & Community Pediatrics; Associate Chair for Education; Designated Institutional Official; Chair, Graduate Medical Education Committee
Research Interests Community-based Research; Medical Education - Clinical Outcomes
Raymond Baker, MD, MEd, Professor Emeritus
Andrew F Beck, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor
Research Interests Social and environmental determinants of health, health disparities, geographic variation in health outcomes, asthma
Paul Bellet, MD, Professor Emeritus
Omer Berger, MD, Professor Emeritus
William Brinkman, MD, MEd, Associate Professor
Leadership Assoc Program Director, NRSA Primary Care Research Fellowship in Child & Adolescent Health; Physician Lead, Rapid Evidence Adoption for Child Health (REACH) team with James M Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence; Research Director, Cincinnati Pediatrics Research Group (CPRG)
Research Interests Shared decision making, translating evidence into practice
Courtney M Brown, MD, MSc, Instructor
Research Interests Early childhood mental health
Kristen Copeland, MD, Associate Professor
Leadership Director, Gen Peds Research Fellowship
Research Interests Obesity prevention in child-care, nutrition and physical activity behaviors and policies, promoting healthy eating and physical activity
Nick DeBlasio, MD, Instructor
Leadership Director, Resident continuity clinic at PPC and Hopple Street Health Center
Research Interests Medical student and resident education; primary care of underserved children
Emanuel Doyne, MD, Professor Emeritus
Derek Fletcher, MD, Assistant Professor
Research Interests Children with special health care needs, Medical Home
Sheela Rath Geraghty, MD, MS, IBCLC, Associate Professor
Leadership Medical Director, Center for Breastfeeding Medicine; Chair, General Pediatric Research Committee
Research Interests Barriers to successful breastfeeding
Camille Graham, MD, Assistant Professor
Leadership Executive Community Physician Leader; Interim Co-Medical Director, Health Network by Cincinnati Children's
Research Interests Influenza vaccination; health care disparities; asthma; patient-centered medical homes
David E Hall, MD, Professor
Leadership Director, Complex Care Center; Director, Diagnostic Clinic
Research Interests Epidemiology of medically complex chronic disease and the impact of the medical home
Robert Ingberg, MD, Professor Emeritus
Robert Kahn, MD, MPH, Professor
Leadership Director, Section of Research; Associate Director, Division of General & Community Pediatrics; Faculty Lead, Population/Community Health Initiative, Anderson Center
Research Interests Child health disparities, population health, asthma, community based interventions
Heidi Kalkwarf, PhD, Professor
Leadership Scientific Director, Bionutrition and Body Composition Core laboratory, Clinical Translational Research Center
Research Interests Bone density, body composition, growth, physical activity, dietary intake, fracture
Melissa Klein, MD, MEd, Assistant Professor
Leadership Director, Section of Education; Associate Director, Pediatric Residency Program; Director, General Pediatric Master Education Fellowship
Research Interests Medical education; health disparities
Kadriye Lewis, EdD, Associate Professor
Leadership Associate Director, Masters in Medical Education
Research Interests Web-based learning, technology in education and medical education
Mona E Mansour, MD, MS, Associate Professor
Leadership Director, Section of Primary Care and School Health
Research Interests School health, asthma, underserved populations, quality improvement, health care system redesign
Christine McHenry, MD, MATS, Professor Emerita
Daniel McLinden, EdD, Assistant Professor
Leadership Senior Director, Learning and Development
Research Interests Learning systems, program evaluation, outcomes measurement
Stephen Muething, MD, Associate Professor
Leadership Vice President, Patient Safety
Research Interests Patient Safety, Reliability, Adverse Events
Nicholas Newman, DO, MS, Assistant Professor
Leadership Medical Director, Environmental Health and Lead Clinic
Research Interests Improve child health through understanding the environmental determinants of disease and to develop interventions to mitigate or prevent illness due to environmental factors
Christopher Peltier, MD, Adjunct
Leadership Director, Section of Community Pediatrics
Research Interests Medical student and resident education; community pediatrics
Judith Ragsdale, MDiv, PhD, Assistant Professor
Leadership Director of Research & Education, Pastoral Care
Research Interests Research in clinical pastoral supervision; use of religion/spirituality in decision making/coping
Sarah Riddle, MD, IBCLC, Adjunct
Research Interests Hospital Medicine and Breastfeeding Medicine
Zeina Samaan, MD, Adjunct
Leadership Medical Director, Pediatric Primary Care Center
Research Interests Quality Improvement
Rosemary Schmidt, MD, Professor Emerita
Gregory Szumlas, MD, Assistant Professor
Leadership Medical Director, Reach Out an Read
Research Interests Quality improvement, asthma, health literacy, early literacy
Stephen Warrick, MD, Instructor
Research Interests Global health education, preventative health, ill care access & delivery
Kimberly Yolton, PhD, Associate Professor
Research Interests Infant and child neurobehavior, including development and behavior; prenatal and postnatal exposures to environmental toxicants, prematurity

Joint Appointment Faculty Members

Michael Benedict, MD, Assistant Professor (Internal Medicine)
Christine Burrows, MD, Assistant Professor (Internal Medicine)
Tiffiny Diers, MD, Assistant Professor (Internal Medicine)
Hilary Flint, DO, Assistant Professor (Anesthesia)
Mary Greiner, MD, Assistant Professor (Safe and Healthy Children)
Research Interests Head trauma; Outcomes of children in foster care
Caroline Mueller, MD, Professor (Internal Medicine)
Kieren Phelan, MD, MS, Associate Professor (Anderson Center)
Stephen Wilson, MD, Assistant Professor (Internal Medicine)

Clinical Staff Members

  • Jeanne Beischel, MD
  • Scott Callahan, MD, Medical Director, Children's Health Center
  • Aimee Deiwert, MD
  • Anne Marie Fitz, MD
  • Jennifer Hardie, MD
  • Gretchen Hartz, MD
  • Elisabeth Kelley, MD
  • Katie Kerrey, MD
  • Jill Klein, MD
  • Brandi Lewis, MD
  • Ellen Lipstein, MD
  • Carrie McIntyre, MD
  • John Morehous, MD, Medical Director, Fairfield Pediatric Primay Care
  • Jenny Motley, MD
  • Mary Beth Pero, MD
  • Sheldon Polonsky, MD
  • Andrew Poltrack, MD
  • Sarah Revis, MD
  • Robert Schaengold, MD, Medical Leader, Hopple Street Health Center
  • Ellen Springer, MD
  • Tracy Tiller, MD


  • Lilliam Ambroggio, PhD, PGY 1, Drexel University
  • Sarah Beal, PhD, PGY 1, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Tori DeMartini, MD, PGY 3, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
  • Annie Garner, PhD, PGY 0, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Lauren Solon, MD, PGY 6, SUNY at Buffalo
  • Joanne Thomson, MD, PGY 5, St Louis University

Division Collaboration

Adherence Center » Dennis Drotar, PhD
Collaborates with Dr. Kahn on a NIAID funded study of asthma disparities.
Adolescent Medicine » Maria Britto, MD, MPH
Dr. Britto is a co-mentor on Dr. Brinkman's K23 project.
Adolescent Medicine » Frank Biro, MD
Collaboration with Dr. Kalkwarf on studies that assess the relation between xenohormone exposure on fat distribution in early puberty and on the longitudinal trajectories of pubertal development and bone mineral density in healthy children.
Adolescent Medicine » Lorah Dorn, PhD
Collaboration with Dr. Kalkwarf on a longitudinal study of depression and bone mineral density adolescent girls.
Adolescent Medicine » Lea Widdice, MD
Dr. Brinkman collaborates with Dr. Widdice on a project funded by the Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center Place Outcomes Research Award, entitled, “HPV Vaccine Decision Aid Development”.
Adolescent Medicine » Corki Lehmann, MD, MEd
Collaborates with Dr. Peltier regarding Teaching medical students in a community setting.
Adolescent Medicine; Rheumatology » Ellen Lipstein, MD, MPH and Esi Morgan-DeWitt, MD, MSCE
Dr. Brinkman collaborates with Drs. Lipstein and Morgan-DeWitt on a project funded by the Center of Education and Research in Therapeutic (PI: Lannon), entitled "Optimize the use of medications and shared decision making to treat juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a model for chronic care".
Allergy and Immunology » Carolyn Kercsmar, MD
Dr. Graham collaborates with the Asthma Center is to determine if a group asthma visit in the form of an “asthma fair” is a more effective way of improving outcomes for children with asthma, compared with a traditional office visit.
Allergy and Immunology » Terri Moncrief, MD, MS
Dr. Beck collaborated with Dr. Moncrief on projects related to the Greater Cincinnati Asthma Risks Study.
Anderson Center; Hospital Medicine; PHO; Pulmonary; Allergy; Emergency Department » Laurie Johnson, MD, Jeffrey Simmons, MD, MS, Keith Mandel, MD, Carolyn Kercsmar, MD, Karen McDowell, MD, and Camille Graham, MD
Asthma Population Health –reflects multiple initiatives with goal of improving asthma care for Hamilton County Medicaid children ages 2-17. AIC collaboration involves multiple partners, Pulmonary, Allergy, Hospital Medicine, Emergency Medicine, PICU divisions, hospital departments, and community organizations including but not limited to Patient Services, Pharmacy, Inpatient Unit Leadership, Home Health Care, the Anderson Center, MCOs and the Cincinnati Department of Health, School Health Division. The Beacon Grant focused on improving asthma outcomes for primary care patients with asthma through leverage of HIT. It included partnership with the Greater Cincinnati Health Council, the Health Improvement Collaborative, HealthBridge, Cincinnati Children’s IT and the PHO.
Anderson Center; Emergency Department » Peter Margolis, MD, Srikant Iyer, MD, and Joe Luria, MD
Drs. Margolis, Iyer and Luria collaborate with Dr. Mansour with the primary care redesign.
Anderson Center » Uma Kotagal, MD
Evaluating the impact of the Advanced Improvement Leadership Series as well as studying the diffusion of QI capability at Cincinnati Children’s with Dr. McLinden.
Anderson Center » Carol Lannon, MD, MPH
Dr. Lannon is a member of Dr. Brinkman's K23 Advisory Board.
Anderson Center » Evaline Alessandrini, MD, MSCE
Collaborates with Dr. Brinkman on Rapid Evidence Adoption for Child Health (REACH) within the James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence.
Anderson Center » Peter Margolis, MD, PhD
Dr. Margolis is a member of Dr. Brown’s Scholarship Oversight Committee for the Quality Scholars Program. He is also a collaborator on the Transforming Early Childhood Community Systems work.
Anderson Center » Peter Margolis, MD and Uma Kotagal, MD
Dr. Kahn is collaborating closely with a wide range of colleagues in his work on Population Health. He collaborates with Uma Kotagal and Peter Margolis in the Anderson Center. His work extends to include Dr. Rich Falcone in General Surgery, Dr. Carolyn Kercsmar in Pulmonology, and Dr. Bob Siegel in Cardiology.
Anderson Center » Srikant Iyer, MD, MPH
Dr. Iyer is a member of Dr. Brown’s Scholarship Oversight Committee for the Quality Scholars Program.
Anderson Center » Peter Margolis, MD, PhD and Michael Seid, PhD
Collaborated with Dr. McLinden on the design and implementation of a learning system to curate knowledge resources regarding treatment and management of treatment of pediatric inflammatory bowel disease.
Asthma Research » Neeru Hershey, MD
Drs. Yolton and Hershey participated in a large collaboration to submit a Children’s Environmental Health Grant.
Audiology » Robert Anthony, JR, MBA
Collaborates with Dr. Brown on the quality improvement initiative: “Improved Adherence to Referrals for Developmental Services from Pediatric Primary Care”.
Audiology » Wendy Steuerwald, AuD, MS, CC-A
Collaborates with Dr. Brown on the quality improvement initiative: "Improved adherence to referrals for developmental services from pediatric primary care"
Behavioral Medicine & Clinical Psychology » Dean Beebe, PhD and Kelly Byars, PsyD
Dr. Yolton collaborates with Behavioral Medicine who are interested in child sleep patterns and how they are impacted by development in general as well as exposures to environmental toxicants such as tobacco smoke. Three manuscripts have been published thus far.
Behavioral Medicine & Clinical Psychology » Monica Mitchell, PhD
Because there is a racial disparity in influenza vaccination rates, Dr. Graham and Mitchell are determining if there are racial differences in the barriers and beliefs regarding influenza vaccination by analyzing retrospective and prospective data across three influenza seasons.
Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Medicine » Jeffrey Epstein, PhD and Leanne Tam, PhD
Dr. Newman collaborates with Drs. Epstein and Tamm on the Interventions for Children with Attention and Reading Disorders study. He is one of the study physicians and manages the medications of the children in the study.
Behavioral Medicine & Clinical Psychology » Jeff Epstein, PhD
Dr. Epstein is the primary mentor on Dr. Brinkman's K23 Advisory Board.
Behavioral Medicine Clinical Psychology » Dennis Drotar, PhD
Dr. Drotar is a co-mentor on Dr. Brinkman's K23.
BioMedical Informatics » Richard Ittenbach, PhD
Drs. McLinden and Ittenbach collaborated on the design and development of a valid and reliable assessment of data management capability.
Biostatistics and Epidemiology » Patrick Ryan, PhD and Bin Huang, PhD
Dr. Kahn collaborates on a NIAID funded study of asthma disparities.
Biostatistics and Epidemiology » Heidi Sucharew, PhD
Drs. Kalkwarf and Sucharew are collaborating on a study that examines the relationship between body composition and pubertal development in healthy children.
Biostatistics and Epidemiology; Sports Medicine » Jessica Woo, PhD and Nicholas Edwards, MD, MPH
Drs. Kalkwarf, Woo and Edwards are collaborating on analysis of longitudinal data on physical activity, dietary intake and body composition on children between the ages of three to seven years.
Biostatistics and Epidemiology » Bin Huang, PhD and Patrick Ryan, PhD
Dr. Beck collaborated with Drs. Huang and Ryan on projects related to the Greater Cincinnati Asthma Risks Study and his Procter Scholar Award around the influence of neighborhood on health.
Biostatistics and Epidemiology » Heidi Sucharew, PhD
Dr. Geraghty worked with Dr. Sucharew to determine the most appropriate statistical modeling to best illustrate the breast milk pumping behaviors of mothers.
Biostatistics and Epidemiology » Heidi Sucharew, PhD
Dr. Sucharew is a member of Dr. Brinkman's K23 Advisory Board.
Biostatics & Epidemiology » Jane Khoury, PhD, Heidi Sucharew, PhD, Patrick Ryan, PhD, Katherine Bowers, PhD, Shelley Ehrlich, PhD, and Mekibib Altaye, PhD
Dr. Yolton collaborates with faculty researchers in Biostatistics and Epidemiology on several projects relating prenatal and postnatal exposures to environmental toxicants (tobacco smoke, pesticides, plastics, air pollution) and neurobehavioral outcomes in infants and children.
Biostatics and Epidemiology » Terri Moncrief, MD, MS
Collaborated with Dr. Moncrief on projects related to the Greater Cincinnati Asthma Risks Study.
Blood and Marrow Transplant » Stella Davies, MBBS, PhD, MRCP and Mark Mueller, RN
Dr. Ragsdale is collaborating with Dr. Davies and Mr. Mueller along with Chaplain Mary Ann Hegner on a study of adolescent and young adult BMT patients’ use of faith in the process of receiving treatment at the beginning of the BMT and one year later.
Chaplin Services » Sue Jelinek, MDiv, BCC
Dr. Hall collaborate with Sue for help with some of our most difficult patients.
Continuing Medical Education » Kathi Makoroff, MD
Dr. McLinden collaborates with Dr. Makoroff to develop a planning model for Grand Rounds using an innovative approach to elicit the sentiments of stakeholders.
Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics » Tanya Froehlich, MD and Holly Bernard, PhD
Dr. Yolton collaborates with faculty in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics to study the impact of environmental toxicants on child neurobehavioral outcomes such as behavior problems, ADHD and autistic behaviors.
Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics » David Schonfeld, MD
Dr. Schonfeld is a member of Dr. Brinkman's K23 Advisory Board.
Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics » Julia Anixt, MD
Dr. Brinkman collaborates with Dr. Widdice on a project funded by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Place Outcomes Research Award, entitled, “Shared Decision Making to Improve Care and Outcomes for Children with Autism”.
Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics » Tanya Froehlich, MD, MSc
Dr. Brinkman collaborates with Dr. Froehlich on a project examining risk taking behaviors among adolescents with ADHD.
Developmental Biology » Tim LeCras, PhD, Michael Williams, PhD, and Charles Vorhees, PhD
Dr. Yolton participated in a large collaboration to submit a Children’s Environmental Health Grant. Collaborations included faculty researchers in Developmental Biology.
Education and Learning » Vickey Payton, MEd
Dr. Lewis collaborates with Dr. Payton to develop the Health Management and Leadership course which will be a three credit hour graduate level course that will be offered through the Online Master's program.
Education and Learning » Kristina Moster, PhD
Dr. Lewis collaborates with Dr. Moster and her team to develop the Online Master's Program evaluation.
Education and Learning » Nancy Burse, EdD
Dr. DeWitt collaborates with Dr. Burse to develop and evaluate fellowship online curriculum.
Emergency Medicine » Berkeley Bennett, MD
Drs. Greiner and Bennett collaborates on the skeletal survey study looking at utility of head CT in children with single extremity fractures.
Emergency Medicine » Elena Duma, MD
Drs. Greiner and Duma are revising the Cincinnati Children’s HIV screening policy and how their grant may affect PSANE cases.
Emergency Medicine » Gary Geis, MD
Drs. McLinden and Geis participated in the development of a protocol to evaluate the impact of simulation training for CVC on both long term learning and clinical capability.
Emergency Medicine » Michael Gittleman, MD and Charles Schubert, MD
Collaborated with Dr. Klein to modify and adapt the Resident Advocacy rotation to include focus on social determinants of health and child poverty.
Emergency Medicine; Hospital Medicine; Critical Care » Javier Gonzalez, MD, MEd, Ndidi Unaka, MD, Jennifer O'Toole, MD, MEd, and Sue Poynter, MD
Dr. Klein collaborated with this group to create milestone evaluation assessments for the clinical rotations at Cincinnati Children’s and are currently planning the implementation of these new assessment metrics in accordance with the next accreditation system.
Emergency Medicine » Srikant Iyer, MD
Primary Care Redesign: Dr. Samaan is the co-leader of preventive service redesign and a member of the ill care access initiatives working with the General Pediatrics division members and ED members to improve care, patient access to medical home, and outcome.
Emergency Medicine; Global Health Center » Chuck Schubert, MD
Dr. Steve Warrick is working with Dr. Schubert with the Global Child Health Residency Track. They are currently part of a multicenter study to investigate the use of simulation cases to prepare residents for rotations abroad. They also work together to facilitate the Global Health Boot Camp, a focused 1 month course introducing interns in the track to concepts needed for a physician planning a career in global health.
Emergency Medicine » Lisa Vaughn, PhD
Drs. Graham and Vaughn are using community-based participatory research to determine the causes of ED utilization in the child Latino population of Cincinnati.
Emergency Medicine » Lisa Vaughn, PhD
Drs. Klein and Ragsdale collaborated with Dr. Lisa Vaughn on a qualitative study on the experience of mentoring by junior faculty and staff physicians in the Division of General and Community Pediatrics and the Division of Hospital Medicine.
Gastroenterology » James Heubi, MD
Drs. Kalkwarf and Heubi collaborate on a study of bone disease in intestinal failure patients.
Global Child Health Center » Mark Steinhoff, MD, Michelle Kohn, and Adekunle Dawodu, MBBS, FRCPCH
Collaborates with Dr. DeWitt to develop international medical education exchange experience.
Global Child Health Center » Mark Steinhoff, MD
Dr. Geraghty assisted with the methodology and recruitment on the project: A Randomized, Placebo Controlled, Double-Blind Trial, Comparing the Safety and Immunogenicity of Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV) to Inactivated Trivalent Influenza Vaccine (TIV) in Post-Partum Breastfeeding Women 18 to 49 Years of Age.
Hospital Medicine » Christine White, MD, NAST and Jeffrey Simmons, MD, MSc
Dr. Hall collaborated with hospital medicine to create a complex care hospitalist team with the yellow team. This team will be a multidisciplinary team consisting of a dedicated group of hospitalists, as well as members of the Complex Care Center, a nutritionist, care coordinator, PNP, and pharmacist. A core curriculum was created for residents on the service.
Hospital Medicine » Karen Jerardi, MD, Jennifer O'Toole, MD, MEd, and Christine White, MD, MATS
Dr. Klein collaborated with this group regarding the evaluation of learning outcomes after engaging resident conferences.
Hospital Medicine; Emergency Medicine » Samir Shan, MD, Angela Statile, MD, Eileen Murtagh Kurowski, MD, Joanna Thomson, MD, Christine White, MD, and Lilliam Ambroggio, PhD
Dr. Graham and this group used a rapid-cycle improvement collaborative to improve appropriate antibiotic prescribing for children hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia.
Hospital Medicine » Samir Shah, MD, MSCE and Jeffrey Simmons, MD, MS
Collaborated with Dr. McLinden on the development of the evaluation portion of a multi-site grant proposal for an enhanced Asthma bundle.
Hospital Medicine » Jeffrey Simmons, MD, MS and Samir Shah, MD, MSCE
Dr. Beck collaborated with Dr. Simmons on asthma improvement projects including implementation of the Collaboration to Lessen Environmental Asthma Risks (CLEAR) program. Collaborated with both Dr. Simmons and Dr. Shah on the conceptualization of a possible PCORI grant application involving post-discharge home nursing follow up visits.
Hospital Medicine » Christine White, MD, MAT, et al
Dr. Fletcher collaborates with several members of Hospital Medicine, headed by Dr. Christine White, to form a new hospital service – the Complex Care Service.
Hospital Medicine » Samir Shan, MD, MSCE and Lilliam Ambroggio, PhD
Dr. Brinkman collaborates with Drs. Shah and Ambroggio on a project funded by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Place Outcomes Research Award, entitled, “Reduced Variability in the Management of CAP”.
Hospital Medicine; » Karen Jerardi, MD
Dr. Brinkman collaborates with Dr. Jerardi on a project to implement the new AAP recommendations for imaging following first UTI.
Hospital Medicine; Adolescent Medicine; Innovation Lab; Behavioral Medicine & Psychology; Allergy; Pulmonary; ICU; Emergency Department » Richard Ruddy, MD, Michael Seid, PhD, Denny Drotar, PhD, Keith Mandel, MD, Maria Britto, MD, Marc Rothenberg, MD, Neeru Hershey, MD, Hector Wong, MD, Carolyn Kercsmar, MD, and Amal Assad, MD
Asthma Center Advisory Board - Drs. Mansour and DeWitt are members of this Advisory Board.
Hospital Medicine; Emergency Medicine » Jennifer O'Toole, MD, MEd, Karen Jerardi, MD, and Brad Sobolewski, MD
Dr. Peltier collaborated with Drs. O'Toole, Jerardi and Sobolewski regarding “Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation: How to Maximize Engagement of Millennial Learners With Innovative Educational Technologies”. (Workshop Presentation PAS 2013.)
Infectious Disease » Mary Staat, MD, MPH
Dr. Geraghty has worked with Dr. Staat to help determine the optimal way to document clinical results generated for research purposes.
Infectious Diseases » Beverly Conelly, MD and Mary Staat, MD
Dr. Samaan is the Primary Care lead physician for improving influenza vaccination among high risk pediatric patients.
Neonatology/Pulmonary Biology » Tanya Cahill, MD, Kathy Wedig, MD, Kurt Schibler, MD, and Heather Kaplan, MD
Dr. Yolton collaborates with neonatology faculty on research and clinical projects focused on the health and neurobehavioral outcomes of high-risk infants.
Neonatology » Laurie Nommsen-Rivers, PhD, RD, IBCLC
Dr. Riddle collaborates with Dr. Nommsen-Rivers to further evaluate low milk supply in breastfeeding mothers and possible correlations with insulin resistance.
Occupational and Physical Therapy » Amy Wenz, MOT, OTR/L
Collaborates with Dr. Brown on the quality improvement initiative: “Improved Adherence to Referrals for Developmental Services from Pediatric Primary Care”.
Pulmonary Medicine » Carolyn Kercsmar, MD
Dr. Kahn collaborates on a NIAID funded study of asthma disparities.
Psychiatry » Michael Sorter, MD
Dr. Sorter collaborates with Dr. Mansour with the behavior health homes.
Radiology » Kim Cecil, PhC
Dr. Yolton collaborates with Dr. Kim Cecil on studies of brain imaging in relation to exposures to environmental toxicants and neurobehavioral outcomes. A grant submission is planned for Fall 2013.
Radiology » Marguerite Care, MD and James Leach, MD
Collaborating with Dr. Grenier regarding Benign enlargement of subarachnoid spaces and abusive head trauma.
Speech and Language Pathology » Robert Anthony, Jr., MBA
Collaborates with Dr. Brown on the quality improvement initiative: “Improved Adherence to Referrals for Developmental Services from Pediatric Primary Care”.

Grants, Contracts, and Industry Agreements

General and Community Pediatrics Grants

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Bignall, O

Empowering Fathers as Child Health Advocates

Brinkman, W

Medication Continuity in Children Treated for ADHD
K23 MH 08302701/01/10-11/30/14$160,610
Collaborative Ohio Inquiry Network (COIN)
P30 HS 02164805/01/13-08/31/13$2,997


NRSA Research Fellowship Training
T32 HP 1002707/01/11-06/30/16$354,731

DeWitt, T

Cincinnati Center for Clinical & Translational Sciences & Training - Research Education Core
UL1 TR 000007704/01/2012-03/31/2014$50,834

Greiner, M

Bike Helmets for HCJFS Foster Kids

Kahn, R

Explaining Racial Disparities in Child Asthma Morbidity
R01 AI 8811605/01/10-04/30/14$395,062

Kalkwarf, H

Genome Wide Association Study of Bone Mineral Accretion
R01 HD 05888602/01/10-01/31/14$19,241

Klein, M

Faculty Development in Primary Care
D55 HP 2319509/30/11-09/29/16$179,125
Expansion of a Pediatric Care Resident Training
T89 HP 2076609/30/10-09/29/15$437,457

Kottyan, G

Avondale Moves! Parent and Guardian Survey

Lucky, A

Epidermolysis Research Grant

Newman, N

Multiple Risk Factors and Neurodevelopment Deficits in Rural Appalachian Children
R21 ES 02110607/09/12-06/30/14$5,233
Pediatric Asthma Faculty Champion Initiative
Community Outreach and Engagement Core
P30 ES 00609604/01/2012-03/31/2014$39,094

Yolton, K

Longitudinal Study of Exposure to PBDEs and PFCs and Child Neurobehavior
R01 ES 02034910/01/11-04/30/16$151,920
Prenatal Low Level Tobacco Exposure & Phthalate Exposure & Childhood Respiratory Health
K23 ES 01630407/01/09-06/30/13$15,006
Prenatal Sex Steroids, Bisphenol A, Phthalates, and Sexually Dimorphic Behaviors
R00 ES 2034602/14/13-01/31/16$10,062
Current Year Direct$1,856,248
Service Collaborations

Newman, N

Current Year Direct$14,815