• Cincinnati Biobank Core Facility

    The mission of the Cincinnati Biobank Core Facility is to promote world-class biomedical research by ensuring availability of the highest quality biospecimens to meet researcher’s needs. We provide access to services for standardized and centralized acquisition, processing, storage and distribution of biospecimens for research.  These services are available to researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, surrounding academic centers and beyond. Our personnel have experience planning and executing sample collection protocols based on the latest biospecimen research and evidence-based methodology. The ultimate goal of this facility is to promote collaboration and increase competitiveness for grant funding.

    Contact Us

    For additional information or to arrange for services contact:

    Biofluids: Justin Hogan (justin.hogan@cchmc.org; 513-803-5166)

    Tissue: Megan Prather (pamela.prather@cchmc.org; 513-803-3338)

  • A BioBank tech checks to see if a specimen is being kept at the proper temperature.

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  • Cryogenic storage vials.

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  • BioBank technicians at work.

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