Research at Cincinnati Children's

  • Research Facilities

    Our Facilities House Cutting-Edge Technology

    Cincinnati Children’s is one of the world’s largest centers devoted to pediatric medical research. We provide 1 million square feet of research laboratory space to investigators working to improve child health, with plans under way to build an additional 300,000 square feet.

    To support innovation, we have established a vast array of core services that provide  investigators access to cutting-edge technology. Our capabilities include sophisticated biomedical informatics, expertise in developing transgenic mouse models, unique cleanroom facilities for viral vector development and cell manipulation, a new pluripotent stem cell facility, high-throughput DNA analysis, advanced pathology services and more.

  • Biomedical Informatics.
    DNA analysis.
    Gene therapy support.
    Stem cells.
    Advanced pathology.
    Laser Capture Microdissection.
    Advanced imaging.
    Transgenic mice.
  • Clinical Sciences Building To Boost Research Mission

    Clinical Sciences Building.

    $180M, 15-story tower opens in summer 2015

    The new clinical sciences building at Cincinnati Children’s will add 425,000 square feet of space for expanded laboratories, an imaging center and supporting infrastructure. The expansion will help attract more of the world’s top pediatric scientists to pursue clinical trials, translational research, outcomes and improvement studies and more. Read more about the project.

  • Bringing Gene Therapy to Life

    Here, in high-tech facilities kept cleaner than most hospital operating rooms, scientists combine re-engineered human cells with carefully modified viruses to deliver bold new gene therapies to patients.