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Number of Faculty21
Number of Joint Appointment Faculty3
Number of Support Personnel30
Direct Annual Grant Support$1,213,386
Direct Annual Industry Support$65,623
Peer Reviewed Publications21

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Number of Clinical Staff57
Number of Other Students20
Inpatient Encounters19,953
Outpatient Encounters34.141

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Row 1: T Shaeffer, S Sampang

Row 2: J Bowden, B Keeshin, E Harris, C Engel

Row 3: J Strawn, B Kurtz, A Cavalieri, M Sorter, C Erickson

Significant Accomplishments

Significant Accomplishments

Improving Our Understanding of Aggression in Children

Drew Barzman, MD, has created a unique database of more than 3,000 individuals to conduct studies of pediatric aggression. Recent studies have explored the relationship of fMRI and salivary biomarkers with aggressive behavior and are evaluating the utilization of such measures to assist in predicting aggressive acts.

Fragile X Center Studies New Treatments

Craig Erickson, MD, established our Fragile X Research and Treatment Center in in 2012 and has started several translational research projects. Erickson is using a four-year, $1 million grant from The John Merck Fund to conduct a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of acamprosate in youth with Fragile X.  Our Center also has received three other industry contracts to study novel investigational drugs in youth and adults with Fragile X Syndrome.

The Fragile X Center also has started a translational treatment mouse research program under the direction of Tori Schaefer, PhD. She is using a grant from the FRAXA Research Foundation to study of a novel modulator of GABA neurotransmission in Fragile X knockout mice.

The Fragile X Center also has begun collaborating with the National Fragile X Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control an Prevention on a longitudinal behavior tracking study.

Expanding the Continuum of Care

In 2012, we opened a partial psychiatric hospitalization program at our new Green Township campus to help meet the growing need for pediatric and adolescent psychiatric care in our region.

The new program offers five to 10 days of intensive management provided by physicians, nurses, social workers, and psychologists, while allowing patients to continue residing at home. Frequent areas of treatment focus include depression, self-injury, school refusal, anxiety, and disruptive behavior.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Pichler family, our Green Township program brings our partial hospitalization capacity to about 4,000 patient days per year. Overall, increased utilization of advanced practice nurses, psychiatric social workers, and clinical counselors have increased our outpatient visits to more than 29,000 in the past fiscal year.

Research Highlights


Dr. Craig Erickson established the Fragile X Research and Treatment Center within the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in 2012. The center has started several new translational treatment development research projects within the last year. In 2013 Dr. Erickson received a four year one million dollar grant from The John Merck Fund to conduct a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of acamprosate in youth with Fragile X. The Fragile X Center additionally received three industry contracts to study novel investigational drugs in youth and adults with Fragile X Syndrome. The Fragile X Center has also started a translational treatment development mouse research program under the direction of Tori Schaefer, PhD. Dr. Schaefer received a grant from the FRAXA Research Foundation to conduct a study of a novel modulator of GABA neurotransmission in Fragile X knockout mice. The Fragile X Center continues to collaborate worldwide with investigators in the development of new targeted treatments for the disorder. Finally, the Fragile X program began collaboration with the National Fragile X Foundation and the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on a longitudinal behavior tracking study in the disorder.

Division Publications

Psychiatry Publications

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Faculty, Staff, and Trainees

Faculty Members

Michael Sorter, MD, Associate Professor
Leadership Director, Division of Psychiatry
Drew Barzman, MD, Assistant Professor
Leadership Director of Child & Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry Service
Sandra Batsel-Thomas, MD, Assistant Professor
Cynthia Daugherty, MD, Assistant Professor
Sergio Delgado, MD, Associate Professor
Leadership Director of Outpatient Services
Carol Engel, MD, Assistant Professor
Leadership Residency Training Director, Triple Board Program
Craig Erickson, MD, Assistant Professor
Elana Harris, MD, Assistant Professor
Mark Johnson, MD, Assistant Professor
Brian Kurtz, MD, Assistant Professor
Leadership Director of Consultation Services
Mary Matias-Akhtar, MD, Assistant Professor
Daniel Nelson, MD, Associate Professor
Leadership Director of Inpatient Services
Hilton Rodriguez, MD, Assistant Professor
Suzanne Sampang, MD, Assistant Professor
Leadership Residency Training Director, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Raymond Troy, MD, Assistant Professor
Daniel Vogel, MD, Assistant Professor
Logan Wink, MD, Assistant Professor

Joint Appointment Faculty Members

Melissa DelBello, MD, Associate Professor (Psychiatry)
Jeffrey Strawn, MD, Assistant Professor (Psychiatry)


  • Anthony Cavalieri, MD, PGY 6, Wayne Sate University School of Medicine, Detroit Michigan
  • Deborah Amann, MD, PGY 5, Wright State University, Dayton Ohio
  • Reyna Gilmore, MD, PGY 5, Howard University College of Medicine, Washington DC
  • Deana McReynolds, MD, PGY 4, Murray State University, Murray KY
  • John Vraciu, MD, PGY 4, Kent State University, Kent OH
  • Courtney Cinko, MD, PL 3, Rush Medical College, Chicago IL
  • Kelli Dominick, MD, PL 2, Boston University School of Medicine
  • Diana Frey, MD, PL 4, Mayo Medical School, Rochester MN
  • Delanie Janke, MD, PL 4, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston TX
  • Paul Houser, MD, PL 3, St. Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis MO
  • Mercedes Kwiatkowski, MD, PL 5, Georgetown University School of Medicine
  • Ernest Pedapati, MD, PL 4, University of Massachusetts Medical School, North Worcester MA
  • Lindsay Tobler, MD, PL 5, University of Missouri, Columbia MO
  • Sophianne Subbiah, MD, PL 1, University of Iowa School of Medicine, Iowa City, IA
  • Theresa Umhoefer, MD, PL 1 , University of Wisconsin
  • Melissa Schuman-Wagner, MD, PL 1, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
  • Elizabeth Wassenaar, MD, PL 5, Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia PA
  • Yesie Yoon, MD, PL 2, Yonsei University

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Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic, Pharmacogenetics Seizure Therapy
Adolescent Medicine » Frank Biro and Laurie Mitan
Mental Health Treatment Clinic in Adolescent Medicine Center and Eating Disorders
DDBP » Patricia Manning, Rena Sorensen, and Michael Lind
Center for School Crisis and Bereavement, Kelly O'Leary Center/Autism Treatment, Comorbid Intellectual Disability and Mental Illness Services
Pediatric Primary Care » Mona Mansour
Mental Health Consultation
Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology » Lori Stark and Jeff Epstein
ADHD Consultations to Pediatricians, Outpatient Care, Inpatient Consultations
Hematology/Oncology » John Perentesis
Specialized Consultation Service
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Management of Atypical Antipsychotic/Metabolic Syndrome
Human Genetics » Howard Saal
Velocardio Facial Syndrome
Mayerson Center » Bob Shapiro
Trauma Treatment and Clinic

Grants, Contracts, and Industry Agreements

Psychiatry Grants

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Erickson, C

Acamprosate in Fragile X Syndrome
Acamprosate in Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Extracellular Signal-Related Kinase Biomarker Development in Autism
D-Cycloserine for Enhancement of Social Skills Training in Pervasive Development
Acamprosate in Youth with Autistic Disorder

Kowatch, R

Longitudinal Assessment of Manic Symptoms
R01 MH 07381607/01/10-02/28/15$473,402

Sorter, M

Effective Trauma Detection and Treatment in School-Aged Children

Wink, K

A Phase II Trial of Levodopa in Angelman Syndrome
R01 FD 00352308/01/12-07/31/13$35,000
Current Year Direct$1,213,386
Industry Contracts

Delgado, S


Erickson, C


Wink, L

Current Year Direct Receipts$65,623