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    BTM Research: The Cincinnati Biobank has selected Biomaterial Tracking and Management – Research (BTM) from Daedalus Software, Inc as our sample tracking solution. This software is HIPAA  (HHS) and 21 CFR part11 (FDA) compliant and is compatible with initiatives beyond the Cincinnati area such as caBIG, and BINDs.  This software will eventually allow interrogation of sample and clinical information using i2b2. The software will be run on servers hosted by Cincinnati Children's Biomedical Informatics (BMI) and the database will be maintained by Dr. Keith Marsolo. Please contact Dr. Keith Marsolo for more information.

    As with all enterprise computer systems at Cincinnati Children's, protection of patient information revolves around user accounts and passwords. Since BTM Research will be inside the Cincinnati Children's firewall, it will be necessary to log into a network computer or use a remote VPN account to access the system. Additional login with username and password will be required to gain access to BTM Research. Each username will be assigned a role which will define what information is available to the user. BTM Research keeps an extensive and detailed log of user actions in the system from login to logout such as changes in data values related to samples, patients and research projects so the complete history of any relevant data field can be reconstructed.

    To request access, contact Justin Hogan.

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    For additional information or to arrange for services contact:

    Justin Hogan (justin.hogan@cchmc.org; 513-803-5166)

    Megan Prather (Pamela.prather@cchmc.org; 513-803-3338)