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Number of Faculty86
Number of Joint Appointment Faculty24
Number of Research Fellows81
Number of Research Students56
Number of Support Personnel59
Direct Annual Grant Support$14,413,960
Direct Annual Industry Support$400,909
Peer Reviewed Publications184

Clinical Activities and Training

Number of Clinical Staff25
Number of Clinical Fellows15
Number of Other Students26

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Perinatal Institute Leadership

Institute Co-Directors

Left to Right: James M. Greenberg, MD; Louis J. Muglia, MD, PhD; Jeffrey A. Whitsett, MD

Significant Accomplishments

Significant Accomplishments

March of Dimes Funds Statewide Collaborative

The March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center Ohio Collaborative was formed to bring together investigators from 20 different disciplines to intensify the search for the fundamental causes of preterm birth. We believe this collaborative will become a world leader in preterm birth research and prevention. The March of Dimes has pledged $10 million over five years to fund this initiative. The project includes Ohio’s leading health research institutions – Cincinnati Children’s, the University of Cincinnati, the Ohio State University, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Case Western Reserve University, and University Hospitals/MetroHealth. Cincinnati Children’s will be the coordinating site; co-directed by Louis Muglia, MD, PhD; James Greenberg, MD, Jeffrey Whitsett, MD, and SK Dey, PhD.

Three Major Grants for Lung Disease Research

Our faculty received three new awards this year from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute ( NHLBI). Whitsett, Bruce Trapnell, MD, MS, and Frank McCormack, MD, are co-principal investigators for a T32 training grant entitled “Pulmonary and Cardiac Development and Disease.” Whitsett, principal investigator, is collaborating with Biomedical Informatics and the UC College of Engineering on a K12 grant, “Omics of Lung Diseases.” Whitsett also will lead a new R01 grant, “Transcriptional Programming of Asthma Related Pathology in Respiratory Epithelia.”

Collaborative for Infant Mortality Reduction

The Perinatal Institute facilitated the creation of a public/private collaborative to reduce our region’s infant mortality rate. The collaborative brings together leaders from Hamilton County, the City of Cincinnati, the UC Colleges of Medicine and Nursing, Cincinnati Children’s, all regional hospital maternity providers, and several local nonprofit agencies. The collaborative has a five-year $1.25 million funding commitment based upon an agreement between the Board of Hamilton County Commissioners, UC Health and Drake Center, LLC. Collaborative operations are based at Cincinnati Children’s. Greenberg and Elizabeth Kelly, MD, provide operational leadership of the Collaborative along with newly appointed Director, Ryan Adcock. County Commissioner Todd Portune and Cincinnati City Councilmember Wendell Young Co-Chair the Advisory Board, which was created through a memorandum of understanding signed by all parties on June 13, 2013.

Grants, Contracts, and Industry Agreements

Developmental Biology Grants

Developmental Biology

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Campbell, K

Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Formation of Basal Ganglia Circuitry
R01 MH 09074004/01/10-01/31/15$237,600
Roles of Gsh1 & Gsh2 in Telencephalic Neurogenesis
R01 NS 04408007/01/08-06/30/13$428,750

Chang, C

Understanding MicroRNA Mechanisms for Developmental Decline in Axon Growth Activity

Chuang, C

Specification of Stochastic Left-Right Asymmetric Neuronal Fates in C. Elegans
R01 GM 098026-0108/31/12-07/31/17$190,000

Cleghon, V

Fundamental Mechanisms of Protein Kinase Activation Loop Autophosphorylation
R01 GM 08737404/15/10-02/28/14$186,293

Guasch, G

Defining the Transcriptional and Signaling Networks Involved in Epithelial Cancers of Transitional Epithelia
Using a Novel Mouse Model of Transitional Epithelial Tumor to Investigate Cancer Initiation and Progression

Jiang, R

Molecular Genetic Analysis of Craniofacial Development
R01 DE 1368107/01/11-06/30/15$439,824

Kofron, M.

Ectoderm Formation in the Early Xenopus Embryo
R01 HD 04573704/01/10-03/31/15$189,041

Kohli, V

Lineage Tracing of Endothelial Progenitor Cells: Patterning the Vascular Cord

Lin, X

Regulation of Wingless (Wg) Signaling and Morphogen Gradient Formation
R01 GM 06389104/01/12-03/31/16$193,000
Roles of Retromer Complex in Development
R01 GM 08751703/01/10-02/28/14$181,517


Digestive Health Center: Stem Cell Core
U01 DK 06249709/10/09-05/31/14$28,261

Nakafuku, M

Endogenous CNTF Receptors and Adult, In Vivo Neurogenesis
R01 NS 06605107/01/09-06/30/14$10,392


Molecular Control of Neurogenesis in the Adult Subventricular Zone
R01 NS 06989304/01/10-03/31/15$291,422

Potter, S

Generating Molecular Markers that Selectively Label Urothelial Sub-Populations
U01 DK 09453009/30/11-08/31/16$31,311
Global Gene Expression Atlas of Craniofacial Development
U01 DE 02004909/21/09-04/30/14$175,411
Digestive Health Center - Gene Expression Core
U01 DK 06249709/10/09-05/31/14$40,695

Schumacher, J

Training in Cardiovascular Biology
T32 HL 00738201/01/13-08/31/13$33,256

Shroyer, N

bHLH factor Regulation of Mammalian Retinal Neuron Development

Sumanas, S

Molecular Mechanisms of Arterial-Venous Differentiation in Zebrafish
R01 HL 10736904/01/11-03/31/16$238,000

Wells, J

Directing Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells to Generate 3-Dimensional Lung Tissue In Vitro
R21 HL 11532208/10/12-06/30/14$41,250
Generating Human Intestinal Organoids with an ENS
U18 TR 00054607/24/12-06/30/14$225,000


Human Endocrine Cell Development

Wylie , C

A Developmentally-Based Tissue Engineering Approach to Improve Tendon Repair
R01 AR 05694307/10/09-06/30/14$178,001

Yoshida, Y

Properties of Interneurons Before and After SCI
Regulation of Sensory-Motor Connectivity by Semaphorin-Plexin Signaling
R01 NS 06504804/01/09-03/31/14$206,872

Zorn, A

Cadherin-based Actin Assembly in the Xenopus Embryo
R01 HD 04476403/12/09-01/31/14$187,150
Cell Cycle Proteomics in Xenopus
R01 GM 10378509/01/12-06/30/14$10,873
Collaborative Research: Ontology-Enabled Reasoning across Phenotypes from Evolution and Model Organisms
Osr Transcription Factors Regulate Embryonic Lung Development
R01 HL 114898-0108/10/12-06/30/17$250,000
Production, Validation and Distribution of the Xenopus ORFeome
R01 HD 06935208/01/11-05/31/16$108,702
Xenbase: a Xenopus Model Organism Database
P41 HD 06455606/01/10-05/31/15$671,039
Current Year Direct$5,409,866
Industry Contracts


Current Year Direct Receipts$115,500

Reproductive Sciences Grants

Reproductive Sciences

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Cha, J

Premature Uterine Aging and Preterm Delivery
F30 AG 04085809/16/11-09/15/15$47,232

Dey, S

Molecular Signaling in Uterine Receptivity to Implantation
R01 HD 06852409/26/11-06/30/16$212,500
PTEN-COX2-mTOR Signaling in Endometrial Cancer
P01 CA 07783906/01/12-05/31/17$185,423

Namekawa, S

DNA Damage Response Pathways in Meiotic Sex Chromosome Inactivation
R01 GM 09860508/01/11-07/31/16$185,600


Organization of the Inactive X-Chromosome

Sun, H

Controlling Mechanism of Sex-Linked Genes Required for Sperm Function
Current Year Direct$847,088

Section of Neonatology, Perinatal and Pulmonary Biology Grants

Section of Neonatology, Perinatal and Pulmonary Biology

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Bridges, J

The Role of HIF2a in Airway Smooth Muscle Remodeling

Chen, G

The Role of Foxa3 in the Regulation of Mucus Metaplasia and Innate Immunity in the Lung

Glasser, S

Role of Surfactant Protein-C and Innate Lung Defense
R01 HL 05004608/01/09-07/31/13$247,500

Hillman, N

Lung Injury with Resuscitation in the Preterm
K08 HL 09708508/01/09-02/28/13$63,589

Jobe, A / Chougnet, C (MPI)

Biomarkers of Immunologic Function and Preterm Respiratory Outcomes
U01 HL 10180005/01/10-04/30/14$364,354
Jobe, ACore$171,178
Chougnet, CProject$80,237
Chougnet, CProject$31,216
Kingma, PProject$20,228
Hardie, WProject$55,739
Morrow, AProject$14,011
Data Coordinating Center for the Prematurity and Respiratory Outcomes Program
U01 HL 10179409/20/10-04/30/15$28,079
Jobe, ACapitation$80,542
Initiation and Progression of Preterm Lung Injury with Ventilation
R01 DH 07284208/01/12-05/31/17$202,274

Jobe, A / Kallapur, S

Late Preterm Birth, Ureaplasma Species and Childhood Lung Disease
R01 HL 09706409/24/09-07/31/13$347,743

Kalin, T

Role of Foxm1 in Lung Cancer Microenvironment
R01 CA 14272407/01/10-06/30/15$201,275

Kalinichenko, V

Foxf1 Transcription Factor in Development of Pulmonary Capillaries
R01 HL 08415105/01/11-04/30/15$238,000

Kallapur, S

Mechanisms of Fetal Inflammatory Response Syndrome Induced by Chorioamnionitis
R01 HD 05786902/03/09-01/31/14$237,900

Kamath, B

Novel Amniotic Fluid Biomarkers to Predict Fetal Lung Maturity
K12 HD 05195307/01/11-06/30/13$100,000

Kenny, A

Secreted BMP Antagonists in Foregut Organ Development
K08 HL 10566112/08/10-11/30/15$121,300

Kingma, P

Surfactant Protein D in Pulmonary and Systemic Host Defense
K08 HL 08950507/01/08-06/30/13$121,600

LeCras, T / Hershey, G

Impact of Early Life Diesel Exposure on Immune Patterning and Lung Structure/Function
R01 HL 09713509/01/09-07/31/14$332,402

Merhar, S

Functional MRI to Predict Visual, Auditory, and Motor Outcomes in Infants with Brain Injury
Protein Supplementation in Infants with Brain Injury

Morrow, A

Novel Genetic and Salivary Glycan Biomarkers for Risk of NEC in ELBW Infants
R01 HD 05914001/15/09-12/31/13$537,158
The Role of Human Milk in Infant Nutrition and Health
P01 HD 01302108/01/09-07/31/14$957,390
MorrowCore A, C & Project 1, 3$504,629
MorrowCore B$177,233
JiangProject 2$115,600
JiangCore D$85,577

Muglia, L

Genetic Analysis of Human Preterm Birth
Amygdala Glucocorticoid Receptor Function in Stress
R01 MH 07901001/01/12-12/31/13$236,027

Perl, A

FGF and PDGF Regulate Myofibroblast Differentiation in Alveolar Regeneration
R01 HL 10400307/01/10-06/30/14$247,500


NICHD Cooperative Multicenter Neonatal Research Network
U10 HD 02785304/01/11-03/31/16$186,953
Schibler, KCapitation$84,882

Shannon, J

LPCAT1 is Essential for Perinatal Lung Function and Survival
R01 HL 09831907/01/10-06/30/14$313,566

Sinner, D

Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Lung Growth and Hypoplasia: Role of Wntless
Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Upper Airway Patterning and Tracheomalacia
K01 HL 11544708/01/12-07/31/17$104,071

Trapnell, B

Role of GM-CSF in Myeloid Cell Function and Innate Immunity
R01 HL 08545304/01/11-03/31/16$238,000
Cincinnati Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences and Training (Pilot/Collaborative Studies)
UL1 TR 00007704/03/09-03/31/14$23,181

Valentine, C

DHA Attenuates Inflammatory Responses through Altering Rage Signaling
R01 AT 00688009/30/11-06/30/15$17,787

Weaver, T

Role of SFTPC in Pathogenesis of Interstitial Lung Disease
R01 HL 08649212/01/08-11/30/13$292,260
The Role of Autophagy in the Pathogenesis of interstitial Lung Disease
R01 HL 10392308/01/11-06/30/15$333,612

Wexelblatt, S

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Project
Wexelblatt, SCapitation$1,402

Whitsett, J

Airway Progenitor Cell Proliferation and Differentiation During Lung Repair
U01 HL 11096401/01/12-12/31/16$520,096
Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Development Training Grant
T32 HL 00775207/01/09-06/30/14$258,283
Transcriptional Control of Submucosal Gland Formation and Function
R01 HL 10890707/01/11-04/30/15$246,546
Transcriptional Programming of Asthma Related Pathology in Respiratory Epithelia
R01 HL 0955804/15/13-03/31/18$328,882
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Research Development Program (Core 1)

Xu, Y

Role of SREBP Network in Surfactant Lipid Homeostasis and Lung Maturation
R01 HL 10543307/01/11-06/30/15$301,045
Current Year Direct$8,157,006
Industry Contracts

Kallapur, S


Kingma, P


Morrow, A


Valentine, C

Current Year Direct Receipts$285,409